Volume 1, Prologue 2

— In exchange for the ability to create my own character, the Goddess laid out her conditions.

I really shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve just gone from a dead end to now having the opportunity at a new life. It’s obvious I’d have to give something up in return.

But, these conditions? A Goddess that created another world is asking me to call her Medea onee-chan and wants me to do lewd things with her.

To be honest, I don’t really know what she means.

“Umm… are you serious about doing lewd things?”

“Of course I’m being serious.”

“Are you just trying to tease me because I’m shy? Is that your true purpose?”

“Of course I wouldn’t do something stupid like that. Whatever Yuzuki-kun asks me to do, no matter how erotic or indecent, your onee-san will do it.”

… is she serious? What is with this development? If this is just like a normal isekai story, something like this wouldn’t happen.

The Goddess is incredibly beautiful and has an erotic body. If I were to say I’m not interested in some kind of onee-shota play, I’d be lying…but, if possible, I’d like to do that stuff with a person I actually like.

— But the idea of living in a world of sword and magic is so appealing to me. For me to live the life I want in that world, I need a cheat ability.

Therefore, I would have to do these lewd things with the Goddess… it’s not like I just want to do dirty things with her.

“I understand. Honestly, I’d rather do stuff like this with the person I like, but I’m willing to do that stuff with you in order to get a cheat ability.”

“It’s cute that you’re trying to make excuses.”

“Don’t you think it’s your job as an onee-san to just accept whatever excuses I come up with?”

“Oh, I guess you’re right.”

And she giggled at me.

Well… she really does look like a beautiful onee-san.

Or rather, I should say,

“Umm…..Besides the lewd things, you wanted me to call you onee-chan or something similar? Medea-sama should work, right? It has a similar feeling, right?”

I said this earlier, but the Goddess is incredibly beautiful. I’d feel embarrassed calling such a beautiful girl onee-chan.

But the Goddess just giggled. Did she see through my scheme?

“That’s not good enough. I told you, you have to call me onee-chan.”

“Then, at least let me call you Medea onee-san —”

“That doesn’t work either. If you call me that it doesn’t feel as familiar as calling me onee-chan.”

“… then… what about, Medea-nee?”


“Yeah, it’s just a shortened version of Medea onee-chan. I did my best to make it sound like we’re close… is it no good?”

“Yes… Medea-nee….”

“I-Is it no good?”

“No, it’s perfect! Then, please call me Medea-nee. Please, take care of me!”

It seems like she likes it. Well, in order to avoid calling the Goddess a more embarrassing name, I’ll now be calling her ‘Medea-nee.’

“~~~~~Mou, I can’t stand it!”

“What? What are you saying — Uee!?”

The Goddess that was sitting on the sofa opposite me suddenly disappeared and then reappeared right next to me.

I guess the Goddess has the ability to teleport around. Before I could even understand what was going on, the Goddess hugged me and pressed her chest up against me.


Although the Goddess is wearing a top, her top is off the shoulder. So, right now her bare chest is pressing against my face.

“Ahahaha, the warmth of Yuzuki-kun! This is only something I’ve imagined in my dreams! Hyaaaaan~ I just want to absorb as much of this feeling as possible! Hurry up, please hurry and do lewd things with your onee-chan as soon as possible!”

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“P-Please, calm down. Goddess-sama, you’re too close!”

My face is sandwiched between her breasts and my lungs are filled with a sweet smell.

I can’t possibly resist this. Thank you very much!

“Goddess-sama, please release me!”

“I’m still not satisfied enough! Besides, it’s not Goddess-sama, it’s Medea-nee! Gyyuuuuuu!”

“Uwwaaaaa, Medea-nee let-me-go!”

This Goddess is much stronger than she looks. No matter how desperately I struggle I can’t escape her grasp. I’m becoming overwhelmed with the feeling of the Goddess’ soft body.

“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun, you’re getting bigger down here.”

For a brief moment, I lost myself and in that time Medea-nee began rubbing her finger on my member through my pants.


“What’s wrong, Yuzuki-kun? You look like you’re in pain.”

“I-I don’t know what you mean.”

“Is that so? I hated seeing that girl Hinano doing those dirty things to you. But I transferred your soul here before you were able to finish, so I assumed you’d be a little pent up.”


I wasn’t even conscious during that.

But — now that I think about it, it might be true.

