Chapter 32: Sage of Time.

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[Old Man]: What thing could a kid like you possibly have that I would be interested in?

[Crule]: This.

From his spatial pocket Crule took out a small wooden box. He hands the box to the old man.

The old man opened the box expecting some ordinary treasure or something worthless to him.

[Old Man]: This…How?

[Crule]: Let’s just say I know your taste.

[Old Man]: The quality…exquisite! I must have it!*cough cough*

He tried to regain his composure.

[Old Man]: I mean, what is your proposition?

[Crule]: I wish to hire you for two tasks. In return, I will give that to you plus one more thing.

[Old Man]: Ohoho, you have more?

[Crule]: Indeed. It’s even better quality than the one in your hand right now.

The old man grinned widely showing his white well maintained teeth.

[Old Man]: Kid, you know how to get this old man on his good side! Come, let’s go to my home. We will discuss it further there.

Crule turned around to everyone.

[Crule]: Come, let’s go.

[Ming]: Eh, do we have to go?

[Crule]: We kind of need his power right now…

[Ming]: Hmph. Fine.

[Shin]: This old man is the Sage of Time?

[Chun Qin]: He certain gives off the gentlemanly vibe…

[Kate]: Yea he seems kind of nice, I was expecting some sort of crazed hermit.

[Crule]: *sigh* You guys and your expectations…


The group followed the old man to a parking lot.

[Shin]: This…why are we at a ship parking lot?

[Old Man]: This is where I live.

[Chun Qin]: You live in a parking lot?

[Old Man]: No you fool! What do you expect a nomadic sage to live in?! Of course it’s a ship you numbskulls!

[Kate]: Ohhh, which one is yours?

[Old Man]: This one.

The old man stopped in front of a bizarre ship.

[Crule]: Ahaha, your ship looks as glorious as I remembered it.

[Ming]: Eh, I still think it looks stupid.

The ship…was a giant log of wood just sitting there in the middle of the parking lot.

[Old Man]: Hey, it’s carved straight out of Yggdrasil! This puppy is immortal and requires almost zero repairs.

[Chun Qin]: Yggdrasil…it exists?!

[Old Man]: Use to.

[Shin]: Eh…what happened to it now?

[Old Man]: Eh, left it on earth, probably been cut down to make way for apartment buildings or something by now.

Everyone felt a cold breeze pass by…

[Kate]: So you’re saying…you carved your ship…out of an ancient mythological tree. A space traveling ship…Out. Of. Wood.

[Old Man]: With magic and technology of course!

[Chun Qin]: I-I don’t know what to say.

[Shin]: …I think it’s better if we say nothing…

[Old Man]: Come in, come in, welcome to my humble abode.

The old man knocked on the large log sitting in the parking lot and somehow a door opened up.

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The inside was extremely contradicting to what it looks like on the outside. Everyone was neat and clean. The walls were made of a laminated kind of wood and the floor was carpeted by a sort of velvet fur. The furniture were made of a black mahogany wood.

[Shin]: This…so fancy. It actually suit your get up.

[Old Man]: Of course! First appearance is everything.

The old man took the wooden box that Crule gave him and opened it.

[Shin]: W-what is that?!

[Old Man]: Oh this? I do say it’s a fine specimen. Haven’t seen one made this week in centuries. Then again they did stop making them.

From the box…was a figurine.

[Crule]: The Sage of Time here was from a place on earth called Japan. He’s been alive for far too long but yet kept his old hobby of figurine collecting…He calls himself an “Otaku” though I am not sure what that term means.

[Sage of Time]: Hey hey, it’s not just a hobby, it’s my way of life!

[Ming]: Ugh creepy pervert.

[Sage of Time]: I am not a pervert!

[Ming]: I’ve seen the way you look at some of those “dolls”, sends shivers down my spine.

[Sage of Time]: T-that’s not true!

[Crule]: No use hiding it old man, you’re a pervert true and true.

[Sage of Time]: God dammit you kids are annoying. Whatever, go wait in the living room. I will join you shortly.

Everyone walked out but stood outside the door peaking in.

[Sage of Time]: Don’t worry my precious, soon we will have some alone time…

The creepy old man started stroking the figurine’s synthetic hair.

[Old Man]: All alone…Ahahhahaaaa…

The maniacal cackling send shivers down everyone’s spine.

[Ming]: I told you he’s a pervert.

[Chun Qin]: Nooo, bring back my image of the Sage of Time…I don’t want some perverted freak.

[Shin]: *pats Chun Qin shoulder* Too late now bud, better find a new idol.

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Chun Qin collapses on the floor.

[Crule]: Anyways, let’s head to the living room before he gets suspicious.


The Sage came back a few minutes later.

[Sage of Time]: Ehem, anyways let’s get to the proposition. What are the two tasks you want me to do?

[Crule]: First things first, we would like for you to create a pocket dimension.

[Sage of Time]: Hmm. I can assume what you want to do with that, fine I will make a pocket dimension. This may take a while to do though.

[Crule]: How long?

[Sage of Time]: A week.

[Crule]: Good enough.

[Sage of Time]: Now, what’s the second task?

[Crule]: I want you to take Kate here as a disciple.

[Kate&Shin]: What?!

[Shin]: I didn’t hear about this?!

[Kate]: Yea! I got no skills in energy manipulation like you guys!

[Sage of Time]: Hmm…Let me check her abilities first. If it’s sufficient enough for me to train her, then I will. If not then you will have to make another proposition.

[Crule]: Fine.

[Shin]: But Crule…

[Crule]: Don’t worry teach, from what I have sensed from her from time to time, she should be suitable.

[Shin]: …Fine.

[Sage of Time]: You, girl, give me your hand.

Kate reluctantly stuck her hand out. The Sage took the pocket watch from his jacket and places it in her hand.

He channeled his energy into the pocket watch and everything froze again…Except for Kate.

[Sage of Time]: This…I can’t believe it.

[Kate]: Hmm? What did you do? Why is everyone so still?

[Sage of Time]: So there’s finally someone else…after all these years…

Time started moving again.

[Crule]: I think you find it to your satisfaction?

[Sage of Time]: Boy, you bring me treasures left and right! This woman here can easily be my successor and equal! All she needs is the right push in the correct direction!

[Shin]: What? How? Metallurgy tested her when she was in the hospital.

[Crule]: I should let you know that some attributes cannot be detected by the primitive method Metallurgy uses. That’s why there’s so many “None” attributes.

[Shin]: What?

[Sage of Time]: What he’s trying to say, is that your wife has a unique attribute. She can be a Time Witch.

[Kate]: *Points to herself* Me?!

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