B4 — 5. Trouble At Grandpa’s


1: Rachel Park

Recap:  Last chapter we got introduced to Lunar Nia, our cute little living-denier girl that is now inside Rachel’s head, for better and for worse!  Rachel inadvertently further steered her toward Scarlet’s internal tendencies, trying to get her away from Moongmor, but it’s kind of her own fault since she let Nia bond with Scarlet first!

Now, we’ve got a little girl Scarlet … like Scarlet’s little sister inside of Rachel’s head and she has a mouth!  How will the time at grandpa’s be … oh, no, trouble already?!  Sigh … Well, another day in the life of Rachel!

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Rachel backtracked to get her duffel bag from the trunk as her mother hugged her grandfather; she had Nam finish up the dinner while she dropped her off.

She released a low sigh as Gisele flew out of the SUV’s opening back with her bag in claws, giving a chipper noise from her wicked, bony mouth, and her little white snuggle bunny hopped to the ground, rubbing against her leg.

Sure enough, Soo-geun and Jessy jumped back with horror upon seeing her little pets.  

“What are those things?!”  Her cousin shouted, defensive tufts of fur sprouting across his skin, and Jessy’s shoulder-length blonde hair disappeared behind him for protection, giving a short shriek; Rachel couldn’t blame her after the President’s address revealing the information about the crystals only a few hours before, but she expected more from her tough-talking cousin.

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Unlike Creed, her grandfather remained perfectly calm, lips drawing in with a lifted eyebrow while releasing her mother.  “Interesting…”

“You look so young!  Hmm?”  Molly blinked, turning around to follow their gaze.  “Oh … that’s Gisele and Rachel’s … what exactly is the cute little one again?”

Gisele gave an indignant squawk at the two teens’ reactions, hovering a few feet to Rachel’s right, clearly trying to be helpful and feeling bashed.  On the other hand, her little rabbit gave Soo-geun a smug, jagged smile.

Rachel bent down to pat him on the head, or at least, she felt like he was a guy, causing the chubby bunny’s grin to soften.  “This guy?  They’re called Rabbit Gang, but I haven’t really given them names yet.”

“Rabbit Gang … for real?”  The blonde-girl mumbled, poking her head out from behind the bear’s side.  “Umm … they’re your pets?”

Her grandfather caught onto a different detail.  “There are more than one?”  He asked with interest, rubbing his chin, and Molly hopped back, pulling out her camera; she was running out of time to enjoy dinner with the rest of the family.

“Sorry, I need to go, but … yeah, everyone get close together so I can show Gwon; oh, the lantern lighting is so nice!”

Her cousin wasn’t having it, though, fur bristling while taking a step back and forcing his friend to move with him.  “Hold up,” her cousin mumbled, “next to those things?  Uh, naa, I’m good; I’ve seen crap like that before, and…”

Rachel’s glare shut him up, swapping to Korean to whisper just loud enough to not embarrass him in front of Jessy or their family; with his enhanced hearing, he should have been able to hear her.  “Dude, don’t be a beta and man-up.”

The comment made the massive 17-year-old bear boy’s jaw slack, throwing his arms out in a ‘whaa?!’ manner; she didn’t miss the mention about seeing monsters.

“Yo … the heck…”  He grumbled in English, but just loud enough for Jessy and her to hear, and Rachel motioned for her pets to get in line, forcing him to trail off with agitation.

Ignoring his defensive posture, Rachel picked up her grinning white blob and told Gisele to drop the bag a bit away; her frightening-looking Sky Reaver happily landed on her shoulder, Lunar Nia somehow straightening herself out and adjusting around her body in preparation, yet no one seemed to notice.

Her mother ushering them to a different location and positions for a better shot; her cousin was a bit reluctant but followed through, keeping their grandfather between them.  She was starting to wonder if he was more intimidated by her than the two pets; although, her smug little rabbit was eyeing him like ‘I’m ready to go any time, foo; try me!’.

Jessy hesitantly took the position beside Rachel, probably trying to be a bit more friendly with her, but she couldn’t help judging her cousin, grip tightening around her white blob while leaning forward and giving the disgruntled bear a look that said, ‘what are you doing’?