“No way… did you purposefully wait to transfer me until that time?”

“Of course not. It was merely a coincidence, but I will be taking full advantage of that coincidence.”

“Even if I believed you — han!?”

Even while we were talking, Medea-nee continued moving her hand and before I knew it, she had taken my member out of my underwear and pants.

“Fuufuu~, Hinano’s love juices and the blood from losing her cherry are still on it.”

“Wait… I thought you said you recreated my body?”

“Fuufuu~, I rebuilt your body, but I kept this area as it was when you died.”

“Why….would you do that? Ku~~~~~”

Medea-nee placed her lips on me down below and started licking off the love juices left on it. Then she put it in her mouth.

“Kuu~ chu~, of course, your beautiful onee-chan chu~, should be allowed to clean this up for you chu~. Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s thing is so hard, it’s trembling so much.”

Her warm tongue wrapped around it. It delicately moved up and down it’s length.

Maybe it’s just because my only experience with anything like this was with Hinano, but the Goddess’ tongue technique was amazing. It feels like there are multiple tongues licking me.

“Medea-nee is so lewd — Huk~ I could get used to this amazing feeling!”

“Oh, this is chu~….This is only my first-time nupu~, doing something like this,”


Surprised, I look down at Medea-nee. Medea-nee just showed a wry smile to me.

“I waited for Yuzuki-kun to be my first for such a long time. How does it feel to be the first one to experience this untouched Goddess?”


I’m getting more and more excited because of her lewd words.

This Goddess is saying it’s her first time, but she’s just too erotic.

“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s face is irresistible. Well then, now I’ll make you feel even better.”

I couldn’t even respond.

Medea-nee started moving her mouth even faster.

“Ku……chu ~~, kupu~.…… Chi~ churu~yupu.……Ji ~,ji ~…… ha~a.…… Amu. Kuchi ~…Cha~ pu~……ji ~, dji ~yupupupu~tsu”

“Medea-nee, I’m —”

I couldn’t hold back anymore — but I wasn’t able to finish. That’s because Medea-nee was tightly squeezing the base.

“M-Medea-nee, what are you doing?”

“Yuzuki-kun, your onee-chan hasn’t had enough yet.”


While she squeezed, Medea-nee began sucking again. I want to finish. I can’t last any longer. But she won’t let me finish. This is agony!

“Medea-nee, please stop squeezing.”

“Fuufuu~, I can’t do that.”


I can’t think of anything else.

“Please, Medea-nee, I beg you, let me finish.”

“Hnn~? Where do you want to finish, Yuzuki-kun?”

While she still sucked me, Medea-nee looked up at me with mischievous eyes. After seeing that look on her face, I lost all self-control.

“Inside Medea-nee’s mouth! I want to finish in your mouth!”

“See, you just needed to say it properly. Well then….Amu…..chu~, ji~….gup~….kupu~~…..hyaa~”

Medea-nee released her grip and sucked even harder. The overwhelming pleasure from this caused my mind to go white.

“Haa~……n~ Amazing… this is sperm, Yuzuki-kun’s sperm. It’s really sticky, amazing… it’s irresistible.”

Medea-nee saved my sperm in her mouth and seemed to be savouring the taste.


“Fuufuu~, Yuzuki-kun’s sperm… what do you want me to do with it?”

Medea-nee stuck her tongue out and a cloudy white liquid could be seen in her mouth. I was stunned after seeing such a lewd scene.

“….Swallow…..Swallow it.”

“I understand…..*koku*…..hnn~”

Medea-nee swallowed my semen that was in her mouth. Even after that, she licked the remaining semen off of my member and swallowed that as well.

“Ha~….. hnn~ Amazing, it’s getting caught in my throat. This is Yuzuki-kun’s sperm. It’s filling my belly and becoming a part of me.”

“Lewd… but, does a Goddess need food?”

“I’m a Goddess so I don’t need to eat. Yuzuki-kun’s sperm will just become a part of me.”

“That’s…. erotic…. wai- Medea-nee!?”

Medea-nee started sucking on my member again.

“W-Wait a minute! It’s too soon, the stimulation is too much!”

“Nuu~…….Haa~…….Fuufuu~, I was just sucking out the remaining sperm.”

“…..I-I see.”

“Perhaps you wanted me to do it again?”

“O-Of course not!”

