Chapter 30- cost too great

Dramix listened to the one that has been caring for him for over the last few weeks. 

Many of the prisoners wanted to escape right away, but Naleeit and a few others had cooler heads. They asked them one simple question.

“And go where?” (Naleeit)

They knew that they were better off staying put for the time being, so they put on a convincing act that nothing was wrong. 

A shipment of supplies and two more batches of prisoners came. It seems that only a few people ever leave the prison, be it either guards or prisoners, which has worked well for them. Maple left shortly after them gaining control of the prison, only saying that they should be ready to leave when they see her again. The people in the prison started returning to a healthy state after Naleeit and her group took control. 

Boredom was taking hold though, so many people took to training worn away skills. 

Dramix laid on his back looking at his dimly lit amulet. The spirit of his amulet went to great lengths to help him, more so then he could have ever asked for. He leaned back after hearing the words and closed his eyes. 

He found himself in the vastness of the amulet with a small foggy figure and a black armored knight beside him. 

“Do you wish to hear his last words?” (Zwilander)

Dramix took a step forward before speaking.

“Yes.” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Zwilander turned his helmet over to him. 

“Don’t devote yourself to him, devote it to his cause. He fully exhausted his power. In both here, and where he’s from. All for you. He’s trapped here, and he can’t go back to recover because you’re too weak at the moment. That’s why he’s currently in this state.” (Zwilander)

Dramix wished he could do something, anything to help. 

“What must I do Zwilander?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

The knight looked away in shame. 

“I don’t know. I must commend him though. He fought a war I never could and even won, but the cost was too great. Until you’re at full strength, he will remain like this.” (Zwilander)

Dramix sighed.

“And death is going to greet me soon, we both know that. Is this the fate of our destiny? To die shortly after the battle is won, but not the war?” (Dramix’s Spirit Talking)

Zwilander had no answer for him. 

“You have your youth Dramix. Use it wisely.” (Zwilander)

The knight then vanished. He had no idea what he meant by that, as he looked at his spirit again. It was the time that he made his choice. His eyes opened again and he saw Naleeit sitting beside him. She had thinned, and her armor was loose on her body. 

“Naleeit.” (Dramix)

She instantly left her daze and saw that he was awake. 

“Dramix.” (Naleeit)

Dramix reached his hand out to her and she grabbed it. 

“I know that you’re going to say to leave you here.” (Naleeit)

Dramix shook his head. 

“No, but you must accept it. I’m not very useful right now.” (Dramix)

Naleeit used her free hand to rub his side where his ribs were showing. 

“It was never your body that I needed.” (Naleeit)

Dramix looked away. 

“That’s what’s currently needed though. I’m going to ask you to lay with me here right now.” (Dramix)

Naleeit paused while staring at him. 

“Why?” (Naleeit)

Dramix leaned his head back. 

“I can’t continue on anymore. I’m helpless without my arms. My spirit has exhausted his power to help me, and I’m not recovering, so he’s not recovering. I’m unnecessary baggage and a burden. I have accepted this, and….” (Dramix)

Naleeit punched him in the jaw, causing him to stop talking.

“You son of a….” (Naleeit)

She paused after seeing a tear of pain run down his face. No, it was sadness. 

In him beats the heart of a proud dragon, one who knows he has nothing left to offer.

She sighed and stood up.

“Leave us, will you?” (Naleeit)

She started unfastening the straps of her armor, then he raised his hand. 

“Your armor makes you more attractive. Leave it on.” (Dramix)

She looked at him in annoyance and sighed again as she at least unfastened her leggings and took them off. 

She then paused, thinking back to when they were in the cave. It was a youthful impulse that drove her then, but now she knows that there’s something between them. Something deep. She had noticed it more in their captivity. She also noticed it in the battle in the forest, and even all the way back in Gile. 

This is the one she loves, and to bare his child will be her greatest honor. She uncovered his lower half, seeing it much different than the last time they were together. 