He refused to make eye-contact; this was not the Soo-geun she remembered, and she was beginning to wonder what happened to him in the last two years.  His behavior just didn’t mesh with the foul-mouthed jumpy brat she remembered that wasn’t afraid to show hands to a boy or girl disrespecting him.  She thought he’d be more aggressive, considering what her grandfather led her to believe.

Jessy seemed a bit flaky but bold enough to put her cousin to shame.

When did Soo-geun become this whiny featherweight?

The shoot didn’t last long, and her mother took a few pictures; she commented on Lunar Nia’s cuteness, which caused Jessy and Soo-geun to look even more confused and off-put.  Of course, the living denier teenage girl was squealing for joy in Rachel’s mind at the compliments.

After a few shots, she got back in the SUV after a hug and headed back home to eat with the family.

Once gone, Jessy tentatively approached her bunny, bending down to gently pet him; his cheeks blushed a little with a jagged, happy grin, eyes closed at her touch, compressing with her motions.  “Wow … he’s so squishy,” she giggled.  “Umm … oh, no,” her hand darted back reflexively, looking up at her in panic, “is it okay if I pet him?”

Rachel gave her a nonchalant shrug, folding her arms under her breasts with a light chuckle.  “Sure, he likes to snuggle.  So, uh … what’s been up with you guys?”  She asked, glancing between her grandfather and the girl.  “Isn’t it about 11 P.M.?”

Her grandfather nodded, taking a controlled breath that caused Rachel’s brow to shoot up in surprise; his entire muscular motion and circulatory system responded to the action, unlike anything she’d ever heard, stiffening her ears.  “Indeed, I’ll be retiring for the night shortly … something the matter?”

Jessy and Soo-geun’s focus darted to the top of her head.

Ears relaxing by falling a bit forward, she shook her head with a soft smile, shifting her posture to the left.  “No, no, I can just hear a lot of strange things from far away.  Anyway, so you’ve got a class tomorrow?”

Her cousin folded his burly arms with a short scoff, sounding somewhat like his usual self.  “Like every day; they’re so loud…”

“So you say,” their grandfather mumbled, “but I suspect it is just your heightened sense of hearing.”

“Still wakes me up,” he grumbled, bear-like ears twitching with agitation.

Jessy swiftly spoke up, still bending down while petting the happy white bunny.  “I don’t think they’re loud, and you’re always sleeping during the days,” she mumbled, giving him a slight glare that sent his gaze elsewhere; there was something passed between that exchange.

“Right,” her grandfather cut the conversation short, motioned for them to enter the entry hall, acting as the gate to the massive center yard and various parts of the mansion.  “I’ll get your futon and pillow while you settle in; will it be fine sharing a room with Jessy?”  He asked, glancing back at her.

Rachel figured he was doing it to help break the ice between them; there were plenty of empty rooms since her grandfather liked to keep a relatively simple, clean, and open furnishing style.  “That’s fine with me,” she replied, glancing back at the girl.

Jessy gave her a nervous smile, cheeks brightening a bit.  “Y-Yeah, that sounds great!  Umm … I guess I’ll go, uh, get ready for bed,” she said, and Rachel noted her blue workout shorts and T-shirt.

The girl wasn’t particularly fit, hovering on the skinny side, and didn’t work out regularly by the sound of her muscles, but there was evidence of minor stress by how she moved, meaning Jessy was trying to get in the habit.  Judging by where her hazel eyes kept sweeping Rachel’s body and the expressions she made, the seventeen-year-old high school senior was having harsh self-reflective thoughts while comparing their looks.

She had straight teeth, some minor signs of acne under makeup, but overall decent skin.  Rachel wouldn’t place her at the low 4-scale with other women, but she could probably sit at a solid five among most men, mid-six with makeup, and given a bit more fitness training, she could rise to a 7 while dolled up.

It felt a little wrong judging her like that, but even if men, and women for that matter, denied it, everyone played into the ranking system, comparing each other on various metrics and for numerous purposes.

Vasishtha, the Indian Legendkin that was smitten by Maëlle, was a solid 9.5 if she was just counting his physical attraction, and a bit less for Ohan, possibly 9.3, yet that was only based on their looks, both fell dramatically with various other traits in her dating material category.  Now Anthony was nearly 10 across the board for her personal taste; of course, the three weren’t your average guys, either.

