Chapter 52: I Will Take You Out of the Palace

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As Jun Qian Che leans in closer, so close as though their lips are about to touch, the scene in the viewing tower resurfaces in his mind.  He withdraws back and turns around.

Mo Qi Qi who has been waiting for his kiss finds it weird that it is not coming.  She opens her eyes and finds Jun Qian Che’s back facing her.

Her head are full of question marks, though she is still relieved that she didn’t have to kiss him.  Lucky, lucky.  To prevent this from happening again, she quickly change the topic, “Your Majesty, the moon is so beautiful tonight.  Let’s make a couple more sky lanterns.”

Jun Qian Che turns around to face her and unexpectedly nods.

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily and runs to her chamber to get all the necessary things.

“Your Majesty, let chenqie teach you.” Mo Qi Qi feels very proud that she gets to be Jun Qian Che’s teacher.  Ha ha ha, so even he has things he didn’t know.  See how this teacher will teach you!

However, as time passes, Mo Qi Qi becomes dumbfounded.  She only gave him a simple description and Jun Qian Che is already able to create a large lantern.

Seeing this, Mo Qi Qi sighs, discouraged.

Jun Qian Che looks at the disheartened look on her face and asks, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Qi Qi mutters a small complain, “Your Majesty, can’t you give face to other people?  You are so smart, you makes me feel embarrassed.”

The corner of Jun Qian Che’s lips curls up, forming a faint smile.

Mo Qi Qi is stunned when she sees that smile.

When he senses the sudden silence in the atmosphere, he turns his head and sees her smiling happily while staring at him in a daze.

Jun Qian Che knocks her in the head.

“It hurts!” Mo Qi Qi’s wandering mind quickly goes back to earth.  She rubs the spot that has just been hit, “Why did you hit chenqie?”

“What are you in a daze for?  Aren’t you going to make the lanterns?” Jun Qian Che asks her.

Mo Qi Qi gives him an infuriated look, “It was all your fault!  Why did you look so handsome when you smile?”

Dark lines appear on Jun Qian Che’s head; he is really helpless when it comes to this girl.

Not long later, the two of them finish making three lanterns.

Mo Qi Qi lights up the first one.  When she releases it, it slowly ascends to the sky.  In order to give face to Jun Qian Che, her first wish is, “Kong Ming Lantern, I hope the kingdom will be prosperous and peaceful till the ends of time.”

When she lights up and released the second one, her wish is, “I hope Dong Fei’s case will be closed soon.  I hope she will rest in peace and I hope my innocence will be proven.” She glance at Jun Qian Che, purposely saying that for him to hear.

Jun Qian Che simply dismisses that, “If you profess that wish to zhen, perhaps zhen can fulfil that much faster than the lantern can.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles warmly, “Now that the emperor has heard my wish, will you make it happen faster?”

Jun Qian Che lightly raise his eyebrows, “It depends on the empress’ performance.”

Mo Qi Qi’s eyes turn calculative.  She immediately gives the last lantern to Jun Qian Che, “Your Majesty, this lantern is for you.”  She obediently looks as him, as though asking, am I doing good?

Jun Qian Che takes the lantern, lights it up and lets it fly to the sky.  He did not make any wish.

Mo Qi Qi kindly reminds him, “Your Majesty, you can make a wish.  The Kong Ming lantern will fulfil it for you!”

Jun Qian Che calmly opens his mouth, “If zhen wish for it to fly back down, will it fly back down?”

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Damn!  Mo Qi Qi feels like a crow just passed over her head.  This piece of…… Must he be such a spoilsport?

“Your Majesty, your wish is too damn impossible.” Mo Qi Qi helplessly says.

Jun Qian Che remains as calm as ever, “Will lanterns be able to fulfil wishes?  It is merely self-deception.”

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips, “You are ruining such a beautiful and magical thing!”

“Let the common people fiddle with these kinds of self-deception.  You are different, you are zhen’s empress.  Whatever wish you have will have higher chances of being fulfilled if you share them with zhen.”

Mo Qi Qi glares at him, secretly thinking: Then, my wish right now is for you to leave!  Will you help me fulfil that?

Jun Qian Che unhappily glares at her.  He gets up, flings his sleeves before swiftly leaving.

Mo Qi Qi is surprised: Oh mom!  Don’t tell her he can read minds?  That man is so scary, like a ghost!

Mo Qi Qi uneasily looks around, cold sweat forming on her forehead.  She runs back to her room.

The next day, the 7th wangye sneaks into Mo Qi Qi’s palace.  Mo Qi Qi who was taking her afternoon nap can feel another person’s presence on her bedside; she opens her eyes and is so surprised that she almost screams out loud.

Jun Yue Hen immediately covers her mouth, “Qi Qi, it is me.”  After she calms down a little, he takes his hand away from her mouth.

Mo Qi Qi jumps up and looks out of the window to the people outside.  She whispers to him, “Yue Hen, you are too bold!  There are so many imperial guards outside, aren’t you afraid of being discovered?  If they discover you, they will report everything to the emperor!  Jun Qian Che is so suspicious, what if he thinks we are having an affair?  He will kill us!”

Jun Yue He’s face appears anxious, “I don’t care anymore!”

“Did anything happen?  You seem so worried and anxious.” Mo Qi Qi has started to panic as well.

“Qi Qi, listen to me.  According to the person I sent to secretly investigate Dong Fei’s death, Dong Fei’s death has something to do with you.”

“What?” Mo Qi Qi is so shocked that she is having a hard time to breathe: “Yue Hen, could you be mistaken?  How can it has anything to do with me?”  Was the previous owner really the one who ordered people to kill Dong Fei?

“There was an injury on Dong Fei’s back; inflicted by someone who knows the Art of San Zhi.  It is the most plausible cause of death.  Very few people knows that art; in the palace, only you knows how to do it.” Jun Yue Hen truthfully says.

Mo Qi Qi immediately flies into a rage, “What is the Art of San Zhi?  I don’t even know any martial arts at the moment! I just want to dismantle this stupid palace!”

“Qi Qi, don’t be impulsive.  Listen to me.  I naturally believe you, but what about the emperor?  After all, before Dong Fei’s death, you were the only one who didn’t get along with her.  Besides, there had been no incidents or assassination attempts before Dong Fei’s disappearance, so you are the most probable culprit.  It is very possible for you to be convicted.” Jun Yue Hen says.

Mo Qi Qi’s face turns bitter, “What should I do?  I am so dead!  Hu hu, why is my life so tragic?”

“Don’t be afraid, Qi Qi!  I will not let anyone harm you!  Tonight, once the sky is dark, I will take you out of the palace.  We will leave the capital and will go to a place where the emperor cannot find us.”  Jun Yue Hen earnestly promises as he looks at her.


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