B2 — 14. The System Sheet Pt. 4

Scarlet; the Vespertine Reaper: a glorified vampire while not being called a vampire.  Who knows why she gets the fancy name (none of us know what Vespertine means).  Maybe she’s not a Mythickin Vampire because Jael is already the Mythickin Vampire, or perhaps it has something to do with the Reaper inside of her … the more I learn about it, the surer I am that it’s something separate from Scarlet (yet has the same name?).  She is such an all-rounder too, and Scarlet’s Blessing … super broken.


  • Force
    • Power: Above Average
    • Strength: Above Average
  • Defense
    • Toughness: Above Average
    • Resilience: Above Average
  • Dexterity
    • Speed: Above Average
    • Agility: Above Average
    • Quickness: Above Average
  • Energy
    • Constitution: Above Average
    • Stamina: Above Average
    • Endurance: Above Average 
  • Tenacity
    • Elemental Resistances: Above Average
    • Physical Resistances: Above Average
    • Control Resistances: Above Average
    • Penetration: Above Average

Achievements: Scarlet’s achievements are so scary that she’s told us that she doesn’t want to tell us what they do; they frightened her so badly that she doesn’t want to risk anyone learning about them.  What she has told us is that both are Level One Hundred, Grade Godly, Rank Maxed, and they’re so terrible that she thinks the whole world would turn on her if they found out what they did.

  • The Goddess’s Vessel: Achievement Skill, Level One Hundred, Godly, Rank Max.
  • Reaper of Blood: Achievement Skill, Level One Hundred, Godly, Rank Max.

Type Abilities: 

  • True Sight: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Max; just the standard anti-illusion stuff.  Nothing new.
    • Low-Level Transformation Sight: Passive Proficiency Skill Lv. 1; appears to be the upgrade version of our Mythickin vision, allowing us to see past even people that have transformed.


  • Blood Corruption: is the state Scarlet goes into when she drinks expired or old blood.  Apparently, blood can still be warm inside someone’s body and used in blood transfusions for six to eight hours.
    • Locked State: Passive Link Skill; is when Scarlet is locked into a specific Tree, in this case, Scarlet’s Tree.
  • Guise of the Reaper: is a state in which Scarlet basically becomes a Grim Reaper … literally.
    • Cloak of the Reaper: Reactive, Level Five, Rookie, Max; is when Scarlet takes on the state of a Grim Reaper.  She becomes a skeleton, bones and all.
    • Phantom: Passive Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; allows Scarlet to phase through objects.  It appears to have increased the length of time she can phase with the second grade upgrade.
    • Amortality: Passive Link Skill; is what makes her so powerful.  This Link Skill makes her all but invincible. She’s immune to all status effects and damage.
      • According to google:  Amortality is the condition of never having died and being unable to die, as an amortal entity was never “alive” to begin with. As amortality refers to entities that have never been alive from the beginning, it is different from “immortality,” which means a living being who is unable to die.
    • Levitate: Passive Link Skill; seems really good, I mean, she can float around, but this actually seems to be kind of her downside.  She’s super slow. She can teleport, but it’s not really instant and can be dodged. Catching up to Relica was the hardest part for her.
    • Locked State: Passive Link Skill; is just like the Blood Corruption counterpart.  She cannot use any skill, but what is in her Reaper Tree. She’s locked out of her Scarlet Tree, including Scarlet’s Blessing, meaning all of her Proficiencies are dropped to Novice, Rank Zero. 

Base Scarlet Tree Skills: acts more like a Racial Tree.

