Volume 02, Chapter 11

Pygmalion Is Planting Seeds V2, Chapter 11

The early morning light flowed inside the room.

The night ended with me not sleeping a wink, but my mood remained composed as the morning’s stretching sky.

That was because I decided to turn Misaki human today.

I took out Misaki from the closet. Her flower had completely withered and fallen next to her feet. After taking back her perfect former appearance, she became heavier than expected, giving me a hard time dragging the pot without knocking it over.

Misaki who was holding her knees and bathing in the dawning light, possessed an elegant ambiance, as if she was running away from a renaissance painting. Her mysterious composition gave me the impression of the falling feathers of an angel flying in the far away sky.

I picked up the knife from my desk and held it near Misaki’s foot.

Ando turned his Shishikuibana into slaves using violence.

But I was different.

I approached Misaki with deep affection. I brought her up to love me. What’s important for a man and a woman to be joined together was not a thorny whip, but the arms that will gently hold your partner.

‘It’s okay. There’s no problem,’ I told myself.

I took a deep breath, prepared myself emotionally and turned the knife edge toward the sole of her foot.

At the instant I pulled the knife, Erisa’s warning sprang back to my mind, however I didn’t stop and carefully kept on cutting off the root.

Murdering three people so far, not even a fragment of guilt had remained in me at this point.

I didn’t care about what’s waiting for me after performing this deed.

I’m calling back Misaki in the way I think is right for me.

I shall overcome any hardship for that sake. If something is going to happen later, I will try to deal with it at that time.

The root was unexpectedly soft and I felt a weak response against my hand as if I was cutting a spider’s thread. The root which was tying up Misaki with the pot vanished.

Her empty eyes started shining and she showed a faint smile.

Maybe Venus’s awakening held the same mysterious feeling. A thought that crossed my mind upon seeing Misaki wake.

“Morning, Kuuya.”

This was the first time she called me by my first name.

Her figure in front of me suddenly grew blurred. My pupil was clouded by tears of gratitude.

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m happy. Being able to exchange words with Misaki like this makes unbelievably happy.”

“Don’t say weird things like that, Kuuya.”

I averted my face trying to hide the tears in my eyes;, stood up and handed Misaki a loungewear. Her naked appearance were like poison for the eyes. I would be lying if I said I was not turned on by her dazzling nude body, but the resolution for honestly regarding my lust was still a bit far from me at the present moment.

Without seeming to mind being naked, Misaki put on the loungewear. The sleeve and the cuff were a bit short though, the width was exact. I realize again that my body is too thin.

“Right, Misaki, are you perhaps hungry? I can make something for you.”

“Eh, Kuuya’s home cooking? Yes, yes I want to try it.”

Recalling that I didn’t feed her anything last night, I carried the box containing the flesh and ran down to the kitchen. I only gave her raw meat when she was a Shishikuibana, but now I want to prepare a decent dish for her. She was human after all.

The menu was minced flesh along with finely chopped vegetables, a rare omelet. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the mincer and ended up cutting the meat as well. I could recall Haruhito’s face when he tasted my cooking and felt a bit uneasy.

This time, I cooked in the same way that I observed the way Haruhito cook. Careful to not use too much flavoring and not over burn it, I somehow finished the omelet making use of Haruhito’s skills that I could remember.

Lastly, I added ketchup to the omelet on the plate and delivered it to Misaki.

Misaki carried it to her mouth, chewed and swallowed it. What a nervous moment.

“Ah, delicious.”


“Yes, the ingredients are both salty and sweet and the eggs are soft, it’s really delicious.”

Leaving aside the doubt of whether she’s just flattering me or it really being delicious, I was honestly happy to get praised for my cooking. Maybe I developed a good taste after feeding on Haruhito’s cooking for four years and a half. Apparently, my culinary skills leveled up to a point where I shouldn’t be ashamed of showing it to people anymore.

I thought she would be unpleased by the use of meat in the morning, but she gladly ate it up. I made a bite on my butter toast while watching over her satisfyingly finish her omelet.

“Hm? Kuuya, you’re not eating an omelet?”

“No, there was only one egg left.”

“Then let’s split this one between us.”

A chill ran through my spine. I felt as if I were being cornered by Misaki.

“No I’m fine, you can have it all.”

Misaki answered with “even though it’s delicious” to my positive decline and let the topic pass.

It would be unbearable to eat Isezaki’s flesh for breakfast.

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“But that’s pretty weird,” Misaki spoke after clearing her plate.

“What was I doing in Kuuya’s room? I have no memories of coming to this place. It feels like I’m forgetting something important.”

Another chill came.

Misaki spent the last month as a Shishikuibana, there was no way she could remember what happened during that period. The concept of her boyfriend being gone was instilled in her after my constant whispering. However, that was just an addition.