Rachel scanned the girl while she passed through the long corridor leading to the building’s center yard.  Her wandering mind settled on her cousin as Jessy hurried past, joining her grandfather on the pathway to the commons area; with how slow Rachel and Soo-geun were moving, they were swiftly left behind, finally giving Rachel some alone time with him.

Reaching the end, Rachel’s eyes narrowed, and she blocked her cousin’s path, slamming the sliding door shut to face him.

He paused a few feet behind her, sour expression deepening.  “What?”  He growled, crossed arms tightening against his muscular chest.  “Look, what’s your … woah!”  He jumped back surprisingly quick as her little rabbit pet started hopping around the walls with a devilish grin, forcing distance between them.  “Yo, for real?!  What, do you want another fight or something?  Freak … guess you haven’t changed much after all…”

Her jaw set; his attitude was really getting on her nerves.  “What’s wrong with you?”  She asked, glowing four-leaf clover eyes digging into his yellow irises.  “Two years ago, you were an alpha dog, yelling at the top of your lungs … when did you become such a beta?”

“What?!”  Soo-geun’s nose twisted, fangs bearing, but Rachel stepped forward with a challenging look, and he took a step back, vision falling.

“Huh?”  She asked, swapping to Korean to unload everything that was agitating her.  “What’s up with you?  You’re using a girl that’s supposed to be your best friend to get your ex jealous and acting like a complete p**** … every muscle twitch I hear screams beta.”

Her push got a slight twitch from his muscles, but it quickly faded as he turned tail and retreated back toward the front of the house.  “Screw off,” he snapped, shoulders hunched while skulking away.  “… You haven’t changed…”

Rachel’s glare followed him, arms folded until he slammed the sliding door at the end of the hall; something serious happened, but it had to have occurred within the last several days since he was supposed to be acting really aggressive.  She’d pushed to test him, and her hearing hadn’t been wrong.

What’s going on with him?  It’s like he’s scared to fight at all…

Her ears and tail were stiff while following his movements to the gate and beyond, grumbling to himself.  “Dang it … gmmmgr … fr… the freak’s wrong with her?!  She shows up and just starts picking a fight like … for real!”

He snapped at a trash can across the street, sending it flying several meters to his left before continuing his rant, prowling toward town, a mile away.  “She doesn’t know anything … and those stupid pets, glaring at me like … like I’m some … grah!”

Figuring he needed time to cool down before pursuing the topic, she let him go; if he stayed away all night, it had to be for a reason.  She’d catch up to him after their grandfather went to bed.

Gisele and her rabbit looked smug while staring at his retreat, and Rachel figured she should probably give her little rabbits names; her mind flicked through options as she went to meet her grandfather.  He might have answers for her.

Exiting the entry hall, she entered the yard, located at the center of the three-story house; it was pretty expansive with neatly cut walking stones, a covered deck built into the house design, sturdy, polished beams supporting the structure.

It dropped to the compact, evenly trimmed grass with a two-section pond, large Korean Bonsai at its center, to the right of the area that her grandfather tended to; one of his hobbies that he’d picked up fifteen years ago.  An adjustable ladder was hidden underneath the deck nearby with the proper tools he used to prune it.

Various other traditional Korean yard items were spaced around to provide a clean aesthetic to the entrance; her grandfather took great pride in maintaining his property, and judging how his body sounded, he was in phenomenal health … far better than when she’d last seen him, which probably meant The Oscillation was involved.

Did he actually become a Champion like Nam…

She released a low growl in her throat, walking up the center path to the deck, slid one of the common space doors open, and entered the Korean-style mansion; it was designed with double-paned glass that had blinds inside to allow guests to view the yard if desired or have privacy, and the doors could be entirely removed if needed.

Passing into the second kitchen, primarily used to prepare refreshments, Rachel walked through the hallway with the guest washroom, storage room, and into the connecting hallway, using the stairs to the second level.

Rachel paused when she reached the top, looking at the left end of the long hallway, housing all the guest bedrooms and their facility rooms.

Jessy was starting a bath before bed, and judging by her tense muscles, the primary purpose was to relax.  Her grandfather was putting new sheets on her futon and pillow; his body was the picture of perfect order.

