Chapter 8: Memories.

The insects were drained of all their blood and collapsed. All that remained was their exoskeleton. The green ball of blood was about a meter in diameter now. The woman in white snapped her finger and the green ball started rotating.

[Woman in white]: Die you disgusting bugs.

She fired the ball of blood through the tunnel and it destroyed everything in its path. Upon closer inspection, the ball of blood even carved into the tunnel walls.

[Woman in white]: Now, you must be Crule right?

Crule though he was delusional. To get out of a life and death situation in such a way, he could not believe it.

[Woman in white]: Don’t worry, I’m real. This isn’t a dream, you aren’t dead yet.

[Crule]: W-who are you?

[Woman in white]: My name is Ming, you will know me soon enough.

[Crule]: What happened to you?

The woman was still missing everything below the waist. It was obviously a fatal wound but yet it did not bleed.

[Ming]: I have the power to control blood. Currently I’m buying myself some time by stopping the blood flow below my waist.

[Crule]: I there anyway I can help?

Crule didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want someone to die in front of him again. In the past few days he had seem far too much death.

[Ming]: It’s too late for me. But you, take this.

She hands the green gem to Crule.

[Ming]: Eat it, and you will know everything.

Crule was hesitant. Any normal person would not swallow a strange gem a stranger that came out of nowhere just handed you. But the situation was not normal. Reluctantly Crule swallowed the gem.

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Time stopped.

But actually Crule’s mind moved so fast, the process of time seem to slow nearly to a complete stop. One second feels like ten minutes. Then he remembered. His name was Crule Hei An. Born between a prisoners from Earth. One from China, one from America his parents, Hei An Wu and Charlotte Hei. He was born on the Rig, lived on the Rig, nearly died on the Rig.

He one day face a disaster where all his loved ones died. He survives and finds a demon sealed within the moon. He makes a deal and gains the power to survive.

He leaves the prison and went to Noxia. There he found sanctuary at a local monastery. He meets a girl and saves her with his power. The girl vow to be his pupil after seeing his power.

The demon who gave him powers told him what was going to happen in the future. He realize that he do not want to see any more innocents die with injustice. He entered the Game for the conquest for the other half of Noxia. But the enemy was too favored by everyone. His devil tongue manage to fool even the best of heroes, to make them believe they were justice.

Crule was deemed the enemy. He became public enemy number one. Persecuted and hunted down, he fought his way through the game, only to find he was too late.

The Enemy reached his goal, he released an evil so great that the entire galaxy would be destroyed. Merging with the evil, the enemy was about to destroy the planet. In a last ditch effort, Crule borrowed more power from the demon to stop the abomination. In the end they seemingly wiped each other out and everything around them but somehow the abomination survived. He proceeded to destroy the universe and he deemed it unnecessary.

No survivors, billions of people, innocent people dead. The bleak future was one where mankind will face extinction. All because some idiot wanted to become a god.

After the extinction of mankind, the evil proceeded to systematically remove all life in the universe.

To it, life was a parasite leeching off the powers of the universe. With all life gone, only he himself will have access to all the power in the universe.

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He could only be stopped if he was destroyed before he reached that stage.

Thankfully Crule had a back-up plan. He stored a copy of his memories and his former power in a gem in order to pass it all to his younger self. Even if it will create an alternate time line, he knew he who have failed to protect his own universe, cannot let it happen again to another.

So he send his disciple with his weapon back in time, have one last chance to change the future.

Crule once again returned to his mind. He know what he must do now. He having experienced it all once, don’t want it to happen again.

Three minutes have passed since Crule ate the gem. He looked toward Ming with an all too familiar smile.

[Crule]: Good job, my brightest disciple.

Her face that was losing color seemed to gleam with her smile.

[Ming]: Thank you master. But I won’t be bothering you more. I have to go now.

[Crule]: Rest well my student. Tell the other me I said, “I got this.”

[Ming]: Will do, will do.

Ming reached into her pocket and took out a red gem. She put it to her forehead and the gem shined.

[Ming]: Here master, take your weapon back, and take this gem. Give it to me in this universe, so that I can be together with master here too.

Crule took his all too familiar dagger and the red gem. He pocketed the gem and looked back at Ming. With a gaze far too mature for his face he said,

[Crule]: Rest well, I will deliver it.

Ming smiled.

[Ming]: I can always count on master…

She closed her eyes and took her last breath.

[Crule]: Let me give you a proper burial here on the moon of Gluttony.

He took his shovel and slowly started digging under the mushroom. The glowing mushroom this size could only be one thing. The Cryogenia Biporus, the eternity mushroom. It was said to be used to preserve corpses of celebrities in the old days back when they believe in the future, technology would be able to revive them from the dead.

Crule could have done it with the magic he received from his other self but doing it manually shows respect.

One scoop at a time, he carefully dug the hole. He placed Ming in the hole and said a prayer. He buried the body under the mushroom and with his dagger, he carved a tomb.

-Here lies装月明 (Zhuang Yue Ming) Beloved student, sorcerer, and wife. May she rest in peace with her beloved.-

After a moment of silence, Crule left the shovel there and put his dagger in his belt.

[Crule]: Now then, you pesky Glutos bugs. It’s time for my revenge. Then, Grimly, you’re next.

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