Volume 1, Chapter 1-1: Encounter with a Normal (Temporary) Girl

“……This is terrible.”

I was transferred to some random field. I thought back on what happened so far and looked down in despair.

After everything that’s happened, I’m now left defenceless.

I’m not sure if I believed her so easily because she saved my life or because she’s a Goddess…….Either way, it’s my own fault for trusting her.

I need to be careful now that I’m here. Right now I have a trait that will attract Yanderes…..Still, I never imagined this trait would even attract a Yandere Goddess.

However, thanks to her, I am now able to live a second life. Anyway, the way she talked and her behaviour may have been strange, but, compared to the past Yanderes in my life, she seems to be decent.

…..Well, I’m not sure if I can compare Yandere girls to Yandere Goddesses. Anyway, I definitely don’t hate Medea-nee compared to other Yanderes.

Even now I’m still calling her Medea-nee……Maybe she was distracting me with her behaviour in order to trick me….

Well……it did feel amazing though.

A-Anyway, I need to think about something else. After all, she really did reincarnate me into another world. Though, it will be impossible for me to meet an ordinary girl and live a peaceful life.

What should I do first? Well, I guess I should figure out where I am —- Oh, and what I even look like.

First, my clothes……I’m wearing simple clothing and it’s different from what I was wearing earlier. Did Medea-nee change me into clothing that the people of this world wear?

…..No, I need to stop thinking too much about that. Especially since that would mean she changed me into the clothing I was wearing earlier.

Anyway, is there anything useful on me……nothing. Absolutely nothing. Was I thrown into the middle of a field with no food or weapons!?

I’ll probably starve and die at this rate. Well, I guess that wouldn’t matter. I’d just be revived somewhere else, but it would be stupid to have my first death be due to starvation.

Is there anything else…..Ah, that’s right, the item box!

….Eh? How do I use it?

I imagine a box opening in my mind and — it opened. A semi-transparent window opens in front of me, I can see ten gold coins rolling around in the window.

I’m guessing that’s a large amount of money, but — It’s not useful right now.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll need to first find a village.

I’m on a small hill and in the distance, I can see a road that looks like a highway.

If I follow that road I should eventually come across a village, but…..I’m not sure how long I’d have to walk.

I need to think of a backup plan — That’s when I noticed a translucent window in the corner of my vision.

What is that —

Welcome to Algonia!

Yuzuki-kun, you were transported to the southwest part of Gran Island.

….Something about this message — It reminds me of Medea-nee. Maybe it’s just my imagination?

……She said she had been watching me for a long time and it’s starting to seem like that’s the truth.

I tried to write something in the window, but it seemed impossible. I’m guessing it’s similar to a welcome screen in an MMO.

Well, if I have a welcome screen, maybe I have something like a minimap? But, as far as I can tell, there’s nothing like that.

Apparently, this window only displays message logs and the time.

Alright, I guess I have no choice. Now it’s just a matter of which direction to go…..As I was considering which way to go, I could hear the scream of a girl coming from nearby.

What, what is it? Surely it’s not some kind of pervert — even in a different world that’s a problem? It may be more likely, since this is a fantasy world, that it’s someone being attacked by thieves.

I instinctively stopped walking and turned to the direction of the screams.

This world created by the Yandere Goddess is like a game. I heard a girl’s scream soon after appearing here — I’m guessing this is something like an introductory event.

Could it be possible? An ordinary girl that needs my help?

To be honest, I expect her to be Yandere. There’s a good chance she will be Yandere. She’ll definitely be Yandere!

I am hoping to meet a normal girl and live a peaceful life with her. Therefore, I really don’t want to be associated with any Yanderes.

I really don’t want to, but…..I can’t ignore the screams of a girl.

I sighed and looked in the direction of the screams.

First of all —- I need to think about how I’ll fight.

I learned some skills I thought I’d need when I still was unaware of the Yanderes in this world. I’ll need to check my skills properly, but first……I need to head in the direction of the screams, I’ll keep my status window open as I go towards it.

