A New Member Joins the Team! – Interview with LazyPica

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Pi Pika Pika Pikachu! Pika Pika.

(T/L: A new translator joins the CrN team. Please give a warm welcome to LazyPica who releases Invincible Exchange System, so go check it out.
While you’re at it, go read the interview found here)



Q: After a string of authors, this time I am joined by our latest translator, LazyPica. Welcome! Mind introducing yourself to the audience?

A: Hello there. My name here will be LazyPica. I’m a translator with not much experience but I really like to provide translations to the novels I enjoyed reading. My hobbies from best to least are reading, gaming and napping.

Q: Judging by your name and avatar, are you a pokemon fan or is there another meaning behind the name?

A: Base on my memories, the first game I ever had was Pokemon Sapphire, although it got stolen after three months…

Q: I’m a garchomp fan myself but I digress. Now, you’ve joined CrN with your translation. What’s it called?

A: The series I will be translating is called ‘Invincible Exchange System’.

Q: And what is it about?

A: It is almost the same typical xianxia novel you could find anyway, but it added comedy and humour in many ways which made it interesting.

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Q: Was there anything in particular that made you decide to choose this novel in particular? The story? The author’s style? Or was it something else completely?

A: I chose this novel since they added something like a powerful cheat tool, yet the MC is not completely OP. As a matter of fact, he needed to rely on others in some situations to get things done. I could say what attracted me the most is the drama it played out.

Q: Good to know. How hard is to be a translator? Any difficulties that you had to face?

A: It’s quite hard for me since I have a 12-hour job per day. It is not that strict but still a tiresome job.

Q: But you still enjoy doing it. Have you picked up any quirk or habit as a result?

A: Not yet, maybe soon. I’m still relatively new in this field.

Q: All these meshes together into the person you are today. Any tips for aspiring translators?

A: It’s not my own tip since it was an advice from my senpai, but make sure to phrase translation in your own words. The wording may not have to be the same but all you need is to give off the same meaning. It will make your life a lot easier.

Q: Since we’re at the end already, tell us a joke.

A: I don’t know how to tell jokes though 0.0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Uuuuh. Ok then. Anyway, that’s it for the interview. Thanks again for joining me and I hope your novel is a great success!