He Releases 100+ Chapters! – An Interview with Immovable

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There comes a time in everyone’s life where you really want to binge a story. Well, he’s your chance because Immovable dishes out his story, A.I., with a whopping 130 chapters! Your desires have been answered.

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But if you want to slow down a bit and get to know the author first, here’s the interview:



Q: Welcome everybody for another interview! It’s a pleasure to be joined today by Immovable87, our latest author. This interview will be a bit more cookie cutter than most so, without further ado, mind telling the audience about yourself?

A: I’m a nobody, really. Just wanting to write to support myself. Bwahahahaha. At least, this will assure my readers that I’m going to finish all of my novels.

Q: With intros out of the way, let’s dive right in with your novel. What is it called?

A: It’s titled A.I. I created this one in the hope of having a good mc for a change since I always cater to evil ones.

Q: And what is it about?

A: Hmmm. About it… Let’s see… Basically, he’s a poor boy with a system granted to him that could change his life through its technological boon.

Q: Interesting stuff and this leads us nicely to the next question: what inspired you to write this sort of story?

A: I had two other system novels before this. It’s a trilogy. It was a surprise when this one garnered more views than the other two combined even if it was released later. Back to the question, I think I was comfortable around making novels that had system cheats because I’m fond of reading the genre. In fact, I’ve read the popular ones and even machine translated it to its end. Bwahahahaha.

Q: Have you faced any hardships? If so, tell us of any experiences.

A: Of course! There was a lot of them. Let me shorten it to just one. Hmmm. First, because English was not my first language, my readers would take note of the grammatical errors of my work. Bwahahaha. Even now, I still admit that I’m not that good. But I try. And I continue to do so, even now.

Q: Have you developed a certain quirk or habit when you write?

A: Yup. Bwahahahaha! Most of the time, I write on servers where I know it’s populated with people. It kinda makes me write faster as I try to impress them with my words. And my brain operates faster with the added pressure of an audience. Bwahahaha. I don’t know. Maybe I just lacked attention or something. But I tell you, writing is fun. It was before when I started and still is, today.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

A: I began with the hope of earning some cash. I got that. Now I continue on my journey to earn some more cash. Bwahahaha! Seriously though, I only write what I want to read if I was the reader. That’s why most of my novels are fast-paced. And in this way, my motivation to weave worlds out of nothing never diminishes.

Q: Ok, final and my favourite question. What’s the origin of your pen/author name?

A: Bwahahhahaha! A good one! It’s simple really. Since I lingered in the confines of the throne that entombed my divinity, thus, I shall stay unmoving and static. Bwahahahaha! In simple words, I sit all day on my chair. But I love the first definition than the latter. At least, it sounded better. And the number 87. Born in the year 1987. Always reminds me that while I stay immovable in form, the hands of time are ever in constant motion. Father Time remains undefeated.

Q: Tell us a joke.

A: Bwahahhaha! I knew lots of jokes. But I’ll tell you the latest one I heard. It’s in my native tongue. Visayan.

Teacher: Dong, use beautiful in a sentence.

Dodong: My teacher is beautiful, isn’t she?

Teacher: Wow very good, okay bisayaa dong.

Dodong: Akong maestra kay gwapa, wa sya kuyapi?



You sure love to laugh, haha (oh god, it’s infectious). Anyway, that’s it for the interview. Thank you again for joining us and we hope your new novel is a success