Chapter 31: Casino Del Furito

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The Casino Del Furito was the third largest casino/hotel in the third ring. Every day millions of people pass through its doors to lose their money to the casino. At the roulette table was a large crowd gathering.

In the middle stood an old man. Standing upright with his black suit and tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes, if one didn’t see his face, one would assume he was only forty years old. On his face was a well-trimmed beard. He was wearing an old set of glasses that hang from his nose with a small golden chain connecting the two handles to each other behind his head.

Beside him was a large mountain of chips. It was enough money to seriously put a dent in the Casino’s earnings. The dealer was breaking out in cold sweats. The old man put his hand to his chin, rubbed it a little, closed his eyes and called out his choice.

[Old Man]: twenty thousand on 18 red.

[Dealer]: Are you sure sir?

[Old Man]: I am dead serious.

Half of the entire pile of chips was put in the middle of the table. The dealer spun the roulette wheel and everyone held their breath.

The ball lands on 6 black.

The dealer was relieved, wiped his sweat with a handkerchief.

[Dealer]: I’m sorry sir, you lost.

The old man wasn’t even phased about losing half his earnings.

[Old Man]: 6 of black huh?

The old man took out a pocket watch from his suit pocket. The small amount of his aura was injected in it. Everything froze.


The dealer was breaking out in cold swears. The old man put his hand to his chin, rubbed it a little, closed his eyes and called out his choice.

[Old Man]: Forty thousand on 6 black.

The dealer felt like he just had a déjà vu moment.

[Dealer]: A-are you sure sir?

[Old Man]: I am dead serious.

The entire mountain of chips were put in the middle of the table. The dealer spun the roulette wheel and everyone held their breath.

The ball lands on 6 black.

The dealer lost all the blood in his face.

[Dealer]: W-we have a winner.

The crowd watching broke out in cheers.

[Dealer]: W-would you like to continue sir?

The dealer had to ask due to company policies.

[Old Man]: No thanks, I am done here.

The old man took out a bag and put all the chips in it. He left and walked over to the exchange counter.

The crowd just stared at him.

[Random Man]: That old dude was amazing.

[Random Girl]: I know, I was here the entire time.

[Random Man]: I heard he started with only one chip.

[Random Girl]: A ten oval chip to be exact. A few hours later he amassed that huge amount. Not even a single wrong guess.

[Random Man]: He must be cheating!

[Random Girl]: Psh, how do you even cheat in roulette?

[Random Man]: I don’t know!

[Random Girl]: *sigh* The free show is over, guess I’ll go play some slots before calling it a night.


At the counter, the old man put the bag on the counter.

[Old Man]: I would like to cash out please.

The girl at the counter stare at the bag.

[Girl]: T-this will take a while, please wait.

She took the coins and put it in a coin counter. Since the chips were all difference size depending on the amount they were worth, sorting them was easy. It also counted the amount each had.

[Girl]: That’s, one hundred eighty thousand chips…That brings you to a total of three million Ovals…

The girl hands three diamond cards to the old man. He pockets it and walked away.

[Girl]: *sigh* I wonder if I could win that much money…


The old man walked to the shopping district of Casino Del Furito. He caught his eye on a hat store. He walks in and went to the counter. An old milliner was sitting behind it, currently working on one of his hats.

[Old Man]: Dear hatter, I would like to purchase a made to fit black top hat.

The old milliner looks up and smiles.

[Old Milliner]: Yes Sir, let me get your measurements please.

He took out a measuring tape and wrapped it around the old man’s head. With today’s technology, all one needs is the measurement and a hat could be made almost immediately. People still make it by hand for some people who enjoy hand-made quality. The charm of it enticed some eccentric rich people. But this old man wasn’t needing a man made one. All he needs is one for looks.

The old milliner inputted the measurements into a machine that looked like a microwave. Five minutes later, it dinged and a fresh hat came out.

[Old Milliner]: Here you go sir, freshly printed hat of choice choosing.

[Old Man]: Thank you.

He took out a bag of ovals and hand it to the old man.

[Old Man]: Keep the change.

He walked out the hat store and headed next door. Next door was a place that conveniently sell canes.

He walked in and found the perfect cane. It was made out of the shiny metal that was harvested from Pride. A Pridonium alloy that shined even brighter than usual but loses its living metal properties. The stick part shined with a powerful glare. The top of the cane was a diamond hourglass.

[Old Man]: Fits me like a glove.

He then headed to the bar. He ordered a glass of vodka and started drinking.

About an hour later, a group of people entered the bar. The old man was alert since they were releasing their aura in a way that normal people won’t detect it but people who had a certain amount of power will.

He looked behind him and a twelve year old boy with an eleven year old girl approached him.

[Crule]: You must be the Sage of Time.

[Ming]: You old pervert haven’t changed no matter what time we’re in…

The old man stare at the kid before him.

[Old Man]: H-how do you know who I am?

[Crule]: I have my ways.

[Ming]: And you always have that gaudy hat and cane…

The old man stared at them. He barely bought these today but he already decided he was going to use them for a while…

[Old Man]: What did you come here for?

[Crule]: Let’s just say I have a proposition for you…

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The old man could only sigh.

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