Chapter 105 This Child Should Not Be Here

Yang Shi Han is rendered speechless by what Mo Qi Qi said.  She grew up with Jun Qian Che, she knows him the best out of this lot.  If the child is not Jun Qian Che’s, the news of the pregnancy would not even get to spread because he would have gotten rid of it before anything arises.  Who would have thought…   He hates Mo Qi Qi so much, who knew he would actually want her.  He even let her carry his child.  This surprised Yang Shi Han so much.

The other concubines does not want to miss this chance to mock her, “Yang Guifei, out of all of us here, His Majesty loves you the most.  He graces you the most as well.  Why aren’t you carrying yet?  Don’t tell us something is wrong with your body?”

Another concubine jumps in, “The Empress is pregnant, that means that nothing is wrong with His Majesty’s body.  Seems like the problem is with you.”

“What nonsense!  The only reason bengong is not pregnant is because His Majesty dotes on bengong too much!  He said that bengong is too young to have children.  Bengong should wait for a couple more years.  He also said that he wants bengong to keep him company as much as bengong can.  After all, one will not be able to serve during the duration of their pregnancy.  10 months is a long time!”  Yang Shi Han purposely angers them.

She succeeded.  The other concubines are jealous beyond words.

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Mo Qi Qi shakes her head, not knowing what to say.

Now that she has reached her aim, Yang Shi Han proudly stands up, “The morning court is ending soon, chenqie needs to greet the Empress Dowager along with the Emperor.  Chenqie should leave first, Empress.”  She looks at the remaining concubines with an amused scoff before walking away.

The concubines huff angrily.

“Yang Guifei is just too much, Your Ladyship!” one of them complains at Mo Qi Qi.

Mo Qi Qi comforts them, “Don’t be angry, Meimeis.  If you get angry, it will take it’s toll on your bodies.  Now, let’s hear this one joke that bengong has for you.”

With Mo Qi Qi smoothing over the tension, the anger slowly subsides.

As for Jun Qian Che, he got summoned to the Empress Dowager’s palace right after the morning court.  It is in front of Ci Yue Palace that he bumps into Yang Shi Han.

Chenqie greets Your Majesty,” says Yang Shi Han warmly as she curtsies.

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“Guifei is also here to greet the Empress Dowager?” asks Jun Qian Che calmly.

Yang Shi Han walks next to Jun Qian Che before whispering, “Chenqie is here to help Your Majesty.”

Jun Qian Che glares at her.

She smiles at him brightly while raising her eyebrows suggestively.

He ignores her and walks into Ci Yue Palace.  She immediately walks after him.

Inside the Empress Dowager’s resting palace, the Empress Dowager is sitting on her seat while drinking tea when the two of them walks in.

“Son greets Imperial Mother.”

“Shi Han greets the Empress Dowager,” she curtsies in front of the Empress Dowager.

“Both of you may sit,” says the Empress Dowager coldly.  She sends her personal maid, Lu Momo a look.  The maid obeys and quickly waves all the servants away. 

The Empress Dowager looks at Jun Qian Che furiously, “Don’t you owe aijia an explanation, Your Majesty?  What is with the news of the Empress’ pregnancy?  Is the child yours?  The news keep spreading this morning, you are losing so much face!”

Jun Qian Che looks at his mother calmly, “What are you even saying, Imperial Mother?  She is son’s Empress, the child is naturally son’s.”

The Empress Dowager harrumphs coldly, “Don’t you ever dare to think that Imperial Mother does not know what she did in the viewing tower!  Although you ordered that matter to be suppressed, people are still talking about it in the dark.  And you have been spending the nights at Shi Han’s palace and never at the Empress’, from where does the child comes from?”

Yang Shi Han agrees with her, “Imperial Aunt is right, something is wrong with this matter.”

Jun Qian Che unhappily sends a glare her way.

She quickly stays quiet.

“Your Majesty, this matter is very big, you must not become muddle-headed,” pleads the Empress Dowager.

Jun Qian Che firmly replies her, “Imperial Mother, the child is indeed son’s, son can guarantee that.”