She rubbed her neck with a low groan.  What is going on with everyone?  Grandpa wanted me to talk to Soo-geun about relationship advice, but he’s totally off.  Did Grandpa even tell Mom or Dad he got powers?  He has to, with how young he looks.

Making it to the room she’d be sharing with Jessy, Rachel stood by the side of the doorway, noting a backpack in the corner that probably belonged to the blonde-girl.  Her grandfather had taken out one of his many extra futons from inside the closet, setting it up for her; she used to try to help in the past, but he was very insistent on doing everything himself; his work ethic and investments had made him very wealthy.

Watching him work on straightening it out, her mind reflected on her grandmother, Gisele, and her glowing white bunny entering to observe their actions.  Her grandmother had been a bit of a fussy woman, from what she remembered; she died of a brain aneurysm when Rachel was 6-years-old.

Her grandfather never remarried, even though many women had tried to catch his interest, looking for his resources, mostly 30-year-olds; the sad part was when they enrolled their kids into his volunteer community classes to just get close to him.

“So,” she mumbled, arms crossed, “Soo-geun is heading into town … have you noticed something changed with his personality since I last spoke to him?  He seems a lot different.”

He didn’t respond for a moment, finishing up his work before turning to face her.  “Hmm … let’s talk for a little before I retire for the night.”

She refrained from releasing a low groan, knowing most of the discussion would be on her, and shifted positions to let him lead her to the balcony on the 2nd floor, overlooking the yard and providing an easy view of the Bonsai.

Once sitting on the cushions, he gave her a warm smile.  Rachel respectfully let him begin the topic; he already knew what she wanted, so she kept a passive expression, waiting for the conversation he’d wanted to have with her.  Gisele landed on the table’s edge, facing the tree, and her blob cuddled up next to Rachel.

Her grandfather’s gazed upon the tree below, to his left and Rachel’s right.  “… Jessy is taking a bath?”

She nodded.  “Yup.  Soo-geun ran out, too.”

“Mmh…”  His serene eyes moved to her pets.  “Gisele was its name, and the other?”

The Sky Reaver gave a happy chirp.

“Yeah, Gisele’s a girl,” Rachel mumbled, passively petting the rabbit pressed up against her shin-high skirt.  “Umm … I haven’t figured out a name for this guy, but … he’s a little snuggle-bug; I’ve got two more, but I can’t summon them again until tomorrow.  I think I’ll call him … Hayan,” she smiled, rubbing his side.

“I see, White, huh,” he whispered, swapping to Korean, his mother-tongue.  “They seem to really enjoy being with you, and I assume they came out of one of those crystal gateways the President mentioned?”

Rachel shook her head, agitation decreasing bit by bit as she conversed with her grandfather; she could still hear her cousin fuming, but he’d resorted to doing minor public property damaging over words.  She felt a little bad since it had been her fault for pushing him and determined to offer repairs.

The thought caught her off-guard.  No … is Grandpa affecting my judgment?  It can’t be anything to do with mind-control, but … emotional control?  Unless positive forces aren’t registered to be filtered … yup…

The System responded with an affirmative; positive buffs weren’t countered.  “… They came from a Legend’s Quest … umm, Grandpa, you know that you were changed during The Oscillation, too, right?”

His smile broadened with a short chuckle.  “Observant, as always … you just never turned that focused on herself.  Yes, I was affected in a rather unexpected way, but I’d like to first address the problems I see.”

Rachel took a deep breath before letting it out in a long puff of air.  “… I know … I’m not perfect, but…”  She trailed off, feeling uncomfortable with continuing since Lunar Pride was rearing its head, but she managed to maintain eye contact … or, at least, she blamed Lunar Pride.

He folded his hands in his lap, eyeing her for a moment, and he suddenly got to his feet, moving to a place to make them some green tea.  “I hear you have taken a shine to this girl named Scarlet?  Your father tells me that she has more or less become a part of the family and that he’s never seen you get so attached to someone.”

The random directions he took were calculated to catch her off-guard, Rachel was sure, and she looked outside, resting her intertwined fingers on the table.  “Yeah, Scarlet’s survived a lot, and she’s been through this change with me … almost since the start.

