Chapter 29- in comes Maple

Naleeit moved over to the command table and looked at a roughly drawn purely guessed map of the prison they were in. She then proceeded to mule over it for hours. Of the seven sections of the circular shaped prison, they had control over the prison cells, the medical wing, the central arena, and the food store. They didn’t have control over the armory, the guard barracks, or the warden’s room though. There were two major points of entry in every section. One leading to the neighboring one, and two secondary for each of them as well. There was also the arena entrance where it’s linked to every section but the warden. The only way out of the prison is through the tunnel under that section, but it’s locked up by a lever mechanism in the warden’s chambers. They had the arena, but no way past the gate. With only about fifty guards guarding these eight points, it was not hard for them to hold out almost indefinitely against their numbers. 

Suddenly, a small girl was on the table. It was the little elf.

“Maple, why are you here?” (Naleeit)

She looked at Naleeit in confusion as to the men armed themselves.

“Hold! She’s a friend.” (Naleeit)

The girl nodded her head. 

“The trees heard screams that were different than before. I asked them to listen for you while I waited for you to escape.” (Maple)

Naleeit smiled. 

Maple changes things.

“Can you bypass their defenses and get to the warden’s treasury? As soon as I have my armor, I can lead a push.” (Naleeit)

Maple shook her head. 

“I can hide big things, but I can’t move and hide with something so heavy.” (Maple)

Naleeit considered another option.

“What about Dramix’s amulet?” (Naleeit)

Maple smiled and was gone again, then Noa came over to Naleeit.

“A young elf?” (Noa)

Naleeit smirked. 

“That is how I and my husband were captured. We were covering their evacuation as Gulliver lead them to safety.” (Naleeit)

The room went quiet when she said that.

News that the prince was alive as well just ignited hope in them even more. 

Maple soon came back to the table while shaking her head. 

“I’m sorry. There’s no opening large enough for it to go through.” (Maple)

They both then turned around after hearing Dramix’s voice. 

“Come forth the spear slayer of gods. The immortal Zwilander!” (Dramix)

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They turned to see a black armored knight appear at his side and help him stand. The knight then turned into a black iron spear in Dramix’s hand. 

“I thought that you lost your shaman powers without the amulet.” (Naleeit)

Dramix smirked. 

“This power isn’t granted to me as a shaman, but by Zwilander. He has deemed me worthy and will heed my call. I shall make you a hole to go through. After that, I can’t do anything else until I recover.” (Dramix)

Naleeit had the closest main point fall back and all the reserves lined up behind them ready for a huge push. Dramix looks at his side that was properly bandaged before looking at the spear. 

“I understand, but we couldn’t wait any longer and I needed your help.” (Dramix)

Naleeit among others looked at him a little confused. This wasn’t exactly a new situation to her, but he was without his amulet. It was another thing he speaks to. She decides not to think about it too hard to stem her madness. Dramix then took a readying fighting pose as the guards baring their way raised their shields. 

“No, I’m not going to throw you, but that’s a good idea.” (Dramix)

Naleeit seemed to see the spear react at his comment. Dramix had to take a tighter hold on it. With the recovery time, she was glad he at least could lift that much weight now. To strike with enough force though was another matter. 

He then started his fire breathing exercise, and the spear seemed pleased to learn a new trick. Dramix fire was slim, narrow, and weak, but he blew the flame on Zwilander.

The spear then caught fire, but it didn’t burn him.

The flaming spear then seemed to grow in girth and length, while the intensity of the fire was magnified.

“Torrent of Dragon’s Rage!” (Dramix)

Dramix lunged the spear as if hitting the person right in front of him, then the fire lunged forward past the spear, covering the narrow passage. The fire collided with the guards shields and steel armor and seemed to melt them, as screams were coming from guards. 

Dramix then fell to his knees and Naleeit caught hold of him. 

“Let them feel the fury of my heart.” (Dramix)

Naleeit then gave the people behind her the order to charge. She then called over several people to carry Dramix back to the medical wing before continuing forward. The passage underfoot was scorched and hot to the touch, and the three guards in front of them had their armor melted onto their bodies. 

Their very blood seemed to have boiled out of their living bodies.

