Chapter 16: The Violent Lolita

“There’s trouble.”

Qin Tian stood up and slowly turned his head. He saw a Green Tooth Wolf standing less than a hundred feet away. Its mouth salivated and both its eyes were giving out green glint as they focused on Qin Tian.

On the other side of the shore, a Ferocious Tiger King made its appearance and was heading towards him.

Soon Qin Tian and Yun Man were surrounded by at least thirty monsters who were greedily watching them.

“Would you like to eat some grilled monster meat?” Qin Tian became more cautious.

Currently, the monsters were mostly either Rank 2 or 3, so they were not that powerful. Especially if it was a one-on-one fight, Qin Tian would not have the slightest fear. However now he had to go against more than thirty monsters. If they were to do a group attack, he could only run, especially when he had a cowardly Yun Man with him.

Yun Man was also aware of the danger. She walked towards the Ferocious Tiger King, and suddenly revealed a fierce expression, “You dare disturb this young lady’s breakfast! I’ll make you pay! Vertical cloud spirit!”

Yun Man let out a ‘humph’, and her whole body suddenly rose up as if she was standing on clouds. Gentle and elegant, she looked like a fairy in the clouds, and her gracefulness was something none could compare.

Qin Tian was not able to stop her.

There were tens of monsters in the surroundings. If they were the first to initiate the attack, the rest of the monsters would attack them together. Thus Qin Tian and Yun Man had to first think of a countermeasure, or else it would be hard to escape with their lives if they were surrounded.

Seeing that Yun Man was advancing forward, Qin Tian secretly got worried. He activated his Qigong and rushed towards her.

Just as Qin Tian took a step forward, he saw Yun Man take out two ribbons in mid-air. The ends of the ribbons were shaped like the tongue of a snake and were as hard as steel. The two ribbons were like two javelins, flying towards the Ferocious Tiger King and piercing through its head.

*Wail* Blood splattered and it fell onto the ground. Both its eyes rolled back into its head.


The Rank 2 monster, Ferocious Tiger King, was actually killed by her in a move!

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So strong!

Qin Tian was both astonished and helpless as he watched the tiger fall onto the ground. Yun Man drifted in the air with a look of fierceness on her face as if she was a kid who was deprived of her sweet.

The Fierce Tiger King was dead and it lay under Yun Man’s feet. She readied her ribbons and once again attacked as if she was venting her anger.

‘I say, isn’t this lolita a little too brutal? Isn’t it a bit too bloody?’ Qin Tian was dazed, as he was still unable to believe this reality. Was this still the lolita who had fainted from fright? This was simply a different person. Her brutality was just like a murderer who kills without batting an eye.

It was no wonder people said that a woman’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea. This was a girl with a lolita appearance but a brutal heart. [TL: A woman’s thought process is impossible to grasp, just like a needle at the bottom of the sea is impossible to grasp]

Yun Man returned to Qin Tian’s side.

After looking at the bloody Ferocious King Tiger, she could not help but speak a few words, “So bloody! This is just too cruel.”

Qin Tian looked at her as if he was looking at a monster.

Getting rid of the Ferocious Tiger King was a good deterrent to the surrounding monsters. Yun Man’s brutality shocked many of the monsters and they retreated a few feet away. Yun Man looked at the surroundings with satisfaction and chuckled, “Let’s eat the fish.”

“Smells so good.”

“Too delicious.”

“Don’t just stand there, sit down and eat.”

“I’m leaving the fish head for you, ah…”

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Yun Man did not care about maintaining a lady-like image and just gobbled up the food without a qualm. She occasionally looked at Qin Tian and chuckled with a cute a naive face. It was as if what had happened just now had nothing to do with her.

Qin Tian was completely dumbfounded. Looking at her relishing her food, he swallowed quite an amount of saliva and his stomach continued to growl. Though Yun Man had left behind the fish head for him, he didn’t eat anything. He licked his dry lips and rushed into the forest to begin his massacre.

Hunger can be borne, but how could he let all of the precious experience points go to waste?