I was almost unable to deny it, but if we kept going we’d never be able to advance the talks. I stood up to distance myself from Medea-nee and pulled up my pants.

“A-Anyway, can I create my own character now?”

“Of course, and for such great service, I’ll even give you some extra skill points (SP)!

“T-Thank you.”

Though I had to do it to be able to create my character, getting extra SP from it is also great.

If it means I can earn even more points, then maybe, if she were to ask again…..No, no I need to calm down. I haven’t been thinking straight for a while now. I just need to calm down.

“…..Even after that, that thing still hasn’t gone down. He must have extraordinary stamina from being chased by Yanderes. That’s good to know.”

“Huh? Did you say something, Goddess-sama?”

“Call me Medea-nee. And I didn’t say anything.”

“That’s fine then, but…..do I really have to call you that….?”

It’s embarrassing. I tried to find a way out of calling her that, but I have to for her to increase my SP. I have no choice but to call her Medea-nee.

“……Then, I’ll call you Medea-nee, but is it really okay to not use the honorific?”

“Of course, I don’t mind.”

“Thank you. Well then, I want to learn how to improve my skills. Medea-nee, will you teach me?”


The Goddess hugged my body tightly and seemed to be unwilling to let go. It looks like her face is filled with ecstasy, but that may just be my imagination.

“….Hwa~, I want to immerse myself in this happiness forever. I guess it can’t be helped. It’s regrettable but let’s begin the character creation.”

“Thank you…..So what do I need to do?”

“Well……First off, I will increase your SP by 2000. Feel free to choose whatever skills you’d like. Just picture a status window in your mind and speak the word ‘Status,’ a window should appear.

“I see. Then, I won’t hesitate — Status open!”

I followed her directions and said this in a loud voice. Shortly after, a semi-transparent window appeared blocking off part of my view.

I could tell there was something written in the window, but it was in a language I couldn’t understand.

“Based on the experiences you’ve had in life, you already know some skills. Please, use the remaining 2000 SP to choose whatever skills you’d like.”

“Eh……I can’t read it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let me first teach you the language of my world…….”

Medea-nee came up behind me and started touching buttons on the status screen. Hey, something is pressing against my back!

Even as I was distracted, Medea-nee continued manipulating the status window.

“….You can interact with another person’s status screen?”

“Yes. I have the ability to manipulate your status screen only while Yuzuki-kun is enjoying the feeling of my chest.”

“…….What was that?”

“I can manipulate your status screen only while my chest is pressed against your back and you’re grinning at the feeling.”

“I-I wasn’t grinning!”

At that moment — Medea-nee embraced me even closer from behind.

“You can’t do that, Yuzuki-kun. Because you’ve stopped enjoying the feeling of my chest, I can’t control your status window. Please, enjoy the feeling of my soft breasts.”

“Eh, no, even if you say something like that…..”

Medea-nee’s breasts are big and soft. On top of that, she’s wearing an off the shoulder top……and I can tell she’s not wearing a bra underneath.

In this situation, with such soft breasts pressed against my back, it’s almost impossible for me to think about anything else…..This feeling is the best!

*Cough* No, of course, that’s not the reason. This is just necessary for her to use my status screen. I’m just doing this because I have no choice.

So I just need to fully enjoy the feeling of Medea-nee’s breasts so she can use my status window. And so, I leaned back toward Medea-nee.

“Fufu~, it was just a joke.”


“I was just joking.”

“I…..see. It was a joke…….a joke…”

“Yeah, I was just kidding…..but why do you suddenly look so sad?”

“………It’s nothing.”

“There’s clearly something wrong.”

She embraces me from behind and pressed her chest against me. Speaking of their softness…..Ah, I can’t possibly resist this!

“Medea-nee, what you said before is true, right? You can’t manipulate my status window unless I enjoy the feeling of your chest.”

“Hmm, is that so? I don’t believe there’s any requirement like that…..Yuzuki-kun, do you just want to enjoy the feeling of my chest?”

Medea-nee is evil!

“Come on, Yuzuki-kun. Please, say it.”

She sweetly whispered these words into my ear.

“…….I want to….”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to enjoy Medea-nee’s chest.”

“Fufu~ well said. Well……teasing you was pretty nice too.”

Medea-nee showed a malicious smile and moved around to my front and sat on my knees. She’s so close; Medea-nee’s sweet smell is filling my lungs.