Explaining her the whole story up to now was an impossibility for me. I mean, It’s the same as informing her of the shocking truth that she’s not a human anymore.

“It’s because, you see, last night you fell down the stairs and hit your head causing you to lose your memories. I had a hard time carrying you to my house you know.”

Come on, you could make up a better lie than this. I scolded myself with cold sweat running through my body. Too many contradictions could be noticed with this, why didn’t I bring her to a hospital and where’s the wound on her head? I’m at a loss in making a reasonable explanation for finding herself naked too. There was way she would agree with such a ridiculous lie.

There shouldn’t be a way.

Yet she easily let it slip with, “Is that so. Well, it’s just a triviality anyway”, along with a short laugh. Her docile character was a bit of a let down though.

In the end, I wasn’t able to give her an agreeable reason for her lost memories or for staying in my house, but regarding being together with me, she didn’t raise the least bit of doubt.

After that, we spent three days in the house.

Isezaki’s name was never brought up during that while.

Contrary to my expectations, Misaki had the kind of personality who strikes her words with no reserve.

“Kuuya, are you a priest in pursuit of knowledge?”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Your room doesn’t have a TV or a computer, there’s not even one erotic book around. I thought you were the type who wouldn’t be able to control his sexual desires.”

“I don’t think a girl should talk about stuff like this with a guy of the same age.”

“You’re speaking like an old man, Kuuya. Those type of girls have been extinguished a long time ago. Your ideas are old fashioned and your desires are dead just like an old man.”

“I believe I’m normal for my age.”

“[No, that’s not normal. In the first place, how are you not laying a hand on this defenseless cutie in front of you? Didn’t you ever think about pushing me down? That’s definitely not normal for a man close to his twenties.”

[Admin: So sexual harassment, molestation, and or rape is normal for a man close to his twenties. Noted.]

“It’s not normal to call yourself as cutie either.”

“Those kinds of comebacks were made for boys like you, weren’t they? Your appearance is that of a child while your inside is that of an old man, and to top it off, a Ronin life.”

[Pr: Sick burn]

“That doesn’t make sense!”

We had conversations about everything we thought of. I was already fed up with Erisa’s wicked tongue, but Misaki ended up being at the same level. She mercilessly spoke of anything on her mind, playing on my feelings. Yet I enjoyed talking with her. At least it was much better than those awkward conversations I had with some stranger. But the definite difference between her and Erisa was the affection contained in her words. Erisa’s words gouged out the heart while Misaki’s healed it instead.

I stopped going to the library, deciding to study at home these days. Having Misaki helping me with my English, I realized my comprehension ability wasn’t that bad.

“Maybe you’re the type who can’t make a good performance under pressure and unease.”

I don’t remember feeling pressed or uneasy when I was taking my tests, but the regretful idea that I would be separated from Misaki in a month had a strong presence at that time. Who knows, it could be the main reason behind my failing on the exams.

We spent our days at the same room, chatted all the time and slept in the same bed. It wasn’t because of my dead desires that I didn’t touch her in the night, but because of my lack of self-confidence.

I became used to making three meals a day for Misaki and leaving the rest for Rosari at night. Every time, Misaki ate the entire meal I made for her. There were some occasions when I messed up the ingredients, but she still ate it without complaints to the point where I was astonished by her irregular gluttony, despite her slender body. I was hoping Erisa’s advice about the Shishikuibanas being gluttons weren’t true.

Thus, our peaceful moments proceeded leisurely.

Thinking about it again, the last few days were similar to the Eden for me, supreme and blissful days. A treasure now sealed in my heart to suppress painful times whenever I recall it later.

After all, this Eden wouldn’t carry me for long.

Those carrying sin always end up getting expelled.


In the breakfast of the fourth morning, Misaki suggested we go on a date.

“How about we go out sometime? It’s too much of a waste to stay home in this nice weather. Try to forget about your studies for a day at least and have fun”

Her invitation made me very glad, but for me who never experienced going out with a girl in the street, I didn’t have the confidence to maintain the enjoyable mood.

“Such an idiot,” Misaki brightly declared, placating my expressed concerns, “You’re not a street performer to be worried about ruining the mood. It will be all good if you were able to enjoy yourself for the whole day. If you enjoy your time, then that will make me happy too.”

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Her words helped at pushing me and pressing me at the same time, forcing today’s schedule to be settled.

“With that out of the way, I need to return home and take a change of clothes. I mean, it would be pretty embarrassing to walk around town looking like this,” she said.

Gazing at a bashful Misaki, I started pondering about what I should be wearing too when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

“I’m back! You awake Kuuya?”


[Pr: And the Human excrement collided with the air propulsion device]

I wouldn’t call it a good timing, but his absence for Misaki’s revival was a helpful thing.

In front of me was a good looking young woman wearing my clothes.

How am I supposed to explain to him this situation? How should I introduce him to Misaki?

