Rachel Skill Update Pt. 2

Current Day Schedule: A count of the days of the group. 1 Day is 24 hours, meaning active during daylight, too.

Day 1 (Saturday; February 13th EDT)

  • The Oscillation happens.
  • Rachel meets Zoey, Scarlet, and Maria.
  • Nora goes on a rodent, cat, dog, and in general, animal murder spree while adapting to her Slime change.
  • Scarlet kills her father and every one of her family friends by accident.
  • Carter seeks vengeance.
  • Asher becomes a beacon of compassion and support for Camagüey while destroying the western province to level.

Day 2 (Sunday; February 14th EDT)

  • Stop the ice Champion and Carter from killing Scarlet (yeah, like he could).
  • Felix is kidnapped.
  • Psyche analysis with Richard and Julia
  • We learn about the London World Tree.
  • Rachel tests the sun and her new abilities with the National Guard.
  • Seattle Vampire ruins the reputation for Mythickin by going on a mass murder spree.
  • Sam (Rachel’s Dad) calls and has a defensive reaction, trying to cope that puts Rachel and Lunar Pride into a spiral.
  • They have their first photoshoot.
  • Rachel warns Carter and his boys that she’ll kill them if they try anything.
  • The girls take a shower, learn about their abilities more, and go to rescue Felix.
  • Scarlet becomes corrupted by expired (dead) blood.

Day 3 (Monday; February 15th EDT)

  • Fiona shows up and demands to know where Erica, her Fox Beastkin friend, is from the gang.
  • Scarlet actively kills for the first time and drinks live blood.
  • Twilight’s song is introduced.
  • Scarlet has a breakdown.
  • Rachel gets closer to Scarlet to get her on her side and starts their bonding.
  • Rachel engages Conner and kills him after taking a lot of damage.
  • Fiona kills all of Terrell’s gang to live after Warpath is activated.
  • Maria saves a bunch of kids and updates the SEAL team.
  • Scarlet fights off Relica after learning more about The System from her.
  • They gather and are taken to the FBI.
  • Daylight.
  • Meet with Bree and Serah at the FBI.
  • Rachel learns about the Cyrstals and talks with General Dallas.
  • They go to sleep except for Maria who needs to sun soak.
  • Maria goes through the day with Bree and heals her genetic uterus disorder and practically brings the people Fiona trapped in ice back to life; improving relations.
  • The group wakes up.
  • The girls do a deep dive into The System with Relica’s discovered knowledge and Rachel tries to reason further into it.
  • Relica goes to Cuba.

Day 4 (Tuesday; February 16th EDT)

  • We meet Maëlle and Kyle.
  • Scarlet gets a crush on Kyle and starts her deviant peeping behavior.
  • Rachel meets with Anthony and has her first fight with him; she finds him very attractive and after losing, feels even more attached.
  • They have a party with alcohol; Maria can’t drink because she purifies it and is banned from getting too close to booze.
  • Fiona swears for the first time after getting uber drunk and becoming somewhat unruly—banned from drinking.
  • Everyone goes to sleep and wakes up.
  • Rachel, Maria, Scarlet, and Fiona take a helicopter and jet to Billings Montana to handle the crystal.

Day 5 (Wednesday; February 17th EDT)

  • Maria can’t handle the cold and bundles up like crazy after getting off the plane
  • Rachel learns that two moons super-enhance her skills to the point of causing damage to her own body.
  • Discovering the cause for the predatory insects, and fights the pumpkin alien.
  • Fiona discovers the Bird Family from another world that tells her about the Azure Frost; she raps for the first time.
  • Scarlet goes into the alien ship and learns more about the bugs on the planet.
  • It’s daylight and they use Scarlet’s blood portal to teleport to Tom and report.
  • They wait and awkwardly listen to the U.S. big-wigs talk about the world and how the U.S. is changing.
  • They go to sleep after getting orders and wake up.
  • Rachel enters the alien ship and watches everything they’ve tried to stop the Azure Frost; they’re preparing for the end.