“Gisele and Hayan are from an event Legendkin can activate … it’s like an artificial world with benefits you can gain.”

“A Legend’s Quest, hmm?  I see,” he began preparing the beverage, continuing to speak while Rachel bided her time, “so … what compelled you to chase off Soo-geun?”

Rachel’s lips tightened; her grandfather had become even more discerning since he’d been affected.  It was like she was dealing with a supernatural therapist.  “… He was acting strange, and I’ve dealt with enough odd events over the past two weeks, so I was just testing the waters,” she replied, following her cousin and Jessy’s movements.

There wasn’t anything new with Soo-geun, but the blonde was groaning while sitting in the hot bath she’d drawn, fidgeting in the water.  “Why’s Soo-geun acting like this … gah, and I’m just … deep breaths … deep breaths … control yourself, stupid body…”  She mumbled, thighs pressed tightly together.  “And why’s his cousin have to be a freaking bunny goddess … how am I supposed to compete with all these girls…”

It wasn’t exactly shocking to Rachel; her cousin had turned into a complete stud … at least, physically, but the utter contrast between his attitude and appearance annoyed her.  She wondered if Soo-geun even noticed Jessy’s hints and if he’d given her false signals by inviting her here after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Whatever buff her grandfather was releasing was surprisingly effective because the unrest in her heart was gradually dispelled.  “Testing the waters,” he sighed.  “There’s so much disharmony in Soo-geun and Jessy, yet … you hold the prize, my overachieving granddaughter.”

Rachel pulled her braid over her shoulder; it was somewhat unnerving, being read without him even looking at her.  She’d dealt with several people trying to dissect her actions, very discerning men, yet her grandfather was practically reading her like a book, which she had not predicted.  The odd part was how his buff helped counter the urge to put up her walls and double down into a shell.

She’s grown up with his probing questions, breathing exercises, and he’d even been the one to suggest to her parents she pick up a martial art.  He’d been a king at reading people in the business world, knowing who to hire or put his trust into for deals that some thought he was crazy for investing, yet here he was, retired and extremely wealthy while finding fulfillment in his simple volunteer lifestyle helping the youth of Florida City.

Playing with the tail-end of her braid, she released a soft sigh.  “What are you saying; I’m unstable?”

He returned with a cup of tea, handing it to her from across the table; she dropped her braid to accept it.  “Rachel,” she chuckled with a grandfatherly smile, “that is not the word I would use … your energy is not balanced … you’re unhappy, and I don’t like to see you this way.  I am always here to listen and help.”

The cup rose to his lips, and he took a short sip before setting it down.  “… However, I understand it might be difficult for you; so, let’s discuss what you’ve noticed.  How is Soo-geun fairing at the moment?”

Rachel’s eyes slid to the tree’s raised platform outside, off the ground to better protect it from bugs.  “How … do you know I can follow him?”

“Your father brags about you, of course,” he chuckled.  “He called me the other day while you were asleep, telling me about how much you’ve grown and your mother becoming surprisingly attached to Scarlet in such a short amount of time.”

“Ah…”  Rachel mumbled, sipping her tea to buy time; she wanted to be tense … sharp, but the longer she sat with her grandfather, the calmer and more relaxed she became.  “He’s heading to the city, causing property damage along the way … why’s he so frightened?”  She asked, confused eyes shifting to her tranquil grandfather; Hayan appeared to have fallen asleep beside her, and Gisele was actively following the conversation.

He nodded, features becoming somber.  “Clare, Soo-geun’s girlfriend, has been rather indecisive if she’s alright with dating him after this change, confusing him.  I hoped you would be able to give him some advice since he refused to see reason … he’s blind to the other prospects in his life,” he whispered, dark brown eyes falling to his cup.

“At first, there was such rage in his heart … he broke two tables and damaged the 4th guest bedroom wall within the first two days before calling over his friend.  Then … he changed over two days, and refused to say why … always deflecting.”

Rachel shook her head, cup to her lips.  “Mmh … poor girl.”

“What have you noticed?”  He asked.

The direction he was pulling her along felt strange to Rachel … it was like she was now involved in finding a solution rather than just festering over the sudden change of behavior her cousin had.  “Hard not to with my ears,” she said with a weak chuckle; she hadn’t felt this calm in … a long time.  “… Grandpa…”


She gave him a small frown, setting her cup back on the table; the robust and warm liquid coated her throat.  “What are you doing to me?”