  • Scarlet’s Blessing: Maxes all Scarlet’s Proficiencies.  The ultra broken skill or what Fiona calls a cheat skill.
  • Seditionist of the Sun: Reactive; is odd; it doesn’t have any levels or skills but is the reason why the sun kills her.  Sunlight seems to deal percentage-based damage to her, and the percentage-based damage increased based on the level  of intensity of the sunlight she’s exposed to. The strange thing about this is that it’s in her Scarlet Tree and not a Racial; our weaknesses and strengths like this are in our Racials, but many of the skills in Scarlet’s Tree seem to be a combination of Racials and Base Abilities.
    • The more we learn about Scarlet’s abilities, the more it becomes clear that there’s something different about her, even within the Mythickin category.  Seditionist? Why is Scarlet looking to overthrow the sun? It must have something to do with whatever The Reaper of Blood is.
  • Heart of Blood: Passive, Level Ten, Versed, Rank Max; Scarlet’s life force.  Her very life is linked to her heart, and if her heart is destroyed, then she will die.
    • Regeneration: Passive Proficiency Skill Lv. 3; is the proficiency skill that gives Scarlet her rapid recovery.  I suspect this skill is meant to help protect her by using her body as a shield and keeping her active and able to escape.
    • Life Link: Passive, Link Skill; is just like Maria and Fiona’s Link Skill and is connected to Scarlet’s heart.  If her heart is destroyed, then she will be as well, but it seems like she has some safeguards for her heart being damaged with Regeneration.
  • Blood Manipulation: Active, Cluster Set, Level Eight, Rookie, Rank Max; allows Scarlet to manipulate her own blood.  It takes some concentration and imagination for her to change it into other shapes besides the presets.
    • Blood Crystallization: Active, Chain Skill Lv 2, Cluster Set, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; 
      • Blood Spear: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; is where scarlet’s blood turns into sharp spear-like shapes, more like liquid spikes of crystallized blood.
        • Spike: Sub-effect, that can branch into multiple spears to strike her enemy.
        • Blood Penetration: Reactive Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; auto attacks when Scarlet feels threatened.
          • Adds a mild penetrate guard affix.
      • Blood Cocoon: Reactive/Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; acts as a shield or weapon, surrounding her target or herself.
        • Blood Protection: Reactive Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; auto defends when Scarlet feels threatened.
          • Adds a mild defense against the Penetration affix.
      • Blood Razer: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; creates liquid blades that act like razors, forming around Scarlet’s desired target.
        • Blood Syphon: Proficiency Skill; absorbs a portion of the target’s blood with contact.
      • Blood Collection: Active Channeling Skill, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; only works on the blood of the dead, but draws the blood back into the body to suck out. 
        • Blood Call: Proficiency Skill; allows Scarlet to manipulate blood outside the body into a ball to drink (works with blood packs).  This is how she became corrupted when she gathered all the blood. This skill requires a lot of initial energy to perform with the hope of replenishing it.  The cost is equivalent to the blood collected and the level of Blood Collection.
  • Base Hearing: Passive, Level Three, Novice Grade, Rank Max;.is pretty good.
    • Pulse: Proficiency Skill; allows Scarlet to hear the pumping of people’s blood twenty feet from her.
  • Base Vision: Passive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; Scarlet has fairly normal vision.  She has good eyes, and can see in the dark like the rest of us, but nothing really special from her normal vision.
  • Vampiric Vision: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; allows Scarlet to see inside people’s bodies.  She can see their blood, muscles, and bones. She can see up to a mile away.
    • Penetration: Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; allows Scarlet to see through normal materials.  She has a bit of a harder time with dense metals at her current level.
  • Base Smell: Passive, Level Three, Novice, Rank Max;.gives her the best nose out of us all.
    • Scent Recollection: Proficiency Skill; allows Scarlet to recall the scents of those she’s smelled in the past few days.  We speculate that as this skill goes up, the further back she can remember scents.
  • Negative Emotions: Passive, Cluster Set, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; 
    • Emotional Absorption: Active Proficiency Skill Lv.2; gives Scarlet the ability to absorb emotional energy.  What this emotional energy is used for is currently unknown, but Scarlet did say she used it to drown the Reaper in some mental ocean, where she’s now sleeping.
  • Fangs: Passive, Cluster Set, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; apparently, Scarlet’s teeth can become stronger and stronger based on the level.  It increases her penetration.
    • Blood Absorption:  Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; absorbs the blood of the target and draws it into her heart, converting it to blood energy.
      • Control: Active Proficiency Skill; gives Scarlet the ability to control the rate at which she sucks someone’s blood.  She stated she could make it last hours.
    • Blood Infection: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; introduces a rotting agent into the blood that is similar to skin eating disease.
      • Infection: Active Proficiency Skill; makes it so anyone who comes into contact with the infected rot of the victims become infected themselves … Scarlet’s skills are pretty vicious.
    • Blood Thinner: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; releases a thinning agent into the target that makes it so the wound won’t close.
      • Hemorrhage: Active Proficiency Skill; makes the target bleed from every orifice.

Base Reaper Tree Skills:

  • Advanced Detection: Active, Level Two, Novice, Rank Max; provides Scarlet with a sense of her surroundings.  It’s less sight and more sensing energy in a three-dimensional view.
    • Object Penetration: Proficiency Skill; allows Scarlet’s to see through weak walls.

Reaper Racials: 

  • Unliving: Passive, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; is the skill that gives Scarlet a dead form.  Her heart wouldn’t even be functioning if not for the Heart of Blood skill in Scarlet’s Tree.
    • Light Resistance: Proficiency Skill Lv. 1; gives Scarlet resistance to Reaper’s natural nemesis, the Light Element.  This seems to be different than the Solar Element that Scarlet’s weak to.
      • Scarlet doesn’t have any body heat.
  • Reap Life: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank Max; does as stated, it takes a base amount of someone’s spiritual force, a.k.a. Life Force.  It’s less actual time someone has to live and more the vitality or energy their spirit has.
    • Clean Cut: Proficiency Skill Lv. 1; like cutting anything, reaping the life from someone can be messy or clean, and the higher level this is, it seems less of the Life Force gathered is lost.  Right now, this adds a single percent more to the skill.

