Chapter 51: An Emperor’s Words Are Final


“Please forgive me, Your Majesty!” Chu Ling Xiao immediately admits fault.

“Speak.  Why were you willing to bear the crime of deceiving the emperor?” Jun Qian Che continues criticizing memorials, as though he doesn’t care about this at all.

But Chu Ling Xiao knows him really well; the calmer he appears, the more he cares.  If he continue lying and infuriating him, he is going to lose his life.  Sorry, empress!

And so, Chu Ling Xiao divulge the threats that he received in Feng Yang Palace, “That was what happened, Your Majesty.  This official did not want to deceive you, but this official had no other way.”

“No other way?” he trained his sharp eyes on Chu Ling Xiao, though there is a trace of smile on his eyes.  This Mo Qi Qi is getting more and more interesting, she actually dared to do that.  If this was the old her, she would have made a fuss until she overturned the world.

But, he understands Chu Ling Xiao really well as well.  If he secretly didn’t want to help Mo Qi Qi, he wouldn’t have heeded to her threats.  This Mo Qi Qi is really capable, she even managed to win over Chu Ling Xiao.

Seeing Jun Qian Che whose anger is now dissipating, Chu Ling Xiao laughs, “Your Majesty, this official is just an official.  One is the empress, and the other is you, this official cannot afford to offend any one of you.  Please forgive me, Your Majesty.”

Jun Qian Che looks at Chu Ling Xiao and coldly says, “Remember, everything happened the way you put it earlier.  Dong Fei did meet the empress before her death and was punished with 20 hits, but it was not grave enough as to cause her to die.  This matter has nothing to do with the empress.  Dong Fei was never pregnant and she was never attacked using the Art of San Zhi.”

Hearing that, Chu Ling Xiao’s lips curls up, “Yes, Your Majesty.  The affection between Your Majesty and Her Ladyship is getting deeper; this official never thought that Your Majesty would ever cover up something for a woman.”

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Jun Qian Che gives him a sharp look.

Chu Ling Xiao is startled and immediately tries to change the topic, “As for Dong Fei’s case, we need to find the murderer to close the case!”

“This case has nothing to do with you, now.  Zhen has zhen’s own arrangement.” A cold light flashes in Jun Qian Che’s eyes.  He does not want this matter to grow big, so he really needs to solve this fast.

Night comes and since Dong Fei’s murder case has not been solved, everyone who lives in the palace retreats to their own room early.  They doesn’t dare to roam around at night anymore.

Mo Qi Qi too, sends her people away early.  She sits in the courtyard all by herself, holding a lantern.  She lights up the lantern before releasing it, watching it fly up into the night sky.

As the lantern flies higher, she remembers the first lantern she ever released with her parents.  She was so young then, and the view of the lantern flying further had seemed so magical.  Her mother told her that she can make a wish to a lantern, it will come true.  Since then, she has taken a habit to releasing lanterns at night.

Mo Qi Qi clasps her hands together before closing her eyes, “Dear lantern, if you can really grant wishes, please help me leave this place sooner.  If I stay here any longer, I will go crazy.”

Jun Qian Che who is walking into her palace, overhears that.  Anger rises in his heart. He picks up a stone and uses his internal power to shoot the lantern down.  The lantern crashes to the ground.

Seeing the lantern on the ground, Mo Qi Qi feels very frustrated, “Hu hu, is my wish really that hard to be granted?”

“Correct.  Don’t even dream of having that wish fulfilled in this entire lifetime,” an imposing voice can be heard.

Mo Qi Qi looks up and sees Jun Qian Che walking to her in large steps.

She unwillingly curtsies before him, “Greeting, Your Majesty.”

Jun Qian Che continues walking to her in large strides before seizing her wrist.  He glares at her.

Mo Qi Qi frowns unhappily as pain spreads in her wrist, “Your Majesty, you are hurting me.”

“Speak! Why do you want to leave the palace?  Who do you want to be with?  Is it the 7th imperial uncle?  Or is there any other man?” Jun Qian Che seems to have lost control of his emotion.

Mo Qi Qi’s attention is on her pained wrist, so she did not really pay any attention to what he says.  “What the hell are you talking about?  I don’t understand you!”

“You don’t understand?  Weren’t you wishing to leave the palace just now?  You were the one who was adamant to enter the palace back then!  Why are you in a hurry to leave now? Is there someone that you like waiting for you out there?” Jun Qian Che’s eyes are filled with dangerous fury.

Mo Qi Qi struggles to free her hand, “Let go!  It hurts!”

Jun Qian Che’s eyes falls on her wrist and only then does he realized that he has lost control.  He immediately lets go of her hand.

Mo Qi Qi rubs her reddened wrist and angrily scolds him, “Your Majesty, does it serve you any purpose to come here at night to bully me just because you cannot sleep?  If you are bored, go and find Yang Meimei!”

“Do not bring up other women in front of zhen!” Jun Qian Che struggles to contain his anger.  He coldly reminds her, “Do not forget your own position.  The entire back palace belongs to zhen, zhen is free to go wherever zhen wants!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!  Chenqie has no right to interfere!  But chenqie is currently the suspect of a murder, it is inappropriate for Your Majesty to be here!”  Her mood is already bad today and this jerk decides to come here to find fault!  He must have think that she is easy to be bullied!  If he piss her off today, she will bite him to death!

