Chapter 285: Etched in Memory (01)

Si Zheng Ting does not know why his heart suddenly sinks at that reminder.

If they had went on and her condition becomes worse, Si Zheng Ting would have blame himself to no end.

Si Jing Yu studies his expression carefully before patting him in the shoulder, “I was only thinking for your own good, little brother.  Don’t be angry at me.”

Si Zheng Ting gives her a glance, “Please showcase your good breeding and do not simply enter another person’s room without permission.”

Si Jing Yu curtsies mockingly, “Yes, Honourable Heir!”

Si Zheng Ting harrumphs coldly and returns to his room without saying another word. 

Si Jing Yu clicks her tongue at his retreating back and heads over to the study.

Since Si Zheng Ting does not really have any formal training when it comes to design, his sketches lacks flair and only places importance on the key points.  It could be said that he knows nothing at all about design.

All of his drafts have always been made by hand instead of using software.

Polishing the designs usually lies on Si Jing Yu’s shoulder.

Si Jing Yu sees a file on top of the study’s table.  She picks it up.  There are a couple of sketches inside.

Huh?  When did he learn to use softwares?

The designs this time are just….. too ugly.

Si Jing Yu picks up the files and takes it back to her room, feeling completely flustered.

He is clearly TZ, but why are these designs so unlike him?

She picks up her phone and sends Si Zheng Ting a message:  Your designs are just too messy!  Seems like the Autumn-Winter collection is completely on me, this year. 

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By the time Si Zheng Ting returns to the room, the bed is already empty.

He has just began to panic when he hears the sound of water running inside the bathroom.

He follows the sound and finds Zhuang Nai Nai earnestly cleaning the black shirt by the sink.

She lowers her head as strands of her hair falls freely, giving her the lazy beauty look.

After washing it clean, she checks it carefully for any stains.  The sight of that warms Si Zheng Ting’s heart so much.

It makes him feels as though home is wherever she is at.

He is finally home.

He smiles gently as he looks at her.


The next couple of days are calm and quiet.

Both of them coexist peacefully.  After their last fight, Si Zheng Ting is treating Zhuang Nai Nai even better.

Zhuang Nai Nai is full of spirit to make him happy, so that he will forget to ask for the money from her.  The house is full of harmonious air.

She keeps remembering her question to him that day, and what his answer could have been.

What exactly would his answer had been?

Whenever she caught him looking at her so tenderly, she thought she could safely assume that his answer would have been; ‘Zhuang Nai Nai, after all these years, I had never forgotten you.’

As for her, she had forgotten a lot of things.  She had to do that in order to move on.

Si Zheng Ting is like that forgotten memory that has actually been etched inside her very soul.

Zhuang Nai Nai rests in the house for three more days, before finally managing to persuade Si Zheng Ting to let her go to the Gu Residence.

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She does not bother to polish her designs.  After all, Gu De Shou ought to have his own team to do the polishing for him.

The reason she bothers to go to the Gu Residence is because Gu De Shou has promised to let her contact her mother again.

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