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Chapter 383: Call Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk here! Right now! (3)

“W-who is that?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Choi Jeong-Hoon stared at that scene with a serious expression.

But, that was only obvious.

Why? Because, the monsters were still pouring out from the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun even now, that’s why.

Anyone would be surprised if a human waltzed out nonchalantly amid the monster wave as if this whole thing had absolutely nothing to do with him.

‘And that person isn’t even Yi Ji-Hyuk, so what the…’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Choi Jeong-Hoon’s expression gradually hardened.

He recognised the face of the man walking out. It couldn’t be said that they were well acquainted or anything of that nature, but there was no denying they knew of each other.

That man was a strange person alright, someone who lived in North Korea but didn’t feel like a North Korean at all.

Jeong Min-Seong was slowly walking among the monsters.

“Hello, there.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

He must’ve discovered Choi Jeong-Hoon, because he began waving his hand next.

“Well, isn’t this a surprise? Been a while.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Seeing how relaxed he was, Choi Jeong-Hoon almost ended up swearing out aloud.

‘What is up with that guy??’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

How could a human being so nonchalant and laid back among the monsters like that? That b*stard did give Choi Jeong-Hoon weird vibes from the very first moment they met, but this…

“You want to exchange pleasantries in this sort of a situation?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Mm?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong scanned the surroundings and smirked deeply.

“Ah, you’re right.” (Jeong Min-Seong)


He then snapped his fingers, and just like that, every single monster madly dashing towards the international team of soldiers and ability users suddenly stopped in their tracks as if everything was a lie.

“What the hell?”

“….What just happened??”

The NDF agents and ability users from other nations got flustered and hurriedly looked around.

Jeong Min-Seong smiled broadly as he watched this spectacle unfold.

“Well, then. Do you find this more conducive towards a constructive conversation now?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

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Choi Jeong-Hoon was rendered speechless.

‘The more I see, the more similar he feels to the other guy.’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

It felt like an air of nonchalance was added to Yi Ji-Hyuk’s ability. Whether it was about controlling monsters or that oily, snaky aura he gave off.

“Are you the one who took over North Korea?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Mm? Are we talking about that from the get-go? I believed that you, Mister Choi Jeong-Hoon, are a man who understands etiquettes and romanticism, but to think you were a workaholic, instead… How disappointing. Yes, I understand since your livelihood hangs in the balance, but still…” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong smiled radiantly again.

“Still, looks like I can afford you some small respite, so how about it? Would you like a cup of coffee? A wonderful blend just shipped in from Kenya, you see.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Choi Jeong-Hoon gritted his teeth.

Even as they chatted like this, countless units were currently barrelling down towards Pyongyang. Yet where was that man’s confidence and leeway coming from?

“….I get the feeling that you’re rather optimistic about your chances.” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Not at all.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong raised both of his hands up as if to signal his defeat.

“No matter how determined I am, there’s no way I can stop all these powerful nations invading us all at once. Mentally speaking, I’m already feeling groggy, you see. The future waiting for me is probably getting assaulted by perverted guards everyday after being imprisoned in Alcatraz. Alternatively, get thrown into a prison with a 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and live a life of even my toilet time being broadcast in real time. Either case is not what you’d call attractive, wouldn’t you agree?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Choi Jeong-Hoon found it hard to describe the emotion he was feeling as he watched Jeong Min-Seong cackle away.

‘How bizarre.’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

This was indeed a very weird development.

That man appeared in this place where an intense battle against monsters was unfolding, and managed to gain control over the atmosphere. Choi Jeong-Hoon didn’t want to accept it, but right now, no one could take their eyes off of every action and every word Jeong Min-Seong performed or spoke.

“Is this all part of your plan?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Mm….” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong formed an unreadable expression.

“You can say that’s the case, but at the same time, not really. Honestly, it’s a bit difficult to say who was truly responsible for this event. Sure, I did this, but he also did it, too.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“He? Are you talking about the b*stard inside the building?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Kekekeke.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong cackled as if he was surprised by something.