Yang Shi Han earnestly analyses the matter, “But you have never spent the night at her place!  Did you two get together during the trip out?  But I heard that you two were living separately.  Besides, the timing isn’t right.  You were away for a month while the child in the Empress’ stomach is already two months old.  That means that she got pregnant while she was still inside the palace.  The viewing tower was 3 months ago, so that is not it either.  Don’t tell me the man has been sneaking inside the palace to meet the Empress all these while?”

“Yang Shi Han!” Jun Qian Che sends a warning look her way.

Yang Shi Han purses her lips, “Chenqie was just analysing.”

The Empress Dowager sides with Yang Shi Han, “Don’t vent your anger on Shi Han.  What she said is right.  Did you ever spend the night at the Empress’ palace, Your Majesty?”

Jun Qian Che awkwardly tries to explain everything, “Imperial Mother, a man does not need to spend the night at a woman’s place to create children.”

Yang Shi Han puts two and two together, “Oh, so Your Majesty means that even though you never spent the night at Feng Yang Palace, you still frequently enters the Empress’ bedchamber!  You two have gotten intimate and the child is definitely yours!  Imperial Aunt, do you understand it now?  His Majesty hasn’t been going to Shi Han’s palace alone, he has been visiting the Empress’ palace as well!  That child is definitely his!”

Disappointment flickers on the Empress Dowager’s face, “You are too muddle-headed, Che Er!  So muddle-headed.  Didn’t you hate Mo Qi Qi?  Why did you consummate your marriage with her?  Even if you couldn’t resist her temptation, why were you so foolish as to allow her to carry your child!  The Mo Clan is powerful enough on their own, now that Mo Qi Qi has gotten pregnant, they will only get even more powerful!  You have always been level-headed and calm, what made you so impulsive this time?”

“That night was an accident.  Son did not mean to grace Mo Qi Qi,” replies Jun Qian Che in truth.  His head has been a mess ever since he found out about Mo Qi Qi’s pregnancy.   Despite everything, he feels grateful on the inside.  Lucky it was him who went to her palace that night.  Had he not come, the child right now would have been someone else’s.

“Then, what do you plan to do?  The child cannot stay!  Mo Clan will get more and more preposterous and it will be hard for us to get rid of them in the future.  Imperial Mother thinks that—–“

“Son will take care of this matter, Imperial Mother.  You do not have to fret over this,” says Jun Qian Che as he looks at his mother.

“Can you truly handle this?  What if you get haunted by guilt afterwards?” asks the Empress Dowager.

“Imperial Mother, son is aware of his own position.  Son isn’t just Mo Qi Qi’s husband and the father of our child, son is the Emperor of the kingdom.  What son needs to protect isn’t just one or two person, but the entire Hua Chen Kingdom.   Son can differentiate between what can be let go and what cannot,” a cold, calculating look flashes on Jun Qian Che’s eyes.

The Empress Dowager nods in satisfaction, “Alright, Imperial Mother believe that you know what is wrong and what is right.  You need to be ruthless when the time calls for it.  Although even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub, sometimes you just can’t help it when you are in the imperial clan.”

“Son understands.”  Jun Qian Che stands up and bows to the Empress Dowager, “Son has other matters to tend to, son seek permission to leave first.”

The Empress Dowager nods, “Go on, if you are busy.”

Yang Shi Han stands up after him, “Imperial Aunt, Shi Han should go as well.”

She chases after Jun Qian Che, “Wait for chenqie, Your Majesty!”

Jun Qian Che stops walking and looks at her coldly, “Was that the way for you to help zhen?”

Yang Shi Han raises her eyebrows, “You clearly know that it is impossible for you to be with Mo Qi Qi, why can’t you bear to do something when it comes to her?  This child shouldn’t be here on the first place, the sooner he leaves the better.  Your Majesty, chenqie is doing this for your own good!  Chenqie does not wish to see you getting overwhelmed by Mo Clan in court and then by Mo Qi Qi and her children once you return to the palace.  You must not be soft-hearted.  You are the ruler, sometimes, cruelty is a necessary.  If you want children, there is a stream of women who are ready to give them to you!  If you want to love a woman, feel free to love anyone you want, just not Mo Qi Qi.  I thought you know that!”

Zhen knows clearly what there is to do, there is no need for you to teach zhen,” Jun Qian Che walks away in large strides.

Yang Shi Han stomps her feet angrily, “I was just trying to help!  Hmph, what is so good about Mo Qi Qi, anyway!”

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