In the beginning Qin Tian was worried about her safety, only to realize that his worry was entirely superfluous. He did not even know what her cultivation level was at. What’s more, he was unable to see through her. To be able to use the Vertical Cloud Spirit in mid-air, her Qigong should at least be at Eight Dan. With a Qigong at Eight Dan, her cultivation should be around a Ninth-Rank Warrior?

Ninth-Rank Warrior? It’s only a step away from the Spirit Formation Realm.

Compared to her, Qin Kun, Qin Yang, and whatever other geniuses were all weak fools. Their existences were all just like the clouds.

Qin Tian was really shocked. This was all too sudden.

“Hey, don’t go, I’m… I’m scared…” Yun Man ran after him with a fish in her mouth. Her steps were a little flustered, like she was really scared.

Qin Tian secretly cried out in his mind, ‘You afraid? It should be me who’s afraid!’

He couldn’t really care about it at this moment. Killing monsters and leveling up were even more urgent. Both of his hands did not stop even once, and his Qigong scattered in all directions. The monsters were raging as if they had all been provoked.

As Qin Tian did not need to worry about Yun Man anymore, the massacre became like wiping away mobs in games. So refreshing.

Although Yun Man kept crying out that she was afraid, her hands were super aggressive. Her ribbons were coated with Qigong and they swept around, causing countless casualties and injuries, making sure none of the surrounding monsters dare to come close to her.

In contrast, Qin Tian had it hard.

While Rank 2 andd 3 monsters did not have much intelligence, they knew how to choose a soft persimmon. Yun Man was like a ruthless fairy, killing without mercy, making them afraid of her. However, Qin Tian was weaker, which made many to change target. [TL: choose a soft persimmon: know how to choose a pushover]

Seeing tens of monsters gathering together to attack him, Qin Tian was very calm and cautious. A while ago, a Long Arm Gorilla, a Rank 3 monster, scratched Qin Tian’s back and tore his shirt, leaving behind three claw marks, where blood was flowing out.

His thigh was also bitten by a Smallpox Spider. Luckily there wasn’t any poison, or he would not be able to hang on.

“Hey, you okay? Want me to save you?” Yun Man became worried after seeing the monsters surrounding Qin Tian, and she got afraid after seeing the fresh blood flowing out of Qin Tian’s back and thigh. The attacks from the ribbons became even fiercer as she tried to get closer to Qin Tian.

The more aggressive she became, the more pressured Qin Tian felt.

All of the surrounding monsters were gathered around Qin Tian. Due to the smell of blood, the monsters were stimulated, which caused their eyes to turn bloodshot. They became more fearsome and vicious, as if they wanted to shred Qin Tian apart.

“Just take care of yourself.” Qin Tian let out a cold smile, as he felt that he was really lucky.

The system indeed lived up to its name. Since there was a team function, Qin Tian was able to get the experience and Qigong of whatever Yun Man killed. Although it was less than if he had done it himself, it was still plentiful.

Being surrounded by so many monsters, Qin Tian was not afraid at all. He moved his legs as he circulated Qigong around his body. Against the Green Tooth Wolf that was pouncing at him, he clenched his fists and punched out, creating a hole in the Green Tooth Wolf’s head.

One after another, the more Qin Tian killed, the more pleasure he felt. Though from time to time he would get some minor injuries, it wasn’t that serious.

More than thirty monsters were completely eradicated within half an hour. All of these monsters were equivalent to more than a hundred points, making it a really big harvest. Those who saw it would become extremely jealous, especially that greedy Qin Yang.

Smelling the aroma of the grilled fish and seeing the movements of the monsters, Qin Yang quietly followed them, and observed from behind a tree.

As he saw Qin Tian’s ruthless attacks and Yun Man’s sharp ribbons, he couldn’t help but shudder. Now wasn’t the time, he had to wait. Wait until they consumed more energy and Qigong.

Mantis stalks the cicada, not knowing of the oriole behind. Being an old oriole, he knew when the best time to appear was.

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