Web Novelist Translates his Own Work – An Interview with Kir

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We at Creative Novels are proud to present our latest author to the team: Kir Droi. A well known Russian web novelist, he tries his hand at translating his own 1000 chapter (!) work.

What is he releasing with us today? You may ask. It is called Dragon’s Heart and it is Wuxia and LitRPG combined! Interested? Head over to his story right here: Dragon’s Heart. Stone Will. Book I. LitRPG wuxia series

And if you really want to know Kir a little better, he has an interview here: Interview

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Social Media team member, George Bakerson interview our latest author, Kir.



Q: Welcome everyone to another interview. After Magikind’s release last week, we hit back with another original right off the bat: Dragon’s Heart. Stone Will. Book I. LitRPG wuxia series. Quite the mouthful, right? Anyway, the author Kir Droi is right here, so I’ll let him introduce himself.

A: Hello! My name is Kirill Klevansky. My author name is Kir Droi. I was born in St. Petersberg and English isn’t my native language. Sorry if I make any mistakes.

Q: No problem! We’ll make sure to edit the interview to be understandable for our audience. But I’ll keep it relatively short nonetheless. Moving on, I heard you started your writing career at a young age. Is that correct?

A: Yes. I started writing when I was twenty. I wrote “Harry Potter” fanfic and that got popular in Russia. I didn’t expect it. But then it didn’t go so well afterwards. It only got better when I was twenty-three and I found wuxia and LitRPG genre then started a new series which got really popular with eight million readings already in Russian.

Q: Wow! Eight Million?! Well, it brings us nicely to the next question: what’s your novel about?

A: Ah! What I will post is a translation by me. There are not too many English chapters unlike the thousand in Russian which is why I joined CrN to help get exposure.

As I said, it is LitRPG and wuxia genre. It’s about a man in a world where magic and martial art are indistinguishable. His mother, father and sister got taken away and so my main character tries to fight for his freedom and willing to wage war. It’s hard to describe in English.

Q: That’s understandable. I think what you told us would be enough of a teaser. Like I said, I’ll make it short so I’ll end with asking if you’ve ever had any hardships when writing.

A: Yes. Many. Although I did well early on, I said I didn’t do well afterwards. Lots of Russian agencies rejected me. Some even said “Ha-ha! Go to your mummy and cry” at one point (I think that’s the English translation) but lucky for me that my mother is my number one fan! Also, the internet makes us free to express ourselves so that’s when I started again and did well.

Some of my novels do well. Others do not and are not too good, but I don’t mind. It helps with learning. Also translating from Russian to English is very tough so posting Dragon’s Heart on English sites are also difficult.

Q: Again, I’m speechless. Wow. But, as I said, I’ll end the interview there. Before we leave, tell us a joke.

A: Can it be in Russian?

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Q: I doubt I can transliterate let alone translate it, so let’s leave it then.

A: Ok!

Q: Anyway, that’s it for the interview. Thank you again, Kir, for joining me and I hope your release is successful!