Day 6 (Thursday; February 18th EDT)

  • She learns the aliens don’t know the difference between fiction and non-fiction; they believe the sci-fi shows and horror shows are real in the soldier’s minds they’re reading to communicate to Rachel.
  • Rachel says they’ll handle it after studying the Crystal with the alien’s advanced tech.
  • The group makes a daring attempt to get the source of the Azure Frost and manages to break it off because of their unique skill set.
  • The Crystal breaks and Maria becomes a designated florist after this point to keep the Azure Frost in check.
  • The aliens give Rachel their ship’s power core, which they figure is the most logical method of getting the dangerous time-traveling humans (don’t know about fiction) to go away. Humans are illogical and beyond comprehension.

Day 7 (Friday; February 19th EDT)

  • Report to Tom; a day has passed.
  • Sleep and plan to return home.
  • Rachel wakes up; Scarlet joins her in returning to Miami.
  • Fiona goes home to Ireland.
  • Still daylight; Rachel and Scarlet go to the Vampire’s house and get clothes while getting closure for Scarlet.
  • Rachel is super nervous about introducing Scarlet.
  • Night falls, meet with the family.
  • Talks with the President and has her dad talk with him, smoothing things over.
  • She learns that her parents have been worried sick and a part of her perception of them was from her own misconceptions and expectations she put on herself.
  • Her father apologizes for his part in how she felt.
  • Goes to sleep after reconciling with her family.
  • Asher shows his true colors after starting his city trapping barrier and begins the mass slaughter to fuel his rituals with Relica.

Day 8 (Saturday; February 20th EDT)

  • Maria goes to Washington and California to give the country hope.
  • Maria practices with Clay on interviews and lands to meet Reed and Dr. Jasper.
  • Throughout the day, healing thousands with the help of the Azure Frost as she pulls energy from it.
  • Maria heals Reed’s grandson of his genetic defect after gaining enough Skill Points through achievements.
  • She almost dies from oversaturating her skin with Solar Energy and is put on a jet to follow the sunlight after Clay found out.
  • Rachel learns new things about her mother and step-sister.
  • Fiona lands in Ireland and dive-bombs out of the plane with the Marines.
  • She learns Nora has been missing for a week and goes on a search for her baby sister.
  • Fiona talks to animals until she finds out Nora absorbed a dead Cheetah Beastkin girl’s body and when they meet, they fracture.
  • Nora says some terrible things to Fiona that cuts her heart pretty bad and drives her away.
  • When Fiona comes to terms and looks for Nora again, she can’t find her.
  • Nora runs back to the Cheetah Girl’s home to confront her killer.
  • Alexa is into cosplay and a lot of interests Scarlet is into which helps them bond.
  • Her mother is into romance and K-drama.
  • Her brother and father are having to struggle with some things with the business.
  • Zoe calls and asks for help; she doesn’t know who else to call.
  • Rachel tells her to go to Maria’s hood.
  • Zoe meets with TNS and Elena brings her back to Maria’s place to meet Felix.
  • Elena challenges Rachel and gets KO’d.
  • Rachel brutally devastates another gang’s human trafficking and sex ring operation which now spreads her name throughout the Florida underworld.
  • Relica appears, informing them that she’d been using a spell to draw out Rachel’s more bestial instincts, which was why she was so brutal.
  • The Sorceress tells them about Cuba and gives them an invitation.

Day 9 (Monday; February 21st EDT)

