Chapter 15: Innocent? Angel? Glutton?

Qin Tian ran without stopping, only reaching the cave in the morning.

In the cave, Qin Tian calmed his mind and listened. Hearing the uneasy sounds of the night quiet down, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The monster that had come rushing out of the forest had a terrifying amount of strength. If not for him running away fast enough, he would have become its food.

‘Why would there be such a monster rushing out from Kunlun mountain range? I am still in the Kunlun mountain range’s outer area, so it can’t be a rank 5 monster, right? The tragic voice from ago seemed to have been from being attacked. If so, there could be a small team that came to the hunting ground. If that’s true, this could really be fun.’

Suddenly, the tables were turned. The monster which had come rushing out of Kunlun Mountain was indeed a rank 5 monster – Violent Gorilla. Not only had it condensed a core, it had also cultivated a divine ability – Berserk.

In its berserk mode, its strength, speed, and defense all doubled. To retain its consciousness, it could only use berserk three times continuously. Mad with fury and with a body like a hill, the scene was definitely horrifying to imagine.

Divine abilities were abilities surpassing the norm. However, they had their own terms and conditions. They could either be learned or created by the cultivator with his own capabilities, followed by an enlightenment that made it into a powerful ability. They were something unique, and to cultivate a supreme divine ability was very difficult. Those at the Universe Realm, and even those at the Absolute Realm might never be able to cultivate one, which showed how difficult it was to create a divine ability.

Compared to normal abilities, divine abilities were many times harder to cultivate. A breakthrough for one required a great opportunity.

The Violent Gorilla had the divine ability Berserk because when it was building up its own strength, it was able to fully grasp the divine ability from its strengthening ability. However, Berserk was only a low-rank divine ability.

The amount of power the gorilla could harness only allowed it to double its strength, but it was enough for it to go against those of the Spirit Gathering Realm.

Qin Tian sat cross-legged. After a night of not sleeping, he was very exhausted and unknowingly fell asleep.

“Ah…” Late morning, a scream, so piercing that it could make people’s ears numb, was heard in the cave.

Qin Tian immediately opened his eyes and looked at Yun Man, who was deep inside the cave. Seeing Yun Man’s frightened face, he felt a little angry. “Why did you shout?”

“Your… your… your body! Why is it covered in blood?” Yun Man mumbled as she stared at Qin Tian.

Qin Tian looked at the black blood on his clothes. He touched his chest and thought, ‘It seems like yesterday I only cared about running and forgot to wash up.’

He had beheaded hundreds of monsters a day ago, dyeing his whole body with their blood. As he was exhausted when he returned, he slept in a meditating position. Now that he smelled it, he realized that his body did indeed smell bad. Qin Tian frowned and said, “This is just the blood of monsters. I’ll go and take a bath.”

Qin Tian turned around and walked outside the cave to check the surroundings. With no monsters lurking around, he prepared himself before heading to the stream below the mountain to wash up. Not long after he walked out of the cave, Yun Man hurriedly followed him, but she was afraid to go near him, as if he was a monster.

Qin Tian turned his head to look at Yun Man but did not care about what she was doing. He continued walking down the mountain.

Not far away, Yun Man followed behind Qin Tian. Gazing at his back, she muttered something which only she could hear, like a naggy young lady.

Reaching the foot of the mountain, Qin Tian started washing himself, and said to the girl not far away from him, “Go wash your face, coward.”

“You’re the coward!” Yun Man did not give in and said. Looking at the many stains on her clothes, she glared at him and walked towards the stream.

Thinking back about when Yun Man got so terror-stricken that she fainted, Qin Tian could not help but start laughing and shouted, “Do you know who fainted from fright yesterday?”

“You did! I… I… I’ve never done that!” Yun Man’s face was cherry red, like she had been exposed, but she acted as if nothing happened to cover things up. However, when she recalled how Qin Yang murdered Qin Shan, her face turned pale again.

As a martial cultivator, killing was a normal thing. The weak were meat and the strong feasted on them; survival of the fittest! Yet, Yun Man was not daring enough to kill. What’s more, she would even faint when she saw a bloody scene. [TL: the weak will stand as an easy prey of the strong]

Qin Tian finished washing his face. The cold mountain stream was very refreshing. He sat on a rock and looked at Yun Man.

She was squatting down near a small stream with her back slightly bent. She used her small hands to softly pat her face with water. The warm light shined on her, and the tiny little water droplets became crystal clear, flickering with light. She suddenly looked like an angelic being!

