Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Jiiminn! – An Interview with our latest author

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With another week rolling up, we release another novel. Our latest, lovely author that joins the CrN roster is Jiiminn, who brings Sovereign of the Gates to the table. So, please give a warm welcome to him and go check out his eleven debut chapters!

And, as always, with a new author comes a new interview. Check that out here: Interview



Q: Welcome everybody for another interview! George Bakerson here and it’s a pleasure to be joined today by Jiiminn, our latest author. First of all, mind telling the audience about yourself?

A: Well, I’m turning 19 this year. I’m not too tall (177cm 5”9 ish) and my hobbies are reading manhua/manga/manhwa, reading web novels, watching anime, Chinese and Korean drama. I also like to listen to kpop though that is pretty limited

Q: That’s good. With intros out of the way, let’s dive right in with your novel. What is it called?

A: Well It’s called Sovereign of the Gates

Q: And what is it about?

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A: As for what it’s about, well if you’ve read the novel ‘Solo Leveling’ you should find it to be enjoyable (hopefully) anyways it’s based on a similar setting and set quite far into the future, I also mention some real-life Korean celebrities so some of you may know who they are

Q: Interesting stuff and this leads us nicely to the next question: what inspired you to write this sort of story?

A: Well I read the novel Solo Leveling as well as the webtoon. I also noticed a lack of korean based novels so I thought why not?

Q: Have you faced any hardships? If so, tell us of any experiences.

A: Not really no I haven’t, maybe besides thinking about how to progress with the story

Q: Have you developed a certain quirk or habit when you write?

A: Hmm.. I would say that I like to procrastinate so I tend to write some bits and pieces then leave it for a while and come back

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

A: Well, first always have a plan in mind, whether it be the setting or even characters, you want to have a plan on how the story will progress which I find pretty difficult myself

Q: Ok, final and my favourite question. What’s the origin of your pen/author name?

A: Well… I do listen to kpop and my favourite group happens to the worldwide superstars BTS

Q: Tell us a joke.

A: Erm… I know some good jokes but they are pretty savage so let’s not get to that…

Haha, ok then. Anyway, that’s it for the interview. Thank you again for joining us and we hope your new novel is a success