  • Nora breaks down and can’t follow through with her plan; she’s confused, frustrated, scared, and falling apart inside.
  • An elderly woman comes out and offers her comfort. Not judging her, the woman listens to Nora and convinces her to go back home and own up to what she’s become and that her family will still love her.
  • Fiona meets her on the road and has a one-on-one talk with Nora, saying they’re still sisters, no matter what. Finding closure with one another, they go back and break it to their parents, who welcome Nora back with open arms.
  • Rachel speaks with the News Anchor about her side of the story; she chose the woman to give the scoop because of her biases.
  • Bree was proposed to by her boyfriend and they pulled her away from the incident to save them from the Police. Rachel asked David (the new Assistant Deputy of the new Demi organization) to give the girls another look for the program, and they seem to have been promoted.
  • Rachel meets with David and tells him more about what happened and what she can about the Crystals as Maëlle takes Scarlet out for a night of partying.
  • Rachel has her first semi-date with Anthony. She learns about Amelia, Anthony’s former fiance, who died of cancer.
  • Anthony and her show chemistry with each other, and Rachel tries to maneuver closer while doubting herself and if what she’s doing is right.
  • She learns that Anthony had met Relica as she went to the FBI facility but Maëlle intercepted them and had a private conversation with Relica. The two didn’t seem to get along from what Anthony saw.
  • Anthony drops the hints that he thinks Rachel is attractive, giving her hope and making her night.
  • Maëlle tries to guide Scarlet in the ways of men, exposing her to things she couldn’t dream of being a part of before the Succubus got involved.
  • Scarlet learns Maëlle’s powers don’t operate quite like she thought they did.
  • Kyle shows up and they have a personal moment together. She discovers Kyle has a lot more trouble with his transformation than she thought he did.
  • Rachel shows up and they return to the FBI before daybreak.
  • Fiona, Nora, and her parents have a water fight, followed by her dad turning their mom against Nora with the promise of chocolate, princess carries, and massages.

Day 10 (Tuesday; February 22nd EDT)

  • Maria returns and Reed takes her on an expensive shopping trip before she cleans up at a hotel.
  • Going to a photoshoot, Maria finds herself overwhelmed by the whole thing and how many things they tried to do to prepare her for the cameras.
  • She goes to the local FBI facility to handle Tom’s request with the new Legend and Mythickin.
  • Maria meets them and goes on a boating trip, seeing Selvaria’s monster form and Cahira’s boat.
  • Fiona wakes up and their family gets ready to go to the Cheetah Girl’s parents’ house to try and bring closure. The police arrest the man that killed her, and after an emotional meeting, they give their blessing for Nora to use their daughter’s form.
  • Fiona and her family prepare to move to the U.S. with the military’s help.
  • Maria goes to the interview and punches the man in the face.
  • She leaves for the family party with the Legendkin and Selvaria, picking up some booze; they have a blast.

Day 11 (Wednesday; February 23rd EDT)

  • Rachel meets up with everyone later that day after waking up and they tour Maria’s new hotel rooms that were gifted to her from other rich people she’d cured.
  • Night falls and they start the Legend’s Quest, going out on the water with Cahira.

Day 12 (Thursday; February 24th EDT)

  • Rachel and party, excluding Fiona, go through the trials of the Legend’s Quest.
  • Sky Reaver Way where Rachel learned about the Flush Moon and got Gisele.
  • Selvaria had her underwater boss fight that Scarlet helped with, in the end.
  • They went onto the island and were trapped inside of the mist that tried to steal their desires and make them zombies.
  • Zoe and Felix get to know each other more and seem to be dating now.
  • An imperfect clone of Twilight is created that teaches Rachel things and gets her through the trial while insulting her the entire time.
  • Going inside the maze, they started the loop of dying, fighting, and in an endless nightmare.

Day 13 (Friday; February 25th EDT)

  • Rachel discovers that they are all imposters, copies of their original in a loop that is slowly turning them into its own soldiers.
  • Gisele follows Galatea off the ship since she was given oversight over the seal; she’s frustrated that Rachel won’t recognize her efforts and is hard on herself for not realizing her dream was not of her beloved master.
  • Annoyed at the baby seal, Gisele tries to protect her.
  • They meet Moongmore who has an unusual battle with some unknown entity that killed the Legend’s Quest overseer. It appears to end in a draw as the unseen godly woman leaves.
  • Moongmore takes Gisele and Galatea to the bottom of the island turtle to wait on the ship where the group finds them.
  • Breaking past it with Lunar Pride’s help; both Rachel’s destroy the power source of the loop and return everyone to normal.
  • They go to the bottom of the labyrinth and meet the final trial to escort a massive, powerful jailed creature or kill him.
  • Moongmore intervenes and kills the creature for Rachel, giving her Nia and her Rabbit Gang from the Legend’s Quest reward.
  • Rachel gives Scarlet Nia to wear for the first time, imprinting on them.
  • They escape and head toward the final destination to complete the Legend’s Quest with Cahira’s gained map.