“Well, feel free to touch me as much as you —hyan~”

I didn’t even wait for her to finish her sentence. I grabbed her soft chest with both of my hands.

After all, she wasn’t wearing a bra. The feeling of her breasts with her off-the-shoulder top is almost as good as the feeling of her bare breasts.

“Nn~ ha~a……an~ Yu…Yuzuki-kun’s hands feel amazing. Ah~…..ha~n, you’re so aggressive……hya~n!”

I was obsessed with the feeling of Medea-nee’s soft breasts and I could feel the thing between my legs start to rise. Right now, my thing is under Medea-nee’s butt and I can’t do anything.

At that time — I could suddenly feel pleasure run through my body.

“J-Just now, what was…..ukuu~”

I clenched my teeth and endured the pleasure. However, the feeling just increased more and more as time went on.

“Fufu~, does it feel good?”

“Medea-nee, what are you doing?”

“The status window affects people’s minds. So, when another person touches your status window, you’ll feel pleasure just like that.”

“Th-Then, tell me that before.”

I feel like she didn’t listen to my words at all.

At that point, I lost all reasoning and put my hands down her top, pressing my hands against her bare chest.

“Haa~n! Yuzuki-kun, you’re playing with my nipples. Wai-! Yuzuki-kun, you’re being too rough! Hy~a…..hyaaaan~! You’re too rough, if you keep that up I can’t touch your status window.”

“Even if you say that your chest feels too good for me to hold back!”

I rubbed her entire breast and then would pinch her nipples. In response, Medea-nee’s voice became more and more filled with ecstasy.

“Ah~…..ah~n Hya~n…..No, it’s too intense……I….ah~…hya~n…ahnnnn~”

I could feel Medea-nee’s entire body tremble on my knees.

Because Medea-nee is still untouched, her breasts might be incredibly sensitive…..Still, I might have gotten carried away.

“Medea-nee, did you just…”

“….Haa~haa~. Yes, that was my first time. That was my first time being touched by a man. It felt so good.”

“I see….Just from my hand……Medea-nee is so cute. You’re a Goddess, even if you act like an onee-chan, but I made you climax with just my hand.”

I held her tightly from behind.



“…..Because you were acting so brash — This is your punishment.”


Medea-nee suddenly started intensely stroking my status window.

I was overcome with an unbelievable amount of pleasure. It was even more intense than when Medea-nee was sucking my member earlier.

I can’t hold back. It’s impossible! I’m already at my limit! I can’t stand this level of pleasure!

“Medea-nee, it’s impossible….I can’t hold it back.”

“Haa~……Fufu~, it would be such a waste to release it in your pants.”

“T-That’s why, Medea-nee please, use your mouth!”

Medea-nee stood up and took off my pants before putting her mouth on my member. At that moment, I couldn’t hold it any longer!

“Nbu……chu~…..chyu~…..It’s thicker than before…..*koku*. Chu…..chy~u”

She swallows it and immediately starts cleaning my member with her mouth.

After that, I pulled it out and entered sage mode. (TN: Sage mode is the period after climaxingwhere a man can think clearly without any sexual desire)

“Ha….ha…..Thank you, Medea-nee”

“You’re welcome. Then, I’ll need to touch your status window again. Please, bear with it.”

“……I understand.”

I try to mentally prepare myself.

The pleasure came to me again, but….this time it wasn’t as intense.

“….Well, I can stand this.”

Medea-nee continued tapping on the status window for a bit —- then, I could feel a slight pain in my head and I was now able to understand the writing in the status window.

I looked at the first section in the status window.

[Name]: Minase Yuzuki [Overall Ability Score]: 73,100

[Base Skills]

Strength: D     /     Stamina: C     /     Intelligence: E     /     Dexterity: D     /     Magical Power: F     /     Willpower: AAA     /     Luck: A


Slashing: D     /     Sleep: C     /     Poison: D     /     Curse: F     /     Fear: B     /     Confusion: E

“Hey…….You said I acquired some skills based on my current experience, right?”

“Yes, that’s right…..Is there something wrong?”

“It’s not a problem, but…..why do I have resistances to poison and curse?”

I couldn’t help but be a little confused by this. However, Medea-nee seemed to know the answer and just replied with, “Oh, do you?”

