Chapter 35: A full year.

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In the middle of the lake stood a man with a huge beard. In his hand was a glowing spear. He seemed to walking on top of the water. That man was Shin almost after a year of training.

[Shin]: This Sonata of Agility is amazing. It allows me to constantly glide on top of the water. My speed is now significantly faster.

After mastering the Ten Thousand Raindrops spear edition, Shin started to work on the Sonata of agility. It took him a full seven months to understand the first movement. The style of practice for this speed based tome was very different from Ten Thousand Raindrops which requires you to get insight into the skill and practices by using it. For the first movement of Sonata of Agility, one must…dance.

To improve one’s speed, one must know the footwork. One must know how to perfectly control their center of gravity. What better way to practice footwork and balance than dancing?

The tome explains the moves of a dance for the first movement. Upon adding his aura to help speed up his footwork as well as maintaining his perfect balance, Shin could almost move faster than normal eyes can see. Afterimages were seen all over the lake as Shin practiced the first movement.

[Shin]: If the first movement can give me such speed, I wonder what the other four do.

But their time is almost up. During the last month, a large clock appeared in the sky indicating the last 30 days.

[Shin]: We only have three days left. A full year huh…

Shin walked back to the camp. They created a slightly more permanent residence with large stone slabs Shin sliced from the boulders.

As he got back he saw Chun Qin still training the Metal Veins Body. He has nearly mastered the last skill.

[Chun Qin]: Vajra Shadow!

His body seem to glisten as it shone like diamonds. The lightning attribute of his aura was greatly amplified as his body can now conduct electricity a lot better without harming himself.

[Chun Qin]: Thor’s Wrath!

Condensing the electricity with his diamond fists he swings it down like a hammer onto the ground.


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About a half kilometer radius around Chun Qin was immediately destroyed and the dirt was brought into the air. It created a large cloud of dust, dirt, and plant life.

[Shin]: Not bad. Was that the last skill?

[Chun Qin]: *panting* Yes, the energy requirement for these skills are all quite high.

[Shin]: I don’t think any normal human can take a single touch from you.

[Chun Qin]: I can at least control my power.

Shin walked back to camp with Chun Qin. When he got backed he was astonished.

[Shin]: This…How?

Kate was also practicing the Sonata of Agility. But upon closer inspection she was far more profound at it than Shin was.

[Kate]: This is fun.

Her dancing was very fluent and was a beautiful sight to behold.

[Kate]: Let’s try the second movement.

[Shin]: This…

It seems whilst Chun Qin and Shin were training on their respective martial arts book, Kate solely worked on the Sonata of Agility since she has nothing else to do.

As the second movement started, Kate’s speed doubled and Shin could barely follow her with his eyes. She would only be visible ever so often and appeared as if she was teleporting.

[Kate]: One, two, three, one, two, three.

She was counting the tempo as she got faster and faster. Soon not even Shin can keep up. She disappeared completely only leaving the sound of wind behind.

[Shin]: This…is amazing!

Kate stopped when she saw the two return.

[Kate]: Ah, your back.

[Shin]: It seems you really excel at the Sonata of Agility.

[Kate]: Its quite fun.

[Chun Qin]: Lets rest for these last three days. Enjoy the scenery, constant training without rest would only cause harm to one’s body.

[Shin]: So let’s have a feast!

He brought out the remainder of the Garuda meat.

[Chun Qin]: I can’t wait to finally be able to eat something other Garuda meat…

[Kate]: It’s delicious and Shin’s cooking is great but having the same dam thing for a year… people can only handle so much.

[Shin]: Then let’s make this a celebration of finally being able to eat something else after a year!

They cheered as they cooked the last chunk of Garuda Meat.


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[Crule]: It’s almost time.

The Sage of Time was looking pale. Considering he haven’t slept in nearly 40 hours since he had to maintain the dimension for 24 hours plus the time he was awake.

[Sage of Time]: I swear after this I’m going to pass out of two days…

[Crule]: We can do mine next week then, when we both have more time to prepare.

The Sage of Time looked relieved.

[Sage of Time]: At least you don’t make me do this twice in a row…

Ming finally returned.

[Ming]: I got the things you asked for master.

[Crule]: Good, our preparation for the auction house is ready.

[Sage of Time]: Auction house? There’s something you need from there?

[Crule]: Quite a few bit of things. Hopefully I can get a majority of it.


The dimension started to quiver.

[Shin]: It’s time to leave, let’s go.

They walked out the door appeared out of nowhere during the last hour.

[Crule]: Welcome back, so how did it go?

[Shin]: Great, let us do a demonstration.

[Crule]: Let’s take it outside.

They all walked outside as the Sage of Time went and passed out on his bed.

[Shin]: Now then, the full Ten Thousand Raindrops!

Taking his spear, he performed the first three skills fluidly in one motion. He threw the spear as it turned into ten thousand illusions. He held back since if he used it at his full power, the parking lot would be obliterated. The illusion collided with the ground and as the spear lands, Shin appeared next to it with a sweep. The reason why Shin can suddenly appear next to it was because of the Tlaloc’s embrace. Shin can literally become one with his spear and travel along with it. He started with drizzle as illusionary spears appear, then with downpour as Shin become one with his spear with Tlaloc’s embrace after he threw it. As he landed in the middle of the spear rain, he used maelstrom.


[Crule]: Not bad. You manage to master all of it.

[Shin]: Ha, not even a sweat.

[Chun Qin]: My turn.

He body became like diamonds with electrical sparks emitting from him. Vajra, then followed by a Thor’s hammer energy condensed into his fist. With Titanium Ashura, the Thor’s hammer aura on his fist grew four time its original size. Barrage of Iron followed as extremely large Thor’s hammer imbued fists rained down upon the illusionary enemy. He Chun Qin had used his full power, he could have destroyed a galactic class dreadnought.

[Crule]: Now not only are you incredibly durable, you also have a powerful offense now.

[Kate]: Oh oh, let me try.

Kate disappeared as she immediately entered the second movement of the Sonata of Agility.

[Crule]: This…I didn’t expect you to be able to get so far in the Sonata of Agility.

[Kate]: It’s very tiring to maintain it though.

[Crule]: At the very least, you can escape and protect yourself now. Now, go and take a long deserved rest on our ship. I brought it over to this parking lot while u were training.

[Shin]: Finally, it really dawns on you how dependent on technology we are…A flushing toilet, good god, how I missed thee.

They headed back to the ship.

[Crule]: Now, Ming, let’s go to the Auction house.

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