Chapter 1345 – They Know How To Fly!

The artifact might be powerful, but the user would likely die upon using it.

This was a form of warning from Bai Chen Feng. The Carrot Demon is to use his life to protect Lord Little Yan.

The Carrot Demon only took a glance at the artifact before taking it without any fear or unwillingness.

Bai Chen Feng nodded in satisfaction.

Morning the next day. Eagle Demon King waited outside the door.

Bai Chen Feng sent them away with eyes of great reluctance. Eagle Demon King transformed into his true form, a Great Goshawk. When he spread his wings, several meters wide.

The sharp claws gleamed with cold radiance while the feathers covering the body gave off an aura of intimidation.

The eagle grabbed Lord Little Yan and the Carrot Demon and tossed them onto his back. It reminded them: “Hold on and sit tight!”

The wings started beating, and they reached the sky within a breath. They soon turned into a dark shadow in the horizon and disappeared from Bai Chen Feng’s sight.

Bai Chen Feng retracted his gaze only after the Eagle Demon King’s figure could no longer be seen. With a frosty expression, he ordered: “Begin the operation! Investigate all who participated or knew about the incident yesterday. Execute them immediately when you confirmed their knowledge!”

“Yes!” the elites of the Lion Demon Tribe answered in unison.

The Eagle Demon King deliberately flew elegantly throughout the journey, aiming to develop the heart of curiosity within this young member of his tribe.

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One moment he flew high, entering the clouds. The next moment he would dive and glide at low altitude. Then he would do a roundabout while wagging his tail occasionally. He had literally displayed all the flying techniques he had learned in this lifetime in this journey.

Lord Little Yan was initially feeling slightly depressed. Even though she was feeling surprised, she had held her emotions in check.

Later on, maybe those actions had awakened her instincts as a bird. Lord Little Yan became increasingly more excited and even started chirping. The Carrot Demon was feeling dizzy from all these stunts and turned from a green carrot into a purple carrot.

As Lord Little Yan watched the stunts, she could no longer hold back and started beating her own meaty wings as well. Yearning to fly as well.

This continued throughout the entire journey and they reached the Bird Tribe after a few days.

The gathering location of the Bird Tribe was a vast expanse behind a series of domineering mountains.

When one looks at this vast flat ground, one can see large sky towering trees growing, forming a unique world.

The Eagle Demon King’s return had quickly attracted the attention of the birds. The guard birds at the edge of the mountains released a series of long chirps, as though they were relaying some message.

Flocks of birds started flying out of the giant trees upon hearing the guard birds’ chirps and headed towards the Eagle Demon King.

Upon approaching, they quickly circled around the Eagle Demon King.

Some of the sharp-eyed ones noticed Lord Little Yan and the Carrot Demon on Eagle Demon King’s back and widened their eyes in surprise.

They quickly chirped to ask: “Lord Demon King, is this a new sister?”

“Lord Demon King, why is there a carrot?”

“Lord Demon King, did you bring a carrot for us to eat?”

“Lord Demon King…”

“Chirp chirp chirp…”

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Lord Little Yan and the Carrot Demon were not the only ones who felt dizzy from all the chirping. The Eagle Demon King was also feeling burdened by it.

His body swayed and nearly caused the Carrot Demon to fall off, causing the bird demons surrounding them to laugh.

Lord Little Yan could see that these bird demons were still young ones that could not transform. Being able to speak human was already pretty good.

This was not the focus. What’s important was that they could fly!

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