Arc3 Epilogue.

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Ten years ago in the Wild, there stood a mustachioed man with a beaming complexion. That man’s name is Crowly Grimly Metallurgy.

[Grimly]: James! Get out here and enjoy the lovely morning air.

[James]: Sir, its four in the morning. I still require some rest.

[Grimly]: Ha! Rest is for the weak! You had four hours of sleepy anyways.

James could only sigh as he got out of the ship as well.

[Grimly]: Where is Bravo team?

[James]: They are a few kilometers away. Hanuman is with them.

[Grimly]: Tell them to come here immediately, the beast is stirring.

Off in the distance, a large crystalline snake like creature coiled around a large mountain. If one looks closely, one can see it move.

This was the A rank beast known as the Chaos Metal Condensed Dragon. The beast is an evolved form of its species. Normally Metal Condensing dragons were smaller, only a few meter in size, but this one was several kilometer long. When the species is born, it slithers onto the floor of the Wild. It builds up minerals as it moves along the floor and slowly condensed it into its body, creating a harder and harder layer. Upon reaching a certain size, the creature goes through metamorphosis and emerges from its mineral casing as a larger version of its original self. And thus its journey begins again as it slithers through more terrains as its body size grows bigger and bigger.

Soon, the creature begins testing the density of metals it absorbs along the way and starts being more specific about the type of minerals it picks off the ground. Once it becomes big enough, they can begin boring into the ground to look for more metals. They were treasure sources for adventurers as different Metal Condensing dragons prefer different metals. Some prefer rare metals while some enjoy jewels. One may even find a pure gold Metal Condensing Dragon.

The Chaos Metal Condensing Dragon have far outlived its brethren and became a King of the Wild. The metal of choice, was an extremely rare metal known as Chrasium. It was a metal formally found on Theos before it exploded. Meteor chunks of Chrasium fell onto Noxia after the explosion. The metal no longer exists on Crecentia so any amount of it found was worth a fortune. This Chaos Metal Condensing Dragon was probably the largest concentration of the metal in the galaxy.

[Grimly]: We are going to need a large amount of Chrasium for the weapon we are developing.

[James]: I have heard good things about it from our scientists.

[Grimly]: Indeed, apparently a meter chunk of it could power the weapon for a century, and with that kind of weapon, our company would finally become a monopoly. No one will be able to compete. But it has another use as well.

[James]: What is it sir?

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[Grimly]: This metal is the only substance strong enough to hold a demigod.

[James]: …I see.

[Grimly]: We must either capture or kill this dragon no matter the cost.


Half an hour later, half a dozen carrier air ships lands near the camp sight.

A huge man walked out from one. He was dressing in a classics military general’s uniform. Badges and pins adorn his olive green shirt.

[Grimly]: Ah, Hanuman, you finally arrived.

[Hanuman]: I wouldn’t miss this fight no matter what.

[Grimly]: Indeed, this will be the hardest fight we have ever been in. Did you bring what I asked for?

[Hanuman]: Yes, the trump card has been prepared.

[Grimly]: Honestly I hope I don’t have to use it since there’s so little of it remaining, but against a foe like this…I can’t hold back.

[James]: To reduce any unnecessary casualty I suggest sending a small team.

[Grimly]: Ahaha, good idea, let us three go.

[James]: J-just us three?! Sir, I think you might be underestimating the beast. It’s an A rank beast…it manage to completely destroy a galactic sized carrier…

[Grimly]: More the reason for just us three to go.

[Hanuman]: Ha! I like your way of thinking. Let’s go.

The two sprinted toward the mountain with a reluctant James following close behind.

On that day, Grimly was forced to use his trump card to be able to come back alive…


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After aggravating the beast, Grimly and Hanuman both attacked it with their strongest martial skill. Seeing how the incredibly tough metal hide of the dragon completely nullified their physical attacks leaving only behind a light abrasion, they used their strongest ancient spell. Even then, Hanuman was hit by the dragon’s tail and was knocked away several hundred kilometers away. He barely survived by the skin of his teeth and he was immediately out of the battle. James tried to bind the beast but to no avail. Having exhausted all his energy trying to chain the beast, he too collapsed.

Seeing his support having been so easily taken care of, Grimly used his trump card. From the air ship carrier, came a several hundred meter long metal needle. It was made of an alloy combined of all seven rare metal from the moons. It was the strongest alloy currently known by man. It was called Sintonium alloy. Channeling all his remaining energy into his attribute aura, Grimly picked up the giant metal needle as it floated above his palm. The needle was the size of a tall building. It took nearly all of Grimly’s energy to throw the needle at the dragon.

The dragon being still partially bonded by James’ remaining energy could not dodge the needle as it directly pierced behind its head, beheading it. It was dead. Grimly having spent all his energy also lost consciousness. The remaining soldiers cleaned up the place but the giant metal needle was forever embedded into the mountain as a reminder of the fight. It remained as the grave for the Chaos Metal Condensing Dragon, the only one of its kind ever to reach the King ranks.

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Title: World of Expertsd | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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