“Would you look at that? Mister Choi Jeong-Hoon, I expected you to be all stiff upper lip and everything, but didn’t anticipate that you’d throw in a really funny joke like this. I hope you weren’t genuinely asking me that. If you were, well, you can colour me slightly disappointed.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

‘As I thought.’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Choi Jeong-Hoon sighed under his breath.

He had expected it, but the process of re-confirming it didn’t make him feel any happier.

The database on the North’s ruling elite had been built up rather extensively over the years and their behavioural patterns could more or less be predicted, but the actions of the ones that had taken over now could not be predicted at all.

It was not an exaggeration to say that what might happen in the future was a complete mystery to everyone.

Park Seong-Chan gnashed his teeth.

“What are you doing, Mister Choi Jeong-Hoon?!” (Park Seong-Chan)

Choi Jeong-Hoon didn’t bother to reply to Park Seong-Chan.

‘We need to buy more time.’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

It had already been proven that the current combat force was simply inadequate to oppose the great army of monsters visible before their eyes. In that case, the advantage would be theirs by wasting time until the units approaching Pyongyang could secure their positions and lend their support.

“….Aren’t there more monsters now?” (Park Seong-Chan)

“You think so, too?”

Actually, it was unknown whether the advantage was with them or not. Even now, monsters were still pouring out endlessly from inside the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, after all.

“I don’t get it.” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Choi Jeong-Hoon shouted out.

“Aren’t you a human being, too?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“…Hmm?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“What will you gain by infesting the world with monsters? Do you wish for the destruction of the world? Is that it? You want to die together with everyone? Just what can you possibly gain by doing this?!” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Mm, mm.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong ‘hmphed’ and opened his mouth.

“Looks like some things need to be corrected in your statement, first. One, I’m not the same human as you.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“….What was that?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Jeong Min-Seong theatrically threw his arms wide open.

“Ah, ah. That doesn’t mean I’m some kind of a devil or a demonic being or some such. No, I’m a regular, normal human. It’s just that… Mm…” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong raised his hand and pointed at Choi Jeong-Hoon next.

“I’m a different human compared to you.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“A different human?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Well, on this occasion at least, I should clarify that you, Mister Choi Jeong-Hoon, and the American soldiers are different from the rest.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Choi Jeong-Hoon was definitely not a slow-witted man. Of course he knew what Jeong Min-Seong was implying here.

“Are you thinking of going with the ‘ability users are new human types’ theory? What a cliched, tired old theory that is.” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Ah, ah… Now this is troubling. I believed that you’re at least more understanding than the rest of your peers, so how could you be looking down on another person like that? And besides, my side didn’t start that argument. As a matter of fact, it was your side that came up with the idea first.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“Our side?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Correct. It was your side that started discriminating against us, not the other way around. Even now, look around you. This place can easily be classified as the most dangerous place on Earth. So tell me, can you see ordinary people nearby you?” (Jeong Min-Seong)


“Special forces and ability users…. The fact that not regular troops but ability users are being deployed in the frontlines, isn’t that the admission of you people viewing the ability users differently from regular humans?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong mockingly laid out his case, and Choi Jeong-Hoon couldn’t find the right words to retort with.

The situation was too easy to see, after all.

Even if these ability users were seen as a powerful combat force, they were still civilians, weren’t they?

“Well, it’s unfortunate that you don’t find it strange these days since it has become so natural over the years. But that goes to show how prevalent and endemic the discrimination towards ability users are. However, my side has no problem accepting it if things were only that much. The truth is, though, you’ll definitely get a shock of your life if you learn of what’s happening deep beneath the surface.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“Deep beneath the surface?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Jeong Min-Seong laughed like a little kid.

“What are you doing, acting like an amateur? We the ability users are the mysterious cases that humanity hadn’t encountered before, aren’t we? The reason why a human can be a human is because of your abundant curiosity and your willingness to delve deep into scientific research.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Choi Jeong-Hoon’s expression hardened even further.