“Well, Yuzuki-kun was sometimes given sleeping pills by girls so that’s the reason for the poison resistance. On top of that, some girls would curse you behind your back, though these curses had no real effect. That’s why it wasn’t enough to raise your rank above F.”

This astonishing fact was only revealed to me after I died. Thinking back, I’m not sure if I can even determine what girl tried to do this to me. Rather, there are so many different girls that could be capable of doing something like that.

……Well, it doesn’t matter now that I’m already dead. I need to stop thinking about the past. I turned my attention back to the status window.

“With the skills such as strength, are they the same no matter what your gender or physique?”

“No, the rank of the skill is adjusted for each person.”

“….They’re adjusted?”

“For every skill, there are fundamental abilities that are not displayed.”

Medea-nee pointed to the section labelled [Base Skills]

“ — In regards to the strength skill, the rank of the ability is determined by your overall physique. So, if two people have a similar physique, the person with the most physical strength would have the higher ranked skill.”

Ah……So a child with an S ranked strength skill would be stronger than a man with an F ranked strength skill. Does that mean you can improve the base skills with training?

“Well, how much does each rank increase the skill?”

“Please, tap the [Base Skills] category to get more detailed information.”

When I tapped the category as instructed, more details about each rank popped up.

F: No increase  E: 5% increase D: 10% C: 15% B: 20% A: 25% AA: 35% AAA: 45% S: 60% SS: 75 % SSS: 100%

“Since Yuzuki-kun’s strength is D-rank, your overall physical strength is increased by 10%. Because your original grip strength was 50, once you’re reincarnated into this world, it will now be 55.”

“…..I see. That must be an amazing increase at higher ranks, but do those ranks affect everyone the same?”

Based on the strength this girl showed earlier, she must have at least an S ranked strength skill.

“Incidentally, I’m able to give a general number for your grip strength, but for most abilities, it is impossible to give an exact number. So, please only consider it a rough estimate.”

“Okay, I got it.”

From what I can tell, I can increase the base skills with SP, but it seems like that wouldn’t be the best idea. It requires a lot of SP to raise each skill to the point where I would even notice the increase.

Let’s check the rest of the status window.

[Combat Skills]: None

[Magic Skills]:  None

[Technical Skills]

Sewing: E     /     Pattern Paper: F     /     Design: E

[Hereditary Skills]


My technical skills are related to making clothing because I was learning how to do that while in high school…….I also see that affects my hereditary skills —- tailoring.(TN: Pattern paper is something used in making dresses/clothing)

I see….I had the talent for that.

I wish I had pursued that more, but I gave up after…….my parents passed away. Well, to be more accurate, my Yandere mother stabbed and killed my father, then quickly committed suicide after. So, I had no choice but to give up my dream.

Anyway, it’s a little painful knowing I had the talent for it after I already gave up.

….No, that’s not the case anymore. I have a second chance at life in a different world. I can live a peaceful life making clothing in this world……right?

Of course. I can improve my combat skills enough so that I can survive in this new world and then I can spend most of my life making clothing. Maybe I can even meet a girl and experience a normal youth.

Let’s make that a goal for my new life.

Alright, after deciding that, I turned my attention to the sections of the status window I hadn’t looked through yet.

[Special Skill]: None

[Rare Skill]

*************: SSS

[Bad Status]: None


Goddess Medea’s First Love

[SP]: 2,000SP

“Umm…..what is this rare skill?”

“It’s a rare skill you had in your previous life.”

“A rare skill from my previous life….”

I’m not sure what kind of ability it could be. Though, it may be possible that it doubles my XP. Anyway, I’m excited about the idea of a rare skill.

“Then, what’s with the title?”

“Isn’t that obvious? It means I like you. By the way, the title also adds a 10% increase to all abilities. You can also learn various abilities by using the status window.”

I see. Thanks to that title, I can learn any skill I want.

…..Hmm? Then, how long have I had this title?

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“The ‘Overall Ability Score’ is quite high. Is the rare skill or that title the reason?”

“Yes. The average score of a normal person in this world is somewhere between five thousand and ten thousand. For Yuzuki-kun’s 73,100 score, 49,500 comes from the rare skill and 10,000 is from the title. It is well beyond that of any normal person.”

“The rare skill is impressive…..”