The smell even made Naleeit hungry.

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Gulliver got up from his seat in the meeting to find the order was still unwilling to help him with the escape. He had marshaled the Gile citizens refugees into a small fighting force, but he knew that they wouldn’t be enough to last long enough to fully escape. 

They had numbers, but little experience. 

“I appreciate you for hearing from me once again. When the time comes, we will stand with you. May we be ready.” (Gulliver)

Gulliver then turned to grab the spear that his friend left him, but he found that it was gone. 

No one left or got close enough to the spear to take it, so this must be a sign that they’re running out of time.

“I would like to make a final request of this meeting.” (Gulliver)

Those at the table started listening to him closely when he said that.

“I wish to lead a party into the prison. I only need a few to scout it. I only request a single elf and a person of the order.” (Gulliver)

No one was certain what to say to that, as one of the elven elders stood up.

“That won’t diminish our forces any, so we will send you an elf. They must only have to stay hidden and protect you while in the wooded lands though.” (elf elder)

One of the head clerics stood up after that.

“We have more than enough healers right now. Perhaps some new experience will do them some good.” (Head Cleric)

Gulliver nodded after hearing that. They noticed he didn’t leave with the spear, then they started discussing amongst themselves about it. 

As Gulliver left the meeting, he went to the tent that was granted to him by the Gile refugees, who were mostly women and children. There were older people and a couple of young men who grew strong outside of conflict. 

Over the last year, he alone has been training any volunteers on how to fight. Most are younger than he wishes them to be, or too old, but it was a desperate time. The order has been good to them, so they promised an equal return, but they can’t really do that much. They are a reserve troop at best. This is what makes this journey so important. 

Gulliver slept light and uneasy because he was anxious, but he woke up early enough to begin the scouting and found the chosen cleric. 

He was a young man. He was about Gulliver’s age, but he seemed younger in appearance, as life has been good to him. He had cleric robes on and a huge pack on his back. 

“So you’re the holy order escort?” (Gulliver)

The cleric nodded in response. 

“Can you travel from dawn until dusk then?” (Gulliver)

The clerk nodded again. 

“I take scrolls from the library to the masters that need them, and reverse. I’ve gone up and down the stairs from the basement to the top floor many times.” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver was mildly impressed. 

“And these scrolls weigh as much as the pack on your back?” (Gulliver)

The clerk paused.

“Well, no. But….” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver shook his head. 

“We’re traveling light and fast. Take only what you can carry for the journey.” (Gulliver)

The cleric looked back at his pack in thought.

“But there is food and camping supplies….” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver cut him off. 

“Our camp will be just a blanket and a bush for shelter if we’re fortunate. There will be no fire, and there will be no cooking.” (Gulliver)

The clerk stared at him in surprise. 

“That’s so barbaric.” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver nodded. 

“Yes, and it will keep us alive. I also thought it was barbaric until I was forced from my home. I was forced to live off the land in hiding. Oh, and your robes will have to be replaced as well.” (Gulliver)

The cleric backed away a step. 

“I shall not cast aside my honor so easily.” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver coldly stared at him before speaking.

“When they catch you…., and they will, they will do horrible things to you. Things like my sister and friend are enduring right now. They stayed behind with their honor. Not some symbol they wear like a banner, but true honor that comes from within you. You must remember that we aren’t taking a stroll through some pleasant field. We’re going into places where the very land may turn against you.” (Gulliver)

The cleric became scared when he said that.

“Tell me that you don’t wish to come, and you may stay. Me and the elf can go alone.” (Gulliver)

The cleric started to turn away, but stopped soon after. 

“All my life, I’ve lived under the order. This is the first time I’ve been off the island. When I’m asked by the gods what did I do with my life, I don’t want to tell them I ran scrolls all my life.” (Cleric Escort)

Gulliver smiled a little. 

“Good, experience is a good teacher. I know that you’ll grumble and complain, but there’s a time and a place for it. Keep it to yourself, and on my honor, I will endure every word you say without question.” (Gulliver)

Gulliver then started helping the pack off of him. 

“I also hate listening to other people complaining. My sister does it all the time.” (Gulliver)

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