[Name]: Minase Yuzuki [Overall Ability Score]: 102,900

[Base Skills]

Strength: D / Stamina: C / Intelligence: E / Dexterity: D / Magical Power: F / Willpower: AAA / Luck: A


Slashing: D / Sleep: C / Poison: D / Curse: F / Fear: B / Confusion: E

[Combat Skills]: None

[Magic Skills]

Healing: F / Cure Poison: F / Cure Disease: F

[Technical Skills]

Sewing: E / Pattern Paper: F / Design: E / Weaving: F / Woodworking: F

[Hereditary Skills]

Martial Arts / Offensive Magic / Recovery Magic / Support Magic / Tailoring / Riding / Negotiation / Manufacturing / Acting

[Special Skill]

Appraisal: F / Item Box: F / Perception: F / No Chant: F

[Rare Skill]

To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes: SSS

[Bad Status]

Feminist: S


Goddess Medea’s First Love
Received Goddess Medea’s Love
A Traveler From a Different World
Loved to Death By Yanderes

[SP]: 0 SP

……Hmm? I have many different skills but for combat skills…..I have none. Aaaaaahhhhh, that’s right! Because I knew I’d be reborn if I died, I focused on obtaining hereditary skills and special skills!

On top of that….My strange titles are continuing to increase, but they don’t seem to be useful in battle. Even if I were to fight, I’d die immediately and get a bad end!

No, even if I die I’ll be reborn again.

As I started running towards the scream, a carriage that was stopped on the side of the highway came into view.

Around the carriage, I could see three swordsmen that looked like guards. They were fighting against some people that looked like thieves.

There are a larger number of thieves than guards, but it seems the guards are more skilled fighters. From what I can tell, none of the guards have been hurt and there are only thieves lying on the ground.

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However, because the guards are trying to defend the carriage, it seems like they are being pushed back.

I became frightened at the sight of a real fight in front of me. Even though I have no combat skills, I still felt the need to help them fight.

Even if I die I will just resurrect some time later, but it would still be painful and I don’t want to die in vain. As I stood there, unsure of what to do………my eyes met with a blonde girl inside the carriage.

“You there, don’t get caught up in the fight. Run away!”

She’s currently in immediate danger and it would make sense if she was scared for her life. Yet, this girl that’s younger than me is trying to keep me from getting hurt.

This girl is in a life-threatening situation and is still thinking about me, but I’m immortal and still don’t even have the nerve to fight?

I slapped my face and ran towards the fight.

I let out a yell as I ran toward the wagon. I slipped past the surprised guards and thieves and found a sword on one of the fallen thieves.

“W-Who are you!?”

A female guard shouted at me as I picked up the blade.

“Please, don’t attack, I’m on your side.”

I shout this at her and to prove I’m on her side, I stabbed at the thief currently attacking her. The thief quickly jumped back and avoided the attack. He then kept some distance between me and the guard.

After that, I ran to the other side of the carriage to where the rest of the guards were.

“Are you really on our side?”

A female guard that was restraining a thief asked me this.

“I’m trying to help, but don’t expect much as I’m just a normal person passing by!”

I declare such a pathetic thing in as dignified a manner as possible.

I don’t know how effective my words were, but the female swordsmen seemed to believe me. While crossing swords with the thief, I could see her smile.

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“Thank you. Then, while we take care of the enemies, you must protect the carriage! We will have no chance if they manage to take ojou-sama as a hostage!”

“Leave it to me!”

In this situation, without any fighting experience or combat skills, I doubt I’d be able to defeat any thieves, but I should be able to at least prevent them from getting to the carriage. Well, I at least have to try.

I turned my sword towards the thieves with my back to the girl in the carriage.

“ — Come on!”

I shout out with nothing to lose. At that moment, one of the thieves managed to slip past the guards and approached me saying, “You’re pretty bold for a little brat!”

No, umm, I’m sorry.

I just yelled that to make me appear confident so you don’t really need to come towards me!

“Just die already!”


The thief swung his sword down at my head. To block it, I reflexively held up my sword – – – and parried his sword.

….. H-huh?

—Then, there was a brief moment of silence.

The thief tried to grab me with his hands, but – – – he’s so slow. With one hand I pulled both of his arms down and with the other, I slammed the pommel of the sword into his chin.


The thief crumpled to the ground while letting out a scream of pain. Somehow……this guy is weaker than I thought.

No, it’s still too early for me to relax.

It’s possible that guy was the weakest amongst the four bad guys. Thief A could’ve just been an underling or something similar…..

“T-The leader was instantly killed!”

“Impossible! How could our leader be defeated in a single blow!?”

“—Withdraw! Run away! Everyone, run away!”