Excluding those two, there is still 13,600 left over. My only skill that is exceptionally high is my willpower; all of my other skills are pretty average. If it weren’t for the rare skill I’d be pretty average.

Maybe it’s some kind of high-powered ability? Well, if I think about it, the rank is SSS so that much should be expected.

That was the end of the status screen. Now then, what skills should I learn……I’ll probably need to ask her for help.

Apparently, I can only use SP to learn special skills and hereditary skills now, before I am reincarnated. After I’m reborn, I’ll have to satisfy the prerequisites before I can learn them.

So, I feel I should prioritize those now…..

Hereditary skills aid in speeding up the training of other skills. Things like an item box, insight, and appraisal are all special skills.

If I don’t choose the right skills here, it could lead to another dead end in this life — I could even be killed soon after reincarnating.

If that’s the case, maybe I should take some practical skills?

Resurrection — It’s magic that allows one to resurrect the dead, but …….it costs 2000 SP. As expected, I can’t spend all of my SP on one skill. Either way, it would be impossible for me to resurrect myself.

……Hmm, I don’t know what to do.

“Yuzuki-kun, Yuzuki-kun, you also have some interesting skills here.”

Medea-nee pointed at an item near the bottom of the skill window. At the bottom of the window the words ‘Rare Skill’ were written there. It’s the same category as the skill that was censored out.

If I open that category —

Eternal Life – 10,000 SP

You no longer age. Moreover, you can still die by normal means such as sickness or injury, but you will recover in perfect condition at a later time.
With an F ranked skill, once you revive, there will be a cooldown time of 24 hours.

……Oh, that’s a genuine cheat skill.

I can only learn this skill now by using SP. If I want to learn it after reincarnating, I’ll have to meet certain conditions. I’d like to get this now, but……the cost is 10,000 SP.

I wonder if Medea-nee would let me take it?

I guess it might not be possible. When I thought this, Medea-nee pointed to another item.

Of course, I opened that as well.

[Bad Status]

Feminist Reference Value: -200 SP

Those with this skill will be less likely to harm women.

At Rank F this only applies to close friends, Rank E is acquaintances, Rank A affects all women, at Rank S you can no longer harm women at all, and at Rank SSS the idea of ever harming a woman will never even come to your mind.

That was what was written.

“…..Feminist, bad status?”

“It does not mean that being a feminist is bad. Rather, it is a skill that forces you to be a feminist if the conditions are met.”

“I see….”

If I got it to E rank, that means any acquaintance, even those that I don’t like or are even hostile, would be difficult to harm  — That means it would also be difficult to deal with any hostile women.

If that is the case, that ability may not be good to take……I feel like I’m even more unsure of what to do now…..

Regardless, the cost for that ability is -200 SP. Does that mean I get 200 SP for taking it?

“I wouldn’t want to hurt women and receiving SP sounds great, but it’s only 200 SP.”

“You don’t need to worry. You’ll get 200 SP for F rank but every rank beyond that will give you more SP.”

“What do you mean?”

“Please open the help section on the status window.”

“Eh…..this one?”

When I opened the help window as instructed, this window popped up,

List of the number of skill increases required for a rank increase.

F is 1 time, E is 2 times, D is 3 times, C is 4 times, B is 5 times, A is 6 times, AA is 8 times, AAA is 10 times, S is 15 times, 20 times for SS and 25 times for SSS.

In other words, increasing this skill to F gives me 200 SP and increasing it to E gives me an additional 400 SP…..So, if I were to learn this skill until Rank S, I would get an additional 10,800 SP.

Feminist: Rank S…….I won’t be able to harm women in any way. If I master this, I can master immortality and death…….

“…..Still, I can’t do it.”

“Eh? How come?”

Medea-nee started to panic as she was watching me.

“I’m not sure if you’re trying to trick me, but I don’t want that ability.”

“W-Why would I be trying to trick you!?”

Now she’s upset. I let out a sigh and went on to explain,

“This ability clearly has a major drawback, right? I won’t be able to harm a woman in any way. So, if there were to be a female monster of some kind, I wouldn’t even be able to attack it.”

“Eh? Ah~No, that should be fine. Please, wait a moment.”

Medea-nee leaned forward to change something on my status window. When she was finished, the following sentences had been added to the Feminist ability,

However, this ability is restricted to humanoid organisms that can communicate. Also, this ability only applies to direct actions by the user. Indirect ways of damaging women are still possible, such as magic attacks or asking someone else to do it.

