Chapter 14: Rank 5 Monster Boss

“Hiss, hiss, hiss……”

On one of the towering trees hung a Golden Spit Silver Python. Thick as a thigh, its body was silverish-grey and its mouth contained golden spit. Both its eyes faintly emitted green light as they locked on to Qin Tian.

Rank 2 monster

Golden Spit Silver Python

Hp: 3000

Experience: 130

Qigong: 58

Survival: 1

“F**k, its HP is really high.” Qin Tian was looking at the long HP bar that was hanging above the Golden Spit Silver Python’s head.

He slowly moved his legs, attempting to retreat while purposely making crackling sounds.

Qin Tian’s movement prompted the Golden Spit Silver Python to stir. Its long body gently shifted, causing its silver scales to twinkle under the night sky.

Qin Tian’s body gently swayed.

At that moment, the Golden Spit Silver Python, which was looking down from the tree, shot out.

Only a streak of silver light could be seen shooting towards Qin Tian’s neck. The opened mouth of the Golden Spit Silver Python revealed its long fangs, which were filled with the intention to ruthlessly bite down into the carotid artery at Qin Tian’s neck.

Qin Tian coldly snorted while sneering. A Rank 2 monster really had poor intelligence. A casual sway could actually trick it.

Qin Tian took half a step back. With the support from his back leg, he leaned forward and made his move the moment the Golden Spit Silver Python began its onslaught.

Qin Tian activated the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture and coated his hand with Qigong. Without even taking a step forward, his body exuded an imposing and forbidding aura of a heavenly dragon which was released wave after wave continuously; like the rushing of a wild elephant, bold, vigorous, and filled with strength.

“Bang!” With the strength of ten elephants in his fist, he destroyed half of the python’s brain.

“So refreshing.”

Under the effect of the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, all of his bones seemed to have undergone metamorphosis, flooding his body with power. Like the previous fist he had executed, it had power similar to the cohesion of ten wild elephants, both fast and fierce, like lightning.

A Rank 2 monster died in one move.

Qin Tian smiled when he felt the increase in Qigong. He then proceed to cut the Golden Spit Silver Python’s head off and put it inside his wooden plate before turning to jump into the darkness.


The rank 3 monster, Long Arm Gorilla, had extraordinary strength. When it picked up a trunk and swept it around, it was like a heavenly general annihilating everything around him.

Qin Tian coldly smiled before leaping out and activating his Qigong. Both of his hands were like knives, violently hacking down, cutting off half of the Long Arm Gorilla’s arm.

Though the Long Arm Gorilla was heavily injured, it chose not to escape, but madly attacked. It swept out his single arm, wanting to mash Qin Tian into mincemeat.

Looking at the HP bar of the Long Arm Gorilla, Qin Tian coldly sneered, “Already at the end but you still want to fight?”

The Long Arm Gorilla was only left with a bit of hp. Even if Qin Tian didn’t take action, after a while the Long Arm Gorilla would still die. However, Qin Tian did not wish to waste time. So Qin Tian welcomed the incoming arm with both of his fist.

In a contest of strength, Qin Tian did not fear anyone or anything. No matter how overwhelming the monster’s strength was, how could it be as overwhelming as the might of the Heaven Dragon Form Scripture?

In his broken Dantian, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture produced cycle after cycle of waves, like the charging of wild elephants, and also created the aura of a dragon. With the two powers intertwined, how could a low level monster ever compare to him?

“Lie, lie…” The Long Arm Gorilla cried out tragically a few times before lying motionlessly on the ground.

As the HP bar above the Long Arm Gorilla’s head disappeared, Qin Tian lowered his fist and smiled. The system sounded out in his mind, “Congratulations to player Qin Tian. Gains 190 experience, 73 Qigong and 1 survival.”

‘A single monster can provide around 150 experience. Wouldn’t I be able to rise half a level after a night of killing?’ Qin Tian silently calculated.

From the time he became a Sixth-Ranked Warrior, the amount of experience he gained from the slaughterhouse was equivalent to nothing. He was very clear about what was happening. The higher his rank, the less experience gained from killing lower rank monsters. But he would be able to gain more experience from killing those of a higher rank.

Now the slaughterhouse would not be of help to him. If he needed to level up in the future, he would need to enter the Kunlun mountain range. A radius of ten kilometres would allow him to kill for more than half a month. This type of place really was a leveling up paradise!

After Qin Tian had cut off the head of the Long Arm Gorilla and dumped it into his wooden plate, he continued to walk along the border of the Kunlun mountain range.

Before he came, Qin Zhantian repeatedly warned him not to go too deep into the Kunlun mountain range as it would be very dangerous.

Although he was only at the outer area of the border, no one could be sure that a Rank 5 monster would not appear. A Rank 5 monster was able to condense a core. It had increased intelligence and could also use demonic powers to launch powerful moves.

Even if a cultivator managed to reach the Spirit Gathering Realm, it would still be hard for him to go against a Rank 5 monster. This showed how terrifying a monster with a core really was.

However, many cultivators only hunted for monsters that had cores. In the Tianyuan continent, the value of cores was unimaginable. Even the high leveled cultivators still needed them. In the world of cultivators, cores were their currency, so every item was priced using cores.

For a monster to become Rank 5, it needed to cultivate for at least a decade. But it took at least a century to condense a core.

A core had many uses.

By infusing a core into a weapon, the weapon would be able to hold powers beyond the imagination. It could also make an ordinary weapon into a top grade weapon.

Cores were something every alchemist needed and dreamed about. High quality cores were required to refine into Dans with miraculous powers and effects, like Dans at the Immortal Rank.

Cores could also be directly swallowed. After swallowing, the body would absorb the energy in the core. Cultivators who directly swallowed the core could cause their appearance to change to look more like a monster. In the Tianyuan continent, some powerful cultivators relied on this method to reach their current strength, which caused them to have the appearance of a monster. Lucky, other than the appearance, nothing else would change.

As cores were very precious, many cultivators were willing to take the risk and venture deep into the Kunlun mountain range in hopes of obtaining a core and using its energy to achieve greatness. However, only one out of ten would come out alive.

Along the way, Qin Tian had already beheaded numerous monsters, not letting a single one escape.

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The amount of Qigong he had managed to accumulate was a little over 4000. He had also manage to fill around half of the experience needed to become a Seventh-Ranked Warrior.

Qin Tian was currently standing at the end of the border and looking at the enormous mountain that gave off a horrifying feeling. It was like it could swallow everything.

To Qin Tian, Kunlun Mountain range had too much appeal.

However, the monsters inside the Kunlun mountain range were not opponents he could deal with, since he was only a Sixth-Rank Warrior. It was fine for him to kill monsters Rank 3 and below, but against a Rank 5 monster, he could only walk the road of death without any way to escape.

Qin Tian did not walk further, but exclaimed as he looked at the enormous mountain, “The treasured land for leveling up and experience, ah. Wait for me, it won’t be long before this father comes back!”

After a long while, as Qin Tian was about to leave, an earth-shaking roar resounded in the distance. This was followed by the cries of many startled birds, who flew away as trees began to fall one after another, causing dust to fly all over the place.

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Qin Tian was shocked and thought, ‘Did a BOSS go crazy?’

Qin Tian did not dare remain, and he turned to run. A crazy Rank 5 monster was too scary. He wasn’t arrogant enough to battle against it, as it would be like trying to break a rock with an egg.

Also, this actually wasn’t a game. In games, he would be able to revive after dying, but here he would vanish forever after dying.

If he did not run, he would only court death.

Moreover, the white-haired monster was rushing in his direction!

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