Thinking over and over about what to do, Haruhito opened the door and entered.

The time stopped for an instant in the kitchen.

“Oh, oh my. Hello there.”

Getting all confused by the unforeseen guest, Haruhito dropped his usual speaking manner and made a ridiculous greeting. Misaki answered with a ‘sorry for the intrusion,’ and bowed her head.

“So yeah, Kuuya, I’m going back for now. Let’s meet later.”

Leaving behind her lovely smile, Misaki left the house.

I guess having Haruhito shooting a barrage of questions at me after that was a natural outcome.

When I tried to honestly state our relationship to him, Haruhito just smirked and said, “I thought you were a kid this whole time, but I guess you’re a man now, huh?”

In the end, i told him I had a date with Misaki tonight.

“Ooh, of course, just go, go, who cares about those studies anyway,” and with that, he cheerfully pulled out two bills of ten thousand yen from his wallet.

“Just accept it. You may end up needing them at some point, you know?”

His unclean expression clearly divulged where I may need all that money. Leaving out this strange behavior for a middle aged man, I was delighted by his offer and gladly accepted the money.

I went back to my room and dressed up for the date. A white shirt and a gray jersey; as for pants? I went for straight jeans. For someone at my age, my closet offered very few dressing choices.

In the middle of changing my clothes, the pot I put away entered field of vision.

Only a few days ago, Misaki was sitting on top of this pot, eating flesh with a blank expression and a silent mouth.

Now, I’m having a date with her. I was emotional.

After this date, I’m going to bring her back home and get permission from Haruhito to let her stay a while. I had no basis of him approving, but at that time, I sensed that everything would go smoothly.

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On my way down and leaving the entrance, I bumped into a delivery guy carrying a box wrapped in styrofoam.

“Could you please sign over here for me?”

Signing it, I checked the delivery box to find Haruhito’s name on it.

When I handed it to him, he replied with an ‘oh, that was fast’, unsealed the box and took out a lump of something from the inside.

“What’s that?”

“I found a great meat trader on my last work trip and asked for it to be delivered instead of increasing my luggage.”

A new lump of meat was inserted again to the refrigerator. I moved my sight near the sink and noticed a cooler box. Instantly, my heart leaped from its place. Isezaki and the run over boy’s flesh were placed in there. I didn’t have the time to take it back to my room due to Haruhito’s sudden return.

What’s going to happen if he recognizes it? Cold sweat started running through my whole body.

[Admin: Do what you must! Don’t let him eat it!!]

“You still have time? Weren’t you going out?”

Checking the wall clock, Haruhito urged me to go out. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to be doubting the cooler box.

Let’s just pray that he wouldn’t open it up.

Fifteen minutes on the train and three minutes walking out from the station, I finally arrived at the appointed location fifteen minutes before the designated time.

I spent the leftover minutes watching people coming and going by me. Seeing all these people walking under the summer sunlight… I couldn’t believe that I was at their center.

When the traffic light turned green, the crowd standing on the walkway gushed out to the street. Inside of that swarm, I could see a shadow of someone half running toward me.

“I’m back.”

Misaki’s hair was long and it swayed as she arrived at the meeting place. She wore a pair of black trousers, a cream-colored jersey, and a transparent summer cardigan. Despite wearing this simple outfit, she looked more brilliant and prettier than any of the women passing by.

“Shall we go then?”

I held hands with Misaki. Not just seizing hands, but entangling our fingers together, in other words, lovers hand holding. It felt the best to tie hands with her that way until I started thinking about how I would look to other people.

There’s no need to argue about Misaki’s grace. Her small face and well-ordered body would undoubtedly snatch the sight of every man passing near, especially since she possessed a slender figure, and was only a bit taller than me, probably wearing sandals out of consideration. Should I feel miserable or sorry? I was caught by a complicated mood.

A queen and a mouse. A rose and a stone. Saying it favorably, it would look something like a sister and her little brother.

Considering the difference between our appearance, I couldn’t help but think people were looking at me with those kinds of eyes.

“Hey hey, Kuuya, let’s eat some crepes. That shop over there has some really delicious ones.”

Leaving my gloom aside, Misaki pointed to a crepe stand and raised her voice making it hard for me to refuse, just like how it was hard to stare at the blazing rays of the sun. She then ordered the double cream, grenadine limited crepe. Following her, I ordered the same thing too.

Witnessing Misaki cheerfully biting into the crepe, my mood increased as a result. And as expected from her choice, the taste was also outstanding.

[Pr: I can just hear his wallet crying out in outrage from the name alone]

There’s a common saying about a pomegranate [note] Apparently, there is a story about it. http://www.iromegane.com/japan/vocabulary/story-about-pomegranate-zakuro/ [/note], its taste being similar to human flesh; so it was quite the strange coincidence for her to order it in the crepe. For some reason, it appeared as if she did that on purpose.