Still, she didn’t hesitate, as she climbed on the table ready to be with him. 

As she got in position, she looked up to find an embarrassing small elf.

“I came at a bad time.” (Maple)

Naleeit paused, and Dramix heard her behind her. 

“All she has to do is sit.” (Dramix)

Naleeit slapped his chest, causing the fragile mood to disappear.

A short time later, Gulliver was hugging Naleeit. 

He then came over to Dramix, who raised an arm at him with a joyful look on his face.

“You look like hell, my friend.” (Gulliver)

Dramix smirked a little when he said that.

“At least I wasn’t born ugly like you.” (Dramix)

Gulliver smiled as well, pleased that his smart wit survived. 

“I’m afraid that the news is dire.” (Gulliver)

Dramix looked at him cautiously. 

“I ended up beating that god back to wherever it came from and left none of it for you.” (Gulliver)

Dramix smiled widely at his bald-faced lie. 

“A shame. After last time, I wanted another piece of it slain by my hand.” (Dramix)

Gulliver became confused. 

“Explain.” (Gulliver)

Dramix looked at Zwilander to his side. 

“Only an immortal can slay another immortal. Zwilander is an immortal weapon, while I’m a shaman of spirits, an immortal symbol of guidance.” (Dramix)

Dramix then looked back at Gulliver. 

“I did to him how Zwilanders last wielder was done in; severely weakening their immortal power. The gloves will be damaged, as Zwilander was turned into a rusty spear before I found him. I’m sure that he’ll recover from his injury before going for the last piece.” (Dramix)

Gulliver backed away, not knowing any of that. Dramix then looked back at the spear again. 

“Still, with his vast power, it won’t take centuries of slumber for him to recover what he lost as it was for Zwilander.” (Dramix)

Dramix smirked again while looking back at Gulliver. 

“That old thing hates the fact that I allowed you to take him in the first place, but he understands. For if I fell here, or back then, then he would lose his powers again. I granted him to you to care for, so you were his owner until I called him back.” (Dramix)

Dramix then leaned back and coughed some. 

“Wait a moment, my friend. I brought one of the clerics from the holy order.” (Gulliver)

Dramix smiled, looking at Naleeit, as she joined his side. 

They did enough talking during captivity. They just wanted to be close right now.

Not a long time passed before Gulliver returned with another man following him who was wearing light woodland garb.

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He then walked over to Dramix.

“Oh, it’s a dragon’s son. I’ve only heard about them.” (Escort Cleric)

He then started looking him over before noticing Naleeit, and looked at her as well. 

She pulled her arm away when he grabbed it though.

“I will not be touched without being asked first.” (Naleeit)

Dramix chuckled before speaking.

“I learned that one the hard way.” (Dramix)

Her balled fist landed on his tail. A man in bone armor then moved over to them. 

“Shall I remove this interloper, my lady?” (Noa)

Naleeit shook her head, remembering how annoying it has been lately. 

“He’s here to heal, and that’s what he’s trying to do. I will live a lot longer than him if nothing is done.” (Naleeit)

The cleric looked back at Dramix again. 

“He has lost a lot of weight. Food is a must right now. I noticed that his arms had a strong healing magic cast on them, but they were destroyed with severe consequences. He’s fortunate to still have use of them at all. Next is this bandaged gash. He has organ damage, and I don’t know enough to heal him from that. I can deal with the rest at a later time.” (Escort Cleric)

He then turned back to Naleeit. 

“Show me your injuries!” (Escort Cleric)

Naleeit stood up, took off her armor, and fully undressed. Her body was covered in scars. He seemed to look at each one one at a time. 

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“Thin like the other, but in much better health. There’s little for you that you haven’t done already.” (clerk)

He then turned to Gulliver. 

“Time is important you know. I can do what treatments I’m able to when we’re traveling.” (Escort Cleric)

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