Chapter 1344 – Sense of reliance

Bai Chen Feng was willing, but Lord Little Yan was not!

She can enjoy good food every day and spend her days leisurely by staying with her number one follower. What’s with this sudden arrangement for sending her away?

Can it be that her follower wants to break away and go solo? 

Lord Little Yan’s eyes turned gloomy when she thought of this as she started becoming listless. Even though she was eating delicious food, it was no longer as tasty as before.

Bai Chen Feng was not watching Lord Little Yan as he was packing his luggage. The Carrot Demon witnessed everything from the side and silently lowered his head.

Bai Chen Feng nearly emptied his storage device and packed so many things that it seems like all that was left was to pack himself into the luggage. 

As he was transferring the items that he felt that Lord Little Yan could use, he also turned his head to instruct Lord Little Yan and the Carrot Demon. Giving instructions on how to use the items, when would Lord Little Yan need to use them. Everything; from food to wearables, to household goods were all packed.

He was worried that Lord Little Yan would not get used to the Bird Tribe and suffer grievances.

After packing the luggage, he turned and saw Lord Little Yan emitting a strong aura of, this lord is unhappy, this lord is sad, this lord wants to cry.

His heart was a mix of happiness and pained unwillingness as well.

He was happy that the lass had finally developed a sense of reliance towards him after she underwent the rebirth.

He was feeling pained that their relation had finally gotten slightly closer, yet forced to be apart. 

When he thought about this. In his heart, Bai Chen Feng added another crime onto the culprits for forcing Lord Little Yan and him to be apart.

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He would definitely make them pay!

A mixed feeling of sourness and sweetness welled up in his heart as he picked up Lord Little Yan and hugged her. Only feeling better when he rubbed the newly grown feathers on her crown aggressively. With a sigh: “Lord Little Yan, how about not going to the Bird Tribe?”

He immediately regretted it after speaking. Although the Lion Emperor Palace was still considered safe, he had suffered from the backlash of using the forbidden art previously. This had triggered the suppressed threat of devouring the old Lion Demon Emperor. 

He had obtained unlimited power after the devouring and that had been why he could reach his current state. However, the backlash of the infinite power was also huge and he was unable to suppress it entirely.

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Over the past few days, he noticed that the time between each loss of control was shortening. If one day those ambitious demons were to scheme again and he could not protect Lord Little Yan in time, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

That was why he steeled his heart and caressed Lord Little Yan’s hair again, he was determined this time.

He softly consoled Lord Little Yan. Saying that it was to let her learn from the Bird Tribe for a short period. This would greatly aid her cultivation in the future.

He continued to coax that the Bird Tribe has many fun things and delicious stuff, she can treat it as a vacation.

Finally, he added that he was sending her to scout the Bird Tribe. It would help build a foundation for the time when they unite all demons under their banner etc.

Bai Chen Feng finally managed to coax Lord Little Yan after great difficulty. He wiped the cold sweat off his brow and finally felt at ease.

After coaxing Lord Little Yan, Bai Chen Feng turned towards the Carrot Demon and spoke in a cold tone: “Follow Lord Little Yan to the Bird Tribe and stay by her side at all times. Report to me immediately if she has any needs or when she suffered any grievances!”

The Carrot Demon nodded in reply.

Bai Chen Feng pondered before casually tossing an artifact: “Carry this with you. Remember, if anything happens at the Bird Tribe or if Lord Little Yan loses a single feather, you will have to pay with your life!”

Carrot Demon received the artifact and discovered that it was an explosive-type. All he has to do was to inject demon energy into it to activate.

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