“You still know that you are a suspect in a murder case?  You sure have enough guts to threaten the kingdom’s prime minister, stacking a crime on top of another crime.  From how zhen looks at it, you no longer wants to keep your head intact.” By now, Jun Qian Che has recovered his composure.

Mo Qi Qi unconsciously touches her neck.  Sweats are formed on her forehead as she forces herself to laugh, “He he, the prime minister told you everything?” That Chu Ling Xiao doesn’t want to live anymore!  How dare he sells out this granny?  She will castrate him the next time she meets him!

“Did you really think that your petty trick would work?” Jun Qian Che looks at her in disdain.

Mo Qi Qi really wants to give his big mouth a good slap.  How arrogant and haughty!  Unfortunately, she only possesses the heart of a thief, not the courage of a thief.  She does not even has the time to day-dream right now.

She rushes to him and hugs his arm coquettishly, “Your Majesty, chenqie was just playing a trick on him!  I didn’t know he took it seriously!  Even if chenqie has ten times more bravery than chenqie currently possesses, chenqie still wouldn’t have the guts to threaten the prime minister!” She blinks innocently.

The displeasure in Jun Qian Che’s heart gradually goes away, in fact, he surprisingly says “You are the empress, what is wrong with you threatening him?” Chu Ling Xiao, that brat usually dared to make fun of even him; who would have thought that Mo Qi Qi would have the ability to sort him out?

Mo Qi Qi is stunned when she hears that, “Huh?  Your Majesty, chenqie is a little slow…. Are you being honest or…..”

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Zhen will not pursue this any further, this time,” Jun Qian Che looks at her, not answering the question.

Mo Qi Qi’s heart blossoms with joy as she completely forgets her anger.  She curtsies in front of him, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“You have not answered zhen’s question.  Why do you wish to leave the palace?” Remembering the wish and that grief on her face, Jun Qian Che feels as though his heart has been stabbed by a dagger.

Mo Qi Qi helplessly sighs, she is really angry on the inside.  His memory is really good, she can twist him around so many times and he will still go back to the original topic.

In order to keep her head, Mo Qi Qi can only put on another performance.  Admitting the truth or agreeing with him about his theory of her having another man outside are both a no-go, so she can only put her acting skill to use in order to escape this crisis.

Mo Qi Qi takes out her handkerchief and dabs it on her nose, pretending to cry, “Your Majesty, chenqie is having a really hard time!”

“A hard time?” Jun Qian Che’s head is full of question marks.

Mo Qi Qi sobs while saying, “Although chenqie is the esteemed empress, every steps chenqie takes has to be taken cautiously.  I have to go through my days in fear.  It is said that one will feel cold at the top; only after entering the palace does chenqie understand that.  The empress’ seat seem glorious and easy, but there are so many women coveting this seat both inside and outside the palace.  The fight is fierce and the pressure is high.  Every single thing that chenqie does are watched by so many eyes, waiting to catch chenqie’s fault so they can report it to you.  So many people wants to harm chenqie, it is so hard that chenqie cannot sleep and eat in peace.  Now, this Dong Fei thing happened.  Chenqie is really being framed this time, this is an even bigger injustice than that of Dou E’s!  Chenqie heard that Dong Fei was having an affair and was cheating on Your Majesty, so chenqie brought her in to be questioned.  She was rude and insolent, so chenqie ordered her to be hit twenty times.  Who would have known that she would die?  Someone is purposely framing chenqie!  All leads are currently pointing towards chenqie, chenqie is really scared; that’s why chenqie wants to leave the palace.  Though the life in the palace is luxurious, there are dangers lurking in every corner!  Rather than living in fear all the time, chenqie would rather leave the palace.  Though the life of a commoner is a little harder, at least it is safer, both mentally and physically.  Your Majesty, please grant chenqie’s wish!”

Mo Qi Qi cries while complaining about her hardship, grievance and suffering.  It is true that she is being wronged; she does not even know Dong Fei!

Seeing this, Jun Qian Che’s ice-cold heart softens.  He sighs, “Alright, don’t cry.  Zhen will investigate this properly, you will not be wronged.  Don’t be afraid, as long as zhen is here, zhen will not let anyone harm you.”

Mo Qi Qi looks up, her large round eyes glistening in tears as she pitifully looks at him, “Really?”

“An emperor’s words are final.” Jun Qian Che takes her handkerchief and helps wipe her face.

Mo Qi Qi laughs happily; with these tears, she managed to lock in Jun Qian Che that idiot!  She is as good as those Oscar-winning actresses.

As he helps her wipe her tears, Jun Qian Che looks at her.  Her long hair are draped behind her, tied by a pink ribbon.  She is wearing a set of pink dress.  Under the moonlight, her face is exceptionally beautiful.  Her skin is fair, like snow.  She looks unparalleled, making it hard for people to look away.  She is beautiful in an ethereal way.

Jun Qian Che stares at her like an idiot.  His eyes are on her lips as he slowly leans in.

Seeing him leaning forward, Mo Qi Qi’s heart jumps.  Should she reciprocate his action?  But she does not love him, she does not wish to turn her back on her heart.

But, if she push him away, will she be able to coddle him out of his anger?  She feels very conflicted.

Aiya!  Never mind, it is just a kiss!  Just give him a face this time, she will just rinse her mouth and brush her teeth a couple more times later.  Her life is more important.

And so, Mo Qi Qi stands there stiffly and grits her teeth, standing there with her eyes closed like a soldier stepping into the battlefield.

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