Chapter 36: Auction.

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The Beauxi Grand Auction House was located in the second ring. It hosts the largest auction in the known universe. They cover half of the entire ring with varying different auctions for all price range. This was the only area that even the poor from the outer rings can be in without being kicked out by police.

The half donut shaped auction house was split into six sections. The first two section were normal small auction rooms meant for a small handful of people. A few hundred auction rooms lined a long hallway. Each room had different themes and sold a huge variety of things. Adventurers who dare risk going to the Wilds brought back spoils of war to be sold here. Small things and lower ranked beasts where brought to these first two sections. The auction house actually classifies the beast and their classification became the official one being used in the frontier. Most H and G class beasts were sold here. Things like beast for food and beast for hide and horn where sent here via airship from the frontier. The first two section, one can find small prey like rodent type beasts and evolved version of domestic farm animals. These small prey could be hunted by two to five skilled hunters in a team. Highest ranked G class beast may take up to a dozen people to take down.


The next two section where the middle class auctions. The rooms were circular arenas with the object being sold in the middle with a single track leading from the back storage room to it. Chairs and tables surround the middle in a sort of dinner theatre fashion. The auctions that start here were quite luxurious compare to the first two sections. Food could be ordered and brought to your table whilst you attend the auction. Most auctions can last from two to four hours depending on the selection of that day.

The spoilers being sold here were rare artifacts discovered from the ruins of settlers from the Wild. They also sell military grade weaponry and rare medicines. But what most people come for where the rank D, E, and F rank beast being sold there. These beast can require up to an entire battalion to take down.

Rank F beasts were the size of vehicles and would require special weaponry to take down. Most have incredibly tough hides so armor piercing rounds were a must.

Rank E beasts were either the same size as F rank beast or slightly bigger. The main problem with hunting them is they have started to absorb enough of the mystical energy of the planet to be able to use them. At this rank, it would take a small army with armored tanks to take out just one. This was also the rank where special martial artists or “Warriors and Mages” started to show their use.

The energy surrounding the world is pretty much unnoticed by the wide public but to special practitioners and those who follow under the life of martial arts and the occult learn about the energy far sooner. They kept it a secret from the public and kept enhancing their own strength. They stood out a lot when the adventuring era started when the Wild was opened to the public.

Rank D beast were a danger to border cities. They are usually pack leaders and require the air force to assault them to even be able to leave a dent. Normal foot soldiers would just be fodder in front of them. Of course they were still within the range of possibility for the Warriors and Mages. It may take two to five skilled warrior or mages to take down a D rank beast.

The raw materials from such ranked beasts were as rare as precious jewels. But they were not as rare as some of the metals collected from the wild. These metals were essential as they can create weapons capably of farming even B ranked beasts. They were as rare as some metals found on the moons.


The last two sections of the auction were the most lavishing of them all. The rooms were like amphitheaters capable of holding a lot of people but instead of having stone steps leading upwards, each layer was a full sized room equipped to satisfy even the most eccentric needs. Personal kitchens and chefs were provided if needed. This amphitheater contains twenty layers thus twenty rooms. Each layer could be rented by a single family or person. The closer the layer, the more expensive it was.

This was the place they sell rare metals that appear maybe only one in a billion ores. They were so rare that some were not seen for nearly a decade in between. They also sold rare potions that have miraculous effects made from the exotic plants of the Wild. But what enticed people more were the Rank C, B and A beasts. These beasts were considered natural disasters.

A single C rank beast can destroy an entire army of ten thousand. Some even contained enough energy to be able to use magic. They were the size of large buildings and to people they were colossuses.

A B ranked beast was a class 5 natural disaster. They could destroy an entire state if they were to rampage through it. In comparison, a B ranked beast could equal a category five hurricane or a 9.0 earthquake. Some could even survive a nuclear explosion.

A ranked beasts were mythical. There’s so few of them that they were considered the king of the Wilds. A single rank A beast could destroy the entire of Beauxi if not properly contained. Even then, very few things or people could contain them. On the entire planet, perhaps only a few experts could be able to do so, so few one can count the number on their fingers.

Each of them were well known, and the person who was most well-known, was the president of Metallurgy INC. Mr. Grimly. He manage to subdue the A rank beast Chaos Metal Condensed Dragon. The beast was so huge that they could only bring in the head to Beauxi to sell since the body was far too big to fit in the second ring. The whole body itself was almost the size of Beauxi. How he done it, only the handful of people he brought with him knew. Mr. James and Hanuman were of the few who seen it.

In the auction house, to be able to even have a glimpse of an A rank beast could be a life achievement for even the richest of people. To purchase them could cost the entire fortune of an entire clan. The sheer amount of money circulating Beauxi in the form of Ovals were astonishing.

[Crule]: We arrived.

Crule only brought along Ming and the person she prepared.

It was a puppet. One of Ming’s specialty was to be able to control a puppet of flesh and blood. Of course she had to raid the morgue at the local police station to find a suitable doll but with her current skills, it was far too easy.

The puppet was the recently deceased Mr. Ferthun. He was a somewhat wealthy entrepreneur who made a small fortune selling potions. He died of a heart attack at the age of seventy two which was quite young considering how long people have been exposed to the energy of the planet. He did not seem to be decaying at all and acted like a normal person. Ming’s ability to control a puppet improved greatly over the years in the old world.

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Crule and Ming were dressed in a very formal attire. Crule was wearing his Black suit and tie while Ming was wearing her pearlescent white dress with her black sash.

[Crule]: Let’s head to the lower area first.

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They headed toward the first two sections of the auction.

[Crule]: We need the necessary things for this three year training…both Ming and I.

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