“I guess that’s not how it is in South Korea, then? I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some basement floors of a few nations around the world are filled with hundreds of ability users. Who knows, they might be researching how we might react if our skin gets peeled off or some such. Kekekeke.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“Bullsh*t!!” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Choi Jeong-Hoon was about to display a very agitated reaction, but Jeong Min-Seong cut him off by raising a hand first.

“Surely, you do understand that not knowing about it doesn’t equate to it not happening. Or are you one of those self-centred people who are utterly convinced that things you haven’t experienced or seen don’t exist?” (Jeong Min-Seong)


“If not, then perhaps you earnestly believe that humanity is too upstanding and moral, so such a thing would never happen.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Again, Choi Jeong-Hoon was rendered speechless.

The fact that humans were perhaps the most immoral creatures on Earth was an irrefutable fact, after all.

“I knew it.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong cackled on when Choi Jeong-Hoon couldn’t reply.

“What I’m saying now is this. We live on in silence while considering the possibilities of such atrocities being committed, all the while consciously exorcising these ugly thoughts out of our heads. And the ones to get the short end of the stick is our side only.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“So what? That’s why you want to destroy the world? There are injustices in this world, so you want to reset everything?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Of course not.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong wagged his finger before continuing on with his explanation.

“Our side has a plan of our own, so you don’t have to worry about things like that.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

While Choi Jeong-Hoon was talking to Jeong Min-Seong, he was constantly receiving updates through an in-ear radio piece.

‘Sounds like they have more or less finished assembling…’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Units entering Pyongyang were amassing in one location. However, Choi Jeong-Hoon couldn’t issue the command to attack just yet.

‘Where is Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk?’ (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Not having Yi Ji-Hyuk in a situation like this proved to be too much of a heavy burden.

“A plan, you say?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“I hope that you realise making demands for the details of our plan in this situation is being too optimistic.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Choi Jeong-Hoon was about to retort, but then Jeong Min-Seong cut him off again.

“But well, looks like the person you’re waiting for hasn’t arrived yet? I’m also getting bored of waiting, you see.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“…So, you knew.” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Oh my, my.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong sighed grandly.

“My side has evaluated your side fairly highly, but your side continues to look down on me. How lamentable this is.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“That wasn’t my intention, so if you felt that way, yeah, how lamentable.” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“I’ll take that as your version of apology. Since you apologised, maybe I can tell you one more thing… Well, if you have anything to ask, please go ahead.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

That helped Choi Jeong-Hoon to remember one of the things he was really curious about.

“Has the doorway open yet?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Excuse me?” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong looked at the monsters behind him, before exploding in a fit of laughter.

“Ah, ah! You came to that conclusion after seeing these things, didn’t you. Unfortunately for you, Mister Choi Jeong-Hoon, it seems that your scale is a lot smaller than I thought. You mustn’t think that this is all the demon world has to offer. No, these creatures simply popped out from a small distortion that showed up before the doorway was fully opened up. Once the real door opens up, it won’t be these small fries, but…. Really terrifying ones will show up. Ones so terrifying that even I will have to run away.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“….You mean, the demon kings?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

Whistle~! Just hearing that alone gives me goosebumps.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

Jeong Min-Seong joked around before getting more serious.

“Even then, you have nothing to regret. In fact, you could say you’re the lucky ones.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

“Lucky ones?” (Choi Jeong-Hoon)

“Because, you will get to witness the advent of a brand new world.” (Jeong Min-Seong)


“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not some cartoon villain. You could say that I’m merely one of many humans found in abundance among humanity. The human race has found an opportunity to evolve even further. So, we should not miss this chance and grab onto it. For the sake of our next thousand years, that is.” (Jeong Min-Seong)

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Jeong Min-Seong cackling away slowly raised his hand.

< 383. Call Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk here! Right now! -3 > Fin.

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