…..Ah, well…..that’s better, but I still feel like this is a trap. I mean she’s trying so hard to get me to take this ability……Well, the idea of immortality does sound incredibly appealing……

“Are you still not convinced?”

“Well, what if I get to a point where I’m tired of living or I have some terrible illness that won’t kill me?”

“If that’s all, you have nothing to worry about. If you increase the rank, you can turn off and on ageing. Also, you can learn magic that would be able to cure most illnesses.”

“So there are no diseases that can’t be cured by magic?”

“Even if there is you don’t have to worry about it. Once you increase your rank, you’ll be able to return to life more frequently. So stop worrying and let’s get you the Feminist and Immortality skills!”

Medea-nee came even closer to me. Stop, that’s way too close!

“Okay, I understand. I understand! If Medea-nee says so, I’ll take these two skills.”

Medea-nee smiled once I finally broke and acquired those two skills. Well, since I was able to see such a happy smile from her, maybe taking those two skills wasn’t so bad.

Anyway, since I’ll have immortality, I won’t even have to worry about getting a dead end. Now I need to focus more on skills that will be harder to master once I’m reincarnated.

“….Okay, this looks good.”

I used up the 2000 SP I had and also used the remaining 800 SP I received for ranking up the Feminist skill.

“Have you finished learning your skills?”

“Yep, I’ve selected everything I think I’ll need.”

“Alright, then I will now transfer you to Algonia, the world that I created.”

“Thank you — Wait, can you show me the name of the rare skill before that?”

“……If that’s what you want. Before transferring your soul there, I’ll reveal the name.”


I turned to the status window, excited to see what it was. The words that were censored before became clear —

To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes: SSS

“……………………Umm, Medea-nee?”

“What is it, Yuzuki-kun? Tell Medea onee-chan if something is bothering you.”

“What’s with this skill?”

“It’s a special trait of Yuzuki-kun’s body. Not only are Yanderes attracted to you, you also have the special ability to draw out the dormant Yandere skill in most women. Rank SSS is the highest rank possible; that skill is strong enough to even affect a god.”

I see. Yanderes are attracted to me because of a special trait……..why is that a thing!?

“If I’m reincarnated with that skill, I’ll be loved to death by Yanderes even in this world! It will be impossible to live a peaceful life with a normal girl!”

“You don’t need to worry.”

To my complaints, Medea-nee just showed a gentle smile. After seeing such a gentle smile, I was left dumbfounded.

“You say it will be fine…..Does that mean in the world you created there are no Yanderes?”

“No, it’s a world I created in my likeness. All the cute girls there will be pretty similar to me so I’m sure they’ll also love Yuzuki-kun.”

“So when you said, ‘…girls that are very similar to me,’ you didn’t mean —”

I suddenly remembered a Greek myth I once heard.

The Goddess in this story is a Yandere, the name of the ship in the story is the Argo. And the name of the Goddess in the story is…..Medea.

Surely, Medea-nee isn’t…….Yandere.

No, of course not. There’s no way a Goddess would be Yandere, right? —- I then remember how she acted a little while ago.

—-Wasn’t she acting just like a Yandere!?

So that means all of the girls in this world are similar to Medea. Which means all of the girls in this world are going to be Yanderes!?

This is a joke, right!?

I’m going to be born into a world full of Yanderes with a body that can’t resist them in any way!?

“Then, I will begin the transfer.”

“Wait, please wait, Goddess-sama! I want to reselect my skills!”

“That’s no good. I can’t hear the words of someone that calls me ‘Goddess-sama.’ ”

The Goddess innocently turned away from me.

“I’m sorry, Medea-nee. I’ll only ever call you Medea-nee. So, please, wait a minute!”

“You don’t need to worry so much. I have been watching Yuzuki-kun for such a long time and I’m sure we will meet again soon. At that time…..let’s do it some more.”

“No, I’m not worried about that! I’m more concerned that you’ve been watching me for so long!”

“What are you saying to your onee-chan…..the transfer has started.”

“Aaaahhh, wait, Medea-nee! Please, just wait! I’ll stay with you forever so please wait! Medea-neeeee!!!”

She didn’t listen to a word I said as my soul was transferred to the world created by this Yandere Goddess.

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