“Ah, the cream fell on my clothes,” Misaki said so with a pitiable voice. Her cardigan was tainted by the white and rose cream falling from the crepe.

“If you don’t wipe it will turn into a stain.”

When I was about to take out a handkerchief from my pocket, Misaki, unhesitating, dressed out the cardigan.

“I don’t need it so I will throw it out.”

“Are you sure? If you wash it, it will turn back to normal, you know.”

Without minding my bewildered expression, she rolled it up and threw it in a trash box set along the footpath.

“Okay then, let’s go to the next place.”

Seeing Misaki’s cheerful face, an inexplicable unease crawled up onto me.

Rather, I couldn’t quite gauge her character. It could be said that I didn’t have a single idea about it. While I’m on my way deepening my relation with her, she’s showing me various sides of her personality. Likable sides and undesirable sides. I’m not an esper, so naturally, I wouldn’t be able to see through what’s going on in her mind. I was intending to embrace everything about Misaki, But now, I wonder if I could keep that intention after touching the dark sides she’s concealing.

Considering these heavy thoughts, we kept parading through the town together. We didn’t watch a movie or go enjoy shopping. All we did was walking around while talking about the different stuff we see on our way. It was hard to call a stroll a date, however, Misaki seemed to enjoy her time with me. Again, by only looking at her smile, the earlier unease gradually faded out in my heart. Around sunset, I completely forgot about her throwing out the cardigan.

“Ah, it’s a florist!”

Walking our way through a lonely alley, a street stall entered my sight.


“Oh my, it’s been quite a while.”

Erisa’s face turned black for a moment upon recognizing me and Misaki, but it was only for a moment, and she went back to her usual appearance. I could somehow read her expression as if it were saying something like, “and what are you doing here?”.

“It’s rare to find a florist opening a shop at this time and place.”

“I do that occasionally to fully enjoy the summer air. I like summer evenings.”

Well, I didn’t know you had such an elegant interest. I forced back that sentence before it slipped from my mouth. Erisa seemed to be acting as if she didn’’t know me. I was not sure why she was taking this attitude, though, in the end, I figured it was best to follow along. I could easily foresee Misaki ambushing me with questions if she knew we were acquaintances.

Talkativeness will backfire on me. If I keep quiet, nothing would likely occur.

Misaki was gazing at the flowers when she abruptly raised her head as if she recalled something.

“Come to think about it, we didn’t exchange our names. We’ve known each other for a long time and all.”

Erisa already knew Misaki’s name, but she still answered with a ‘yeah, you’re right’ and nodded to her words.

“My name is Iruse Misaki, nice to meet you once again, Florist.”

“Jinga Erisa, glad to meet you too, Miss Iruse.”

Watching over both of them introducing themselves, my legs started to hurt from standing.

Erisa was called by Misaki to the construction site last month to find her dead on arrival. I was waiting for a reference to that time to pop up in the conversation, nevertheless, they didn’t show any sign of touching that matter. Seeing their figures harmoniously talking about several topics, I felt like I gaped at the lurking abyss in a woman’s heart.

“By the way Miss Erisa, what flower would you recommend for me today?”

“How about this one?”

Erisa’s suggestion was a white refined flower blooming while covering its stalk.

“Amabilis. It’s also called as Midi Phalaenopsis. It outshines the large Phalaenopsis with its small garland. It doesn’t feel like a hindrance when placed on the window frame which makes it popular nowadays.”

“What a beautiful flower”

Misaki looked at the Amabilis, seemingly entranced by its beauty. I was thinking about purchasing it for her as a present , but Erisa lifted the pot and pointed it towards her, before I could do so.

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“You can have it if you like. Consider it as my gratitude for having you often purchasing my flowers.”

“Eh, are you sure?” Misaki asked, sounding excited, and gleefully fixed her eyes on Erisa who was wrapping the pot in a bag.

Anyone who’d seen Erisa’s elegant manner of handling her flowers wouldn’t be able to imagine her devouring human flesh every day. Or would they?

“Ah, right, Kuuya, can you come home with me?”

After receiving the bag from Erisa, Misaki directed her attention to me.

“Your house?”

I was always interested in Misaki’s house, therefore, I agreed after the next reply.

When we were about to leave the stall, Erisa called me back with “hey, boyfriend, can I have a moment?”.

I requested Misaki to walk ahead of me and rushed out to Erisa who then softly whispered into my ear.

I tried to ask her again what she meant, but she sent me back answering “have a lovely night”, along with a typical business smile.

“What? Did something happen?” Misaki asked.

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“Yeah, she told me to take care of my cute girlfriend.”

“Oh come on, I’m not that cute~”

Misaki continued to talk about different matters along the road, but my brain was overflowing; wondering about the implications hidden in Erisa’s last words.


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