Day 14 (Saturday; February 26th EDT)

  • Making it to the island, they all disembark to chill as Cahira does her own thing in the cove.
  • Cahira drops everyone off and goes to meet with a Legendary Pirate that gives her just what she wanted, an upgrade to her baby turtle ship, turning it into a baby Dragon Turtle.
  • She spends all her money in a drunken stupor on the island’s insanely potent alcohol; she got four new crewmates to help manage her Turtle and ships, but they’re super expensive and she needs to pay them weekly.
  • They get involved in brawls among other things and eventually, Rachel goes to get everyone back to Cahira’s new ship.
  • The night goes by and Rachel sits with Anthony on the front of Cahira’s ship where she has her first kiss. Anthony opens up to the idea of dating after pondering his life and past during the day.
  • Rachel and Anthony are now in a soft dating commitment.

Day 15 (Sunday; February 27th EDT)

  • They get back to port and realize three days have gone by; the Legend’s Quest didn’t stop time.
  • Clay learns that ‘everyone’ in Zoe’s family was killed in an accidental fire at a gathering after The Oscillation. Breaking down, she goes back to Maria’s and Felix tries to comfort her.
  • Going home, they head straight to bed.
  • Waking up, Rachel sees Nia and her mom with a note; she’s not happy about the outfit and how revealing it is.
  • Taking a shower and talking to her mother about the outfit, her mother’s still not convinced.
  • Rachel speaks to Tom and he lets her know that what she says will influence the President’s decision. They need to come up with a team name for what is to come.
  • They choose Mythic after discussion.

Day 16 (Monday; February 28th EDT)

  • Nia speaks for the first time on the drive to Rachel’s grandfathers and Molly learns about the living denier.
  • They bond a little and Nia changes into her first outfit, being the casual look.
  • Meeting Mason (American name) and his best friend, Jessy, Rachel sees her cousin has changed. Uncomfortable at the change and spurred by her emotional instability with her mixed Lunar Pool, she pokes and prods her cousin, trying to get a reaction.
  • Rachel talks with her grandfather and learns he’s a Champion Demi.
  • Nia creates her next outfit, battle clothes, that are somewhat edgy and her bathing suit/sleeping wear.
  • Kate, a loan shark her cousin used for his underground fights, sends a crew to get the money he owes her.
  • Rachel beats them black and blue before calling the police to handle the four.
  • She then pays Kate a visit and intimidates her so badly that she leaves the state for New York.
  • Rachel pays Club Balto a visit and forces her way inside to confront her cousin and offer to take part in the fight club.
  • Mason and she get heated toward each other, and Rachel has him fight Hayan … Hayan 1HKOs him, and they sit down to have a chat after chilling out.
  • Explaining to her cousin that Jessy likes him, she becomes a matchmaker with Nia egging her on. Doing the same with Jessy, the girl goes to get ready and confess her feelings to him.
  • Mason tells her about the Crystal, setting her ears on end.
  • When they get together, they become boyfriend and girlfriend, to Nia’s thrill, and Jessy has her first kiss at her request.
  • Rachel calls Tom and learns about the Crystal categories they’d learned from the birds Fiona brought back, using another translator.
  • Fiona and Nora are on their way back to the states with their parents. Nora worms her way into joining Fiona in their Crystal mission since she ‘needs’ to eat to keep her sanity
  • They go to their separate beds to sleep.
  • Waking up, the sun has already dropped.
  • Fiona and Nora are already at her grandfather’s house.
  • Gisele transforms in front of them.
  • Selvaria and Cahira and the rest of the party are still on their trip, getting money from the System by doing tasks for the military. Currently, they’re in one of the System’s dimensions, and Galatea transforms at the same time as Gisele.