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“Ah,” he paused, fingering his cup with a passive expression.  “I do not know much about these changes; I have simply continued to live how I always do, and it appears as if I have gained the ability to temper the emotions of others … however, you are very different,” he commented, vision narrowing with concern.

The way he said it tightened her gut.  “I’m different; how?”

His studious eyes fixed on her’s.  “There is a strange wave being released from you that I can feel, and within are a mixture of imbalanced forces, combatting each other in a tug-of-war, pulling your emotions out of balance.”

Rachel’s focus dropped to the table.  “My Lunar Energy?”  She questioned, but the links were falling into place by the time she got the words out.  “… The Flush Moon provides calming energy … I’m not sure about the Coral Moon, but I think the White Moon is neutral.  I primarily have Flush Lunar Energy inside me…”

He put his empty cup to the side, folding his fingers across the table.  “It makes sense … I am heightening that energy’s effects to combat the others that are setting you on edge.  However, I do not believe what you call White Lunar Energy is neutral.”

It’s not?  Her mind raced with questions, asking about the things her grandfather was explaining.  The System gave her a vague answer.

White Lunar Energy gave her confidence, fear resistance, and an eagerness for battle.  It was the drive that propelled her to continue to push herself during the South Beach incident.

Flush Lunar Energy had a soothing effect that heightened her mental focus and capacity; it helped her remain calm, even if afraid, not overshadowing fear like the White Moon.

Coral Lunar Energy gave her heightened senses, instincts that went beyond intellect and knowledge; it pulled out a monstrous side of her that lived in the chaos of unpredictable combat.

The three clashing forces were heightening negative traits within her and drawing them out; although, she had to realize that probably wasn’t the only issue she had, considering her reaction to Anthony when she only had White Lunar Energy in her … the competitive drive to win.

Rachel couldn’t believe it … her grandfather wasn’t just a crazy religious believer in some ancient Eastern discipline but could actually accurately read her.  “You’re right … so, should I only focus on having one type of energy in my Lunar Pool?”  She asked, shifting her knees against the cushion they rested on.

He slowly shook his head.  “I can’t say, Rachel … all I can say is that your reactions will spike drastically, depending on the situation that interacts with the chaos inside you.”

Her grandfather released a low grunt while getting to his feet with his cup in-hand; the smile on his lips was something she remembered throughout her life.  “I can only offer aid to those that are willing to sit, listen, and apply what I teach … and, perhaps, there are a few things you can teach this old man about his new metamorphosis,” he chuckled.

A soft sigh moved her grin, and Rachel got to her feet, waking Hayan.  “Thanks, Grandpa; I’ll think about what you’ve said, and yeah, I think there’s a lot I can help teach you, but it’s a bit complicated.”

“As complicated as Neidan?”  Her grandfather asked with a curious sparkle in his eyes, referring to the Daoist art of internal energetic cultivation.

Rachel swiftly shook her head with a weak laugh.  “No, no, I don’t think so, Grandpa.  Umm, thanks … that actually helped a lot,” she mumbled, listening to her calm heartbeat.

It suddenly occurred to her how strange it was to hear each calm thump since she’d become a Lunar Hare. Typically, the brain filtered it out, which she could with her many skills … she blocked out a lot of erotic couples within her vast web of perceivable sounds.

Her grandfather moved to take her empty cup to clean it before heading off to bed.  “I am thankful to have such sharp, talented, and driven grandchildren … if only Soo-geun would realize what is hidden within himself.”

Rachel’s lips fell a little.  “… It might be … hard for me, but … I’ll apologize to Soo-geun.  Still…”

She released a depressed sigh, thinking about Jessy’s conflicted and agonizing actions in her bath; it wasn’t like she enjoyed spying on people, but when they were so close to her, some things were just hard to block out, especially muscle movement since she trained to recognize them in order to protect herself in combat.

Her grandfather bid her goodnight, and she promised to talk to him again when he had a chance in the morning, telling him about her nocturnal tendencies as a Lunar Hare.