      • It seems to get the highest possible amount of Life Force you’d need to have it at the highest level and proficiency.

Vespertine Racials: by all our knowledge shouldn’t be a Racial, but it seems it is.  Vespertine is a strange word. We asked one of the agents outside to look it up, and they said it meant active during the evening, related to bats and owls, but that doesn’t mean they’re active in full darkness or at night.

  • Creature of Twilight: Passive, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; is one of the strangest skills Scarlet has.  Apparently, this means Scarlet has the physical body of light and darkness, not to be confused with Solar, but Reapers have a weakness to the Light Element.  Scarlet is full of contradictions, and I believe it has something to do with The Reaper of Blood … nothing else makes sense. We have no clue what might happen if she levels this up.
  • Shadow Movement: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; would be a part of Twilight or Light and Dark because you can’t have light without shadows and shadows without light.  They’re two sides of the same coin. This is Scarlet’s ability to teleport through shadows, which begs the question, can she get the skill to teleport through light?
    • Shadow Sight: Passive Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; lets Scarlet see through shadows that she can teleport to, allowing her to spy or scout out an area she’ll teleport to.  This has a limited range of two hundred feet, anything more, and she’s teleporting blind (unless she scouts it out with her Vampiric Vision). 

Scarlet’s Tree: Scarlet has no Branches in this tree; another unorthodox thing about her.

  • Fear Aura: Active Aura, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; we’ve learned is at least in part an illusion.  It terrifies whoever is around Scarlet. It seems to be stronger in her immediate vicinity and extends two hundred meters, weakening as it spreads.
    • Vision of the Demon: Proficiency Skill Lv 2; only works when in close proximity to Scarlet, but Relica told Scarlet that she looked truly terrifying.  They might actually see what The Reaper really looks like.
  • Blood Emission: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; expels Scarlet’s blood into an attack.  This seems to be more of a spray of droplets of blood that shoot at an accelerated rate.
    • Bloody Edge of the Crescent Blade: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank Max; 
      • Penetration: Proficiency Skill Lv. 1; seems to be the upgraded portion of Scarlet’s attack.  It appears to increase the base penetration affix to the ability, and likely increases as its grades advance.
  • Blood Portal: Active Channeling Skill, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; creates a link between two spaces using Scarlet’s blood.  It is limited to her blood, meaning it has a cap on how wide and extensive it can be, and leaves her defenseless.
    • Cost Reduction: Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; Reduces the cost of keeping it open.
  • Predator’s Touch: Active, Level One, Novice, Max Rank; is Scarlet’s stalking abilities.  These seem to involve her stalking victims, making sure they don’t alert anyone and killing people with delayed blood clots.
    • Paralysis Touch: Active, Level One, Novice, Max Rank; does as it says.
      • Selective Touch: Proficiency Skill; is what she used before, allowing her to select which parts of a person’s body is paralyzed. 
    • Tracking Touch: Active, Level One, Novice, Max Rank; marks a target that Scarlet can track.  She tested it with me and could sense where I’d walked up to fifty feet. It seems somewhat useless with her powerful vision, but perhaps if she’s in a crowded area, it would be helpful.
      • Visual Ripple: Active Proficiency Skill; gives her a faint ghostly impression of her target’s path that she can follow through sight if she wishes.
    •  Blood Clot: Active, Level One, Novice, Max Rank; lets Scarlet clot someone’s blood where she touches.  Mixed with her ability to see people’s veins, this could be pretty deadly and useful for stealth assassinations, and if leveled up, it could get even more of a delay.  Still, it seems to have a limit on how beneficial it can be.
      • Delay: Active Proficiency Skill; allows Scarlet to add a ten-second delay to the clot.

Reaper’s Tree:

Call of the Reaper Branch:

    • Reaper’s Choice: Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Max; a scythe, of course, what else would it be?  Gives Scarlet a scythe made of death energy, and it has the Reap Life skill attached to it.
      • Rend Magic: Proficiency Skill Lv. 2; destroys magic at level Four and Novice Grade or below.
    • Shroud of Darkness: Active Aura, Level One, Novice, Rank Max; obscures Scarlet in black smoke.
      • Light Absorption: Passive Proficiency Skill; converts light into Twilight Energy to expand itself.  Normally the Light Element would be a weakness for her, but this seems to have been gained through her Vespertine background.
  • Total Skill Points Used: 111

Final Note:  Scarlet, The Reaper of Blood, or whatever this being or thing is that’s changed Scarlet seems to defy a lot of what we know.  She seems to be a Vampire without being a Vampire, a Reaper, and some Light and Darkness creature. Her primary weakness seems to be the Solar Element, and her other weakness, the Light Element, from her Reaper side seems to be covered under the Vespertine Twilight aspect of her.  She’s a mixture of paradoxes.

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