Day 17 (Tuesday; March 1st EDT)

  • The Crystal Break happens in the dead of night.
  • Rachel can’t hear anything as large parts of the city go totally silent from the fog the eldritch creatures create.
  • Nora begins to change after coming into contact with the creatures and her skills advance into an Eldritch field upon eating them.
  • Nora eats the rest of them with Fiona and Rachel backing her up; it’s not easy, but manageable with Nora’s new skills and help since they counter Rachel pretty heavily, being soundless and invisible in the fog.
  • Everyone goes to sleep.
  • Waking up, they meet with the new Demi Investigation unit with Serah and Bree. Nora transforms to show them what they fought and provides details for the report.
  • Nora learns something came through the Crystal before it closed, which was unusual and not in the bird’s information. Worse, the Crystal created a pyramid shape and color they had no clue about, proving its extreme danger.
  • Deciding to not risk it, Rachel called Anthony and asked if he’d stay with her grandfather and Nora as he taught her how to control her hunger. Anthony agrees.

Day 18 (Wednesday; March 2nd EDT)

  • Zoe and Felix went to Kansas for the mass funeral of her family; Felix going for support.
  • Grace is in Cuba, drinking her heart out.
  • Rachel continued to learn her grandfather’s skill with Nora.

Day 19 (Thursday; March 3rd EDT)

  • Rachel completes her training and gains her skill. Anthony comes to watch over Nora and her grandfather. They have a parting kiss.
  • Fiona flies them to Cahira’s Dragon Turtle and they begin their travel to Cuba while debriefing.
  • Grace decides to join the ‘defense’ crew to run out the ‘evil’ people causing trouble.
  • They scope out the area with Rachel’s hearing, floating around the province.
  • Rachel meets with the Liberation Army in Victoria de las Tunas.

Day 20 (Friday; March 4th EDT)

  • Not viewed favorably, Rachel lets them know about the small force coming to kill them under the earth and in the jungle.
  • The Cubans get ready to fight and want to do things themselves, not trusting the Americans.
  • Grace sees things are coming apart, and the carnage of the two groups fighting in the tunnel is not what she signed up for. After being fired at by the twins several times, she decides to engage since everyone on her side is getting slaughtered.
  • Rachel has Scarlet teleport them in when sensing the danger.
  • Grace obliterates Máximo, Alberto, and part of Al’s arm in rapid-shot.
  • Our girls manage to save the rest before pinning a desperate Grace.
  • They learn she has no clue what’s going on.
  • The Liberation Army is in shambles with the death of its leader.
  • A falling out happens between Araceli, Máximo’s love interest, and she splits ways with them after Tom calls in full U.S. support. Al joins her for some duty reason.
  • Liliana, Juan, Freddy, Luis, Jhosep, and Ernesto stay behind to provide local leadership. Ernesto is voted to be the next leader, working with the person Tom was sending.
  • Swiftly subduing the next attack group sent from Camagüey, they learn about Asher and Armand. The threat they pose increases ten-fold the more they discover.
  • Rachel can’t hear the shadow beasts and we learn about the floating demons.
  • Tom really starts to sweat when he learns their satellites had been fed false information from a colossal illusion over the city.
  • Relica shows up and taunts them, explaining more about the conditions inside.
  • Maria plans to join them in the morning when Cahira’s turtle swings back around.
  • They go to bed.
  • Waking up, Rachel prepares to take on the portal with Benedict, Maria, Scarlet, Fiona, the twins, and Grace.
  • They meet Areceli and Al, trying to find a way inside to kill Asher.
  • Relica shows up and is surprised they’re taking the twins; annoyed, she says she forgot to mention Wolfgang, the Legend of Josef Mengele, the N*** Angel of Death.
  • Scarlet opens the gate and they go inside.

Day 21 (Saturday; March 5th EDT)

  • Camagüey has been turned into a living nightmare with actual demonic creatures being summoned in using hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • Rachel and Nia combine forces and stop Xazzos.

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