Chapter 9: Massacre

Doing a few stretches and a few quick slashed of his dagger, Crule tested his current strength.

[Crule]: It seems due to my age, I can only use 10% of my power without causing harm to my body and growth.

Focusing his power to the dagger, he cut the wall of the tunnel. It sliced through the rock as if it was made of cream cheese.

[Crule]: 10% should be enough for now. I have to train body so I can access more of my power.

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Having lost the connection to the demon from the previous world, Crule can access all the demon’s power without its constraints.

The way Crule danced with his dagger could only described as beautiful. The dagger was made out of a pale silver metal that doesn’t reflect light no matter how the light shines on it. From it leaked a pale aura which leaves a trail whenever it sliced the air.

Being an expert dagger user, Crule know the limits of his weapon of choice. He had to be fast, to be nimble, and to have the most extreme of reaction speed.

Thankfully his speed and power allows him to finish most of his enemy off without realizing.

Crule specialized in sneak attacks.

[Crule]: Without the demon to monitor my powers, I can freely condense in my limbs to choose my speed and power even though my body is still that of a child.

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The power Crule control surges through his body. This power was a sort of magical energy.

It haven’t been discovered yet but in the near future, researchers revealed the fact that the atmosphere of Noxia and its moon contains a special energy. The residents of Noxia and its moons have been constantly absorbing the raw energy. Infants and children especially absorb the energy quite faster than adults. The energy permeated their blood streams and lymphatic system. This allows it to circulate through their body, making it stronger. Research have shown that a man born and lived on Noxia would have several times the strength of a man born earth. The longer the exposure, the more strength it increases.

Imagine if you will, within each person lies a container. At birth, the container was like molten glass, very malleable and will retain a larger shape the more you blow into it. Factors that were in play, were the size of the molten glass before the blowing process and the much blowing was done. The size of the molten glass before the blowing process was the person’s innate potential.

The blowing of the glass into the container is how much raw energy the person absorb during that time. This means people were born on Noxia have a larger container, depending how high their innate potential was.

The container size varied a lot in people, some where the size of a cup, some where the size of a barrel. There haven’t been a limit on how large the container can become. General class fighters in the military have containers the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Very very few people have such large innate potential so the number of Generals on Noxia only reached seven.

Adults can still expand the container but it requires much effort. As time moves on, the container becomes more and more solid.

The energy in its raw form seem to help build vitality and boosts life span. Slowly, the average age of death rose higher and higher over the years to the point where the oldest living man was over two hundred years old.

The energy had the power to protect muscles and bones from the extreme strain during boosted movements and actions. This allow people to do extreme forms of acrobatics and strength. Some people were even able to bear hug a tree, forty centimeter in diameter, in half.

Due to the frightfulness of this power, very few would try to invade Noxia. Most of the military consist of people who were naturally born on Noxia or the moons since they have the most exposure to the energy.

Once the game started, the scientists reveal that the raw energy can condense into a single attribute suitable to the person.

Crule’s raw energy condensed into something special, something only he have.

Most of the time, the energy exist in the body in its raw state. Once a person can accurately control this raw energy within them, they can manipulate it into an attribute. They then can either release this energy out of their body in a form of an object, or absorb the attributed energy into their body to strengthen it and change it.

The evolution of mankind seemed infinite with the energy.


After warming up and getting use to his powers again, Crule pumped energy into his legs and started running. He became a blur as he dashed through the tunnels toward the hive.

Finding the hive was easier than he thought as streams of insects filled the tunnel trying to find him. He could follow it back to the hive.

[Crule]: Some good warmup before I destroy that hive.

As he dashed through the tunnel, he seem to touch each insect along the way with his dagger.

The insect that have been touched by the dagger all froze then as small hole appeared on their body where the dagger touched. It seemed to be a small black hole as the entirety of the insect was sucked into the hole. It seemed as if they imploded. Their flesh and even their exoskeleton broken into dust and absorbed by the hole. Then the hole disappeared.

[Crule]: Such rare organic material, I can let this go to waste.

After storing a small bit of carapace in his pocket, he moved on.

The insects along the tunnel were the arachnid like insectoids.

Massacring all the way, Crule reached the hole where he crawled out of. The hole have been expanded by the insects to allow the swarms to pass through.

He looked at the two spot of blood on the floor. His emotion wavered and his anger intensified.

[Crule]: You assholes are all dead!

He yelled into the hive.

With anger in his eyes, he dove in.

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