Jessy was finishing up, so Rachel went to their shared room to wait, sitting in one of the armchairs beside a table, mainly used for guests to read or work on any electronics.  A fair bit of her grandfather’s calming aura had faded, but she managed to keep the vibe through an active will.

When the girl entered, damp shoulder-length blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, she paused, catching sight of her.  She was wearing some black night shorts and a tank-top.

“Hey,” Rachel greeted, giving her a welcoming smile.  “Have a good soak?”

“Yeah, I, umm … it was nice,” she mumbled, vision locking on key points of Rachel’s physique, probably unconsciously comparing herself.  “So … do you still do Muay Thai?  Oh, and I think you’re really cool … well, no, I mean,” her muscles tightened again, “like, umm … the … the glow and stuff you have, and your ears are cute … mghmmhgh … sorry,” she trailed off with shiny red cheeks that weren’t entirely from her hot bath.

  Rachel shook her head.  “No, it’s fine, I’m just…”

She trailed off, vision narrowing while glaring at the wall … five men that were passing by her grandfather’s outer wall were climbing over the fence, muttering to one another; Soo-geun was still making his way to the city, silently fuming now.

Jessy rubbed her forehead with a pained expression.  “I’m … I know I can be a little awkward … am I…”

Rachel held up her hand, Gisele and Hayan noticing her change in demeanor; the little white blob’s jagged grin returned, hopping up and down with anticipation.  “Five men just trespassed onto the property … they have tasers … and one probably has a gun stuffed in the back of his pants.”

The seventeen-year-old girl’s eyes widened.  “Huh … men with a gun … uh, you’re just playing with me, right?  Heh, umm, yeah, funny…”

She got to her feet, cracking her neck as Nia chimed in her mind.  “Battle Armor time!”

Jessy’s mouth dropped open as her clothes shimmered, changing like she was some kind of magical-girl, yet Nia’s voice was anything but enthused after the transformation.  “Ugh, I forgot how totally edgy this is … look, look, she totally thinks I’m super edgy!  No-ho-ho…”

C’mon, Rachel chuckled, walking to the door with her two pets.  I bet she loves you.

“Really … you’d just lie to me like that … I can read your thoughts and feelings … rude!” She pouted.

Then you know she might!  Rachel returned, her heart beginning to pound with the thoughts of battle.  “Stay here, Jessy,” she replied with a darkening smile, “I’ve got some uninvited guests to question.”

However, Jessy was darting to her side, eyes scanning her body with wonder.  “Woah, woah!  Did … what happened to your clothes; you look like a video game character!”

Rachel’s smile became forced as she followed her out of the room.  “Really, you should wait inside…”

“No, but really; how did you do that?!  Is it a bunny ability?”

“Ugh,” Rachel winced, causing Nia to chuckle.

“Bunny, bunny, bunny!”

Shut-up, Rachel groaned.  “I’m a hare; seriously, you should…”

“Not until you apologize … wait, you weren’t lying; she really does love me!  Oh.  My.  Goodness!  Yes!  Look at my awesome curves and despair before my majesty!”

Now, who’s being edgy…

“Hey, if they love it, embrace it!”  Nia chimed.  “Fu, fu, fu … I am the ultimate moonlight bastion of the rabid curse; fear my ripped tights!”

Rachel ignored Jessy’s inquiries; she was utterly disregarding her warnings, fixated on magical clothes that could change into different outfits, which only increased Nia’s exaggerated, prideful laughter.

You’re ridiculous…

“No, I am the black star, cloaked in the coral light; the unseen shield of the destroyer of worlds!”


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I hope you’ve been enjoying the free entertainment!  The internet is divided into different echo-chambers; you have a specific group that only hovers around specific sites/content.  So, by recommending my serials to others, you give it more exposure to different echo-chambers and help it grow.  Ratings are excellent, Trending is terrific, but it only will appeal to a specific echo-chamber.  If you like my content, then please share it in your own unique way.

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Exciting News!! Creative Novels has teamed up with a game company based from our community (EvoShred) and launched our first mobile game!! Based on the IP of The Villains Need to Save the World?, I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!, and Magikind!

We bring to you the puzzle game, Wonders of Fantasy on Google Play!! Please take a look.

To support us, please play, have fun!

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