Chapter 37: Membership.

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[Man running Auction]: Welcome people, to the Tier 6 and 5 auction, today we have a wonderful selection of goods. Please hold your applause for later as we bring out our first item.

Two large muscular assistants wheel out a cage. Inside of it was a huge beast that was barely alive. But even close to death, the look in its eyes shows its will to live. The savageness behind its eyes as it looked at the auction attendee sent a cold shiver down everyone spine. It looked like a wild boar. The only difference was the mane on its back was silver and it was the size of a car.

[Man running Auction]: This here is a Silver Mane Boar. It’s a rank G creature known for its delicious meat and strong tusks. It’s a mutated species of the common farm pig but due to living in the Wild for so long, it had become incomparably strong. This beast took a team of fourteen to capture alive. The Gerald Mercenary Corporation would like a decent price for their troubles. The starting bid is ten ovals! Since we have so many items today, we have set some auto win prices that the seller wishes to receive for their good. The auto win for this creature is a hundred oval!

[Man in coat]: Twenty ovals!

[Woman in yellow blouse]: Thirty ovals!

[Crule]: One hundred ovals.

[Auction man]: We have an auto win!

The man brought the cage back and hands Crule a ticket.

[Auction man]: After the show, bring the ticket to the storage room and complete the transaction there.

[Crule]: One down.

Every single beast at G rank, Crule auto win them. Soon he had several hundred tickets.

[Auction man]: Now, our selection of wild game have ended, let’s move on to the others.

Crule took this chance to leave to the storage room. You can leave at any time during the auction. He went over to the storage room counter and placed the several hundred tickets down.

The receptionist stare at the sheer number in amazement.

[Receptionist]: T-that would be a grand total of one million ovals.

Crule took out another one of the diamonds cards and place it on the counter.

[Receptionist]: T-thank you for your purchase. Would you like us to bring the goods to your ship?

[Crule]: No need, take me to the storage, I’ll pick it up myself.

[Receptionist]: O-oh ok.

Crule went and stored all of the cages with a huge variety of beasts into his spatial storage. Suddenly the entire storage was quiet. Not even a howl or scratches could be heard. The receptionist was amazed.

[Receptionist]: H-how?

[Crule]: I’ll be leaving now, good bye.

Crule headed toward the middle layer of the auction house. There, Ming and Ferthun was waiting.

[Ming]: Got everything?

[Crule]: It’s decent enough for starts.

[Ming]: Mhm, let’s move on to the rank D beasts.

They moved on to the slightly more luxurious middle area.

Using Ferthun as a middle man, Crule bought more D ranked beasts. If he was by himself, a child spending this much money on high ranking wild beasts would raise suspicion.

Crule did the same here and pocketed all the D rank beasts he bought.

[Crule]: Just two more, let’s go Ming.

Heading to the most inner area of the auction house, they arrived at the amphitheater.

[Ferthun]: Room for three.

[Woman]: Excuse me sir, do you have a membership card? That would be a hundred million ovals for the temporary membership card.

[Crule]: Hm…It seems our puppet isn’t well known enough…I shouldn’t waste too much money…Oh well.

[Woman]: You can also receive a temporary membership if you provide something to be sold during the auction.

[Crule]: I see, I would like to sell this.

Crule reached into his spatial pocket and took out a horn.

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[Woman]: This…we would have to get a proper appraisal first. Please wait a money.

A few minutes later, the woman returned with a stern looking man with reading glasses.

[Man]: Now, let’s see what we have here…

The man took the horn and inspected it. He weighed it and inspected it close with a magnify glass.

A glint appeared in his eyes but disappeared immediately. The appraiser smirked and turned around to face them.

[Man]: I see, I see…It seems what we have here…Is a simple Rank C beast horn.

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Crule’s eyes filled with disgust. He let off a bit of his aura. The sheer power of it made the man shiver.

[Crule]: I do not like to be scammed, Mr. Appraiser…

The man gulped. Cold sweat rained down his face. Even though he knew he had the protecting of the auction, the aura in front of his was like that of a beast. The sheer hunger and instinct sent shivers down his spine. It was like being in the presence of a pack of starved tigers. One could see the immense hunger in their eyes and feel the devouring atmosphere. Everyone around Crule could feel it, even the receptionist woman.

[Man]: I-I seem to have made a m-mistake, I didn’t notice this golden spiral running along the horn, Mrs. Smith, go get the chairwoman. We have something to show her. Tell her it’s a code black.

The woman snapped out of her fear and quickly ran to the chairwoman. Anything to get away from the aura.


Mrs. Ylvun, the current chairwoman of the most profitable auction in the entire galaxy. She inherited her role from her predecessor. Having been an apprentice for quite a while, she was familiar with the trade. Competing with all the other apprentices, she came out at top in this cut throat business world. Due to her experiences she is both cunning and wise. Very few things could make her lose her composure, but today things happened that she could never have expected.

[Ylvun]: A rank?! Am I hearing this correctly?

[Woman]: Yes, Chairwoman, the appraiser said a piece of an A rank beast has shown up.

The last time an A rank beast showed up at the auction, her predecessor made a fortune. It was enough money to completely make the entire country of Beauxi under their discreet control.

To have another chance at making that much profit, even Ylvun’s steel composure started to waver.

[Ylvun]: Take me there immediately.

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