The other thieves looked down at Thief A that I had knocked down and seemed to lose the will to fight. This guy was far from being the weakest, in fact, he seemed to be their leader.

…….Eh, seriously?

“You saved us. Did you say you’re just an ordinary person to get them to lower their guard?”

As I was still a little dumbfounded, one of the female swordsmen came up to me.

“Well……. I was being serious, but….”

“Fufu~ no need to be so modest. Those were no ordinary bandits and for you to just knock the leader out in one blow. Well, let’s just say nobody would believe you’re just a normal person.”

“…..Those weren’t ordinary thieves?”

“They did look like thieves, but their leader was well trained. On top of that, they attacked a carriage that had well-armed guards. No ordinary thieves would do that. They must belong to some larger organization.”

“….I see.”

Hmm….is that so? Well, if I think about it from a thief’s perspective, I would be more likely to attack a traveller or trader that couldn’t afford any escorts.

If that’s the case, then…..how did I defeat him so easily?

I don’t know any martial arts and I haven’t mastered any combat skills.

I only just started mastering some of the basic battle skills, but…..that would at most increase my abilities by 10%.

If that thief were actually strong there’s no chance I’d beat him.

As I was thinking about this, I could hear the sound of the carriage door opening behind me.

Behind me, a blonde haired girl that was wearing a Gothic Lolita dress jumped down from the carriage – – – Ueh!?

“Onii-san, thank you for saving me!”

The blonde girl suddenly jumped toward me and I reflexively embraced her – – – I almost screamed out of habit.

I suddenly had a flashback to when Hinano was stabbing me.

After hearing her words of gratitude I expected her to say, “That’s why I’ll kill you so we can be together forever.”

But this blonde haired girl isn’t acting suspiciously. She’s just hugging me gently.

Maybe she is just a normal girl – – – I slowly looked down at the girl clinging to me.

Her head was about level with my neck and she appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen years old. I could only see part of her face, but she’s definitely cute for her age.

She doesn’t look at all like a Yandere.

…..No, it’s still too early for me to decide that.

The younger girls usually behave like an ordinary beautiful girl and can suddenly change. I’ll have to be cautious around her for a while.

“Rose ojou-sama, aren’t you being rude to your saviour?”

Apparently, my cautious attitude came off as me being more annoyed than anything.

The female guard that was speaking with me earlier cautioned the girl. Immediately after, the girl named Rose suddenly jumped back and said, “E-Excuse me.”

She seemed to be panicking a little, but then, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and politely curtsied.

“I’m sorry about that. My name is Rose, I am the eldest daughter of the Brad family. Thank you for saving me earlier.”

Her childlike behaviour seemed to completely disappear and she was now acting like a proper lady. She said she was the daughter of the Brad family; does that mean she’s nobility?

I was a little surprised once I got a good look at her face. Her left eye was blue, while her right eye is a bright gold. She was the owner of some mysterious eyes.

That’s right……almost like a demon.

“Umm? Can you tell me your name?”

“Ah, sorry. My name is Minas – – – Sorry, my name is Yuzuki.”

There’s a chance that only the nobility have family names in this world so I made sure to tell her only my first name.

“Yuzuki onii-san then.”


“Yes, it just felt right…..Do you not like it?”

“Ah, no it’s fine.”

It’s embarrassing for me to call the Goddess Medea-nee, but I’m used to being called onii-san.

By the way, I didn’t have a younger sister. Rather, there was a younger girl in my neighbourhood that would call me that. I remember she would say stuff like, “I love you onii-chan. So, if you talk to another girl…..I’ll kill you, okay?”

“Thank you so much, Yuzuki onii-san. Thank you for helping us. Would you mind coming to my house?”

“Eh, your house…..”

“Yes, I really want to thank you properly……is that no good?”

“Just a normal thank you is enough for me…..”

I’m getting a strange feeling from her. Something like, I’ll give my life to you in return! Or, I’ll lock you in a room and take care of you forever!

Does she really just want to thank me…..Should I believe her?

“Umm, am I causing you trouble?”

Rose looked a bit sad when I started being suspicious of her.

She’s not showing any signs of being a Yandere like that young girl from my neighbourhood. Maybe she really is just thankful.

….That’s right.

If Rose is Yandere it will be difficult, but…..she’s not showing any signs of being one. And if I just suspect everyone of being Yandere I’ll never be able to talk with anyone.

Let’s believe in Rose – – – I decided to accept her invitation.

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