Chapter 30: Slave.

The boy looked at the girl with a familial feeling. The girl couldn’t sense any ulterior motive from the boy.

[Man in top hat]: So Young Master Wu, is she to your liking?

Since Crule was now adopted by Shin and Kate, he changed his last name.

[Crule]: I’ll take her.

[Man in top hat]: Good, good, now about the negotiation of price…

[Crule]: No need.

Crule toss a card toward the man in the top hat. The man caught it and stared at it with his eyes widening as large as sauce pans.

[Man in top hat]: This…

He held the shimmering diamond card in his land like the most valuable treasure in the universe.

[Crule]: In it should be a million Ovals. That should be enough. I will take her now.

[Man in top hat]: Y-yes sir.

The man in top hat manage to gain a million Ovals from sixty. This amount of money was more than what he made in a life time. Most slaves were sold for around one hundred to a thousand depending on their EKG readings and skills.

Crule walked up to the girl and placed his hand on the collar. The collar suddenly vanished and the girl could finally feel the wind on her neck again.

[Man in top hat]: S-sir what about the contract?

[Crule]: No need, she won’t run.

Crule held the girls hands.

[Crule]: Let’s go Ming.

The girl was embarrassed but at the same time confused as to how the boy knew her name. The slave merchant always have called her by a number.

They walked to the luxurious ship parked in front of the stone building. The girl look one last look behind her at the place she stayed for a week.

[Crule]: Don’t keep looking back, move forward with anticipation of better things to come.

The girl nodded and never looked back again.


The girl was still very nervous sitting at the cockpit of the ship as it took off.

[Crule]: Let me introduce you to ever.

The girl nodded, sitting nervously on the couch as everyone came in.

[Shin]: Yo Crule, is this the girl we came to pick up?

[Crule]: Yea teach, she’s the one.

[Kate]: She’s adorable!!

Due to the girl’s young age, Kate couldn’t help but shower her with motherly love.

[Chun Qin]: Hmm.

The girl cowered at the intimidating Chun Qin.

[Crule]: Don’t mind him, he’s just as shy as you are.

[Chun Qin]: N-no I’m not!

Everyone laughed. The girl enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere.

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[Crule]: Anyways that guy over there is Shin Wu.

Shin waved his hand.

[Shin]: Hi.

[Crule]: Standing next to him is his wife Kate.

[Kate]: Hello!

[Crule]: And that large menacing man there is Chun Qin.

[Chun Qin]: H-how do you do.

The girl quietly bows.

[Crule]: So why don’t you introduce yourself.

[Girl]: M-my name is Ming. How do you do.

[Crule]: *sigh* Still so shy I see.

[Ming]: M-master, what are your orders?

[Crule]: Hmm…for one thing, since I didn’t sign the contract, you are still a citizen of Beauxi so you don’t have to call me master.

[Ming]: But master bought me. You spent so much money…

[Crule]: I didn’t buy you yourself, I bought your freedom.

[Ming]: B-but…

[Crule]: *sigh* You know what, I was thinking of doing this later, but this would take far too long and my patience isn’t that good.

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Crule reached into his spatial pocket and took out the red gem.

[Crule]: Here, swallow this.

The girl reluctantly took the gem.

[Crule]: Don’t worry its safe.

She put the gem in her mouth and swallowed.

Like a breeze of refreshing wind, she felt her memory return. All the things she experienced in her past life up to her death. Her memories returned. But most importantly, her feelings.

Ming looked at Crule. A tear appeared at the corner of her eye.

[Ming]: MASTER!

She jumped on Crule and started crying.

[Ming]: I-I m-missed you so m-much.

[Crule]: There, there Ming.

Crule pet her head trying to comfort her.

[Crule]: I assume you remember everything now?

[Ming]: Mhm, so we finally got our second chance?

[Crule]: Yes, we finally do. How’s your power?

[Ming]: I received 100% of it since the old me was dying, she didn’t leave an ounce behind like you did. Since you still had to face the abomination, you only gave half your power to the past you.

[Crule]: Since I made a second contract with Famina, I now have 150% of my original strength.

[Ming]: Teehee, so master is a lot stronger now!

[Crule]: Don’t try to use too much of your power. Your body currently cannot take the full force of your energy.

[Ming]: I know, from the looks of it I could only use ten percent.

[Crule]: So about the same when I started…We need to do some serious training.

[Shin]: Will you guys stop leaving us in the dark?!

Crule and Ming suddenly noticed everyone was around them staring in confusion. The shy girl suddenly changed her personality after she swallowed the gem.

[Crule]: Ah, I forgot. Let me do the reintroduction. This is my wife from the previous world, Ming.

[Ming]: Nice to see everyone again!

[Shin]: So she’s like you, a time traveler?

[Crule]: Actually I am not, only my memory and power came back in time. Ming herself is the actual time traveler although it cost her her life.

[Shin]: …I’m sorry.

[Ming]: It’s ok, it didn’t hurt. At least I’m still alive here.

[Crule]: Now then, everyone is here, we need to go see the Sage of Time now.

[Ming]: Ehhh, we have to go see that old pervert?

[Crule]: It’s the only way we can get strong enough in time for the grand opening.

[Ming]: Eh, fine.

[Chun Qin]: O-old pervert?

[Ming]: The guy is sickening.

[Chun Qin]: You just called the Sage of Time, an old pervert.

[Ming]: You will see when we meet him…

[Shin]: Chun Qin, you can’t believe in their common sense… they are time travelers, common sense no longer applies to them.

[Ming]: Teehee.

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