She was purer than the clear water. Qin Tian had never seen such a pure girl in his life. She was so beautiful that it made his heart ache.

Yun Man tilted her head and saw Qin Tian staring intensely at her. Her heart started pounding. Her face became hotter, and she said angrily, “Hey! What are you looking at!”

“Since you are so timid, why did you participate in the Autumn Hunting Event?”

“I’m not timid! I’m Yun Man, the person who’s not scared of heaven and earth!” [TL: Fearless]

“There’s a snake behind your ass.”

“Ah… where? Where?” Yun Man let out an exaggerated piercing scream and jumped directly into the stream. She looked back to see that there was no snake behind her. She realized she had actually been tricked, and immediately puffed out her cheeks with her hands on her waist. She stared at Qin Tian and snorted angrily, angry at Qin Tian to the core of her heart.

“Haha…” Qin Tian laughed uncontrollably. It was his first time laughing like this. He felt so refreshed.

Yun Man stood in the stream with light shining behind her. A lock of messy hair fell down and was plastered on her face, and she slowly lifted up her little finger. She was like an angel who had descended into the midst of humans. Looking at her, Qin Tian got a little obsessed.

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Qin Tian’s eyes shone as he looked down into the stream and let out a laugh. “Breakfast is here.”

“What do you mean by ‘here?’” Yun Man asked curiously.

“Don’t move.” Qin Tian got up and ran towards her. Staring at her jade-like legs in the stream, he showed a face of surprise.

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Yun Man did not dare move after being frightened by Qin Tian. She felt something swimming between her feet. It seemed to be slippery and she felt a bit ticklish. She could not help but become afraid. “What is it? What’s between my feet?”

“Don’t look down, don’t…” Qin Tian was afraid that if Yun Man looked down and saw the big catfish, she would become frightened and jump, scaring the catfish away. “For the sake of our breakfast, do not move……”

Seeing the expression on Qin Tian’s face, Yun Man started quivering. She was sure that there was something swimming there, and it wasn’t small. She felt that it was slithering around her legs, like a snake…

Thinking of snakes, Yun Man’s face instantly became pale, and she stuttered out, “It’s… it’s… it’s not… snake…”

At that moment, Qin Tian was reaching into the water carefully, and was not even paying any attention to Yun Man. Seeing her shaking so badly, he couldn’t help but get a notion, ‘She’s really not the typical type of coward.’

His hands moved as fast as lightning towards her feet…

“Ah!” Yun Man let out a scream, jumped onto his back like an octopus, and placed her hands around his neck.

Qin Tian felt two round perky things sticking stubbornly on his back. His legs sank, but he managed to stabilize himself. He then swung the fish, and it landed on the shore. Qin Tian felt relieved after that, and slapped Yun Man’s small little butt. “It’s alright now, little coward.”

Yun Man looked at the fish flopping around on the shore and heaved a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, when she remembered that she was still on his back with both hand around his neck, and the worst thing that had happened – her butt was slapped – her face became red again.

It was her first time being held by an opposite sex, so her face became red from shyness. She got off his back and did not dare to look at him again.

Qin Tian was too lazy to deal with it, as his stomach was already grumbling. He had decided to fill his stomach first. Looking at the big fat catfish, his saliva instinctively came flowing out.

Grilling fishes was his specialty. In his previous world, he was the child king of the orphanage. Climbing mountains and jumping into water, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Very quickly, the fish was killed. He went to find some twigs to make a fire, and soon, the aroma wafted out.

Though she was standing at the side, embarrassed, seeing Qin Tian busy preparing the food and smelling the aroma of the fish, her stomach could not help but make a ‘gu gu’ sound. Unknowingly, saliva flowed down the edge of her lips.

“Come here and eat if you’re hungry.” Qin Tian said before squatting on the ground without lifting his head.

Yun Man did not care anymore. She walked towards Qin Tian, and asked, “Is it done?”


“It smells nice.”

“That’s a given.”

“Go and catch another one, leave this to me.”

Qin Tian stared at Yun Man with eyes wide opened and thought, “This girl really dares to say this ah.”

“Hey! Don’t look at other people like that, they’ll become shy.”

Qin Tian did not utter a word.

“Alright, you’ll eat the head and the tail while I eat the body. Hee hee, so it’s decided…”

Suddenly, Qin Tian thought of a very serious problem. He had forgotten that this was the Kunlun mountain range, and monsters roamed this place.

He suddenly felt a great sense of danger.

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