Chapter 170 – Considered Lucky

The hand of Ji Mo Ya, who was behind her, was also breaking sweat. He could clearly feel the light shuddering coming from Huan Qing Yan’s body whenever he came in contact with her. He could not help but be surprised at how sensitive she was, causing a person like him who was a veteran when it comes to women, to nearly lose control of himself.

His gaze slightly lost its shine while his breathing speed also increased in rate.

“Ask ahead.”

“Did your family really arrange an engagement for you?” Huan Qing Yan finally steeled herself and asked decisively.

Immediately after she spoke those words, she felt Ji Mo Ya’s finger pause for a moment.

“There’s a fiancée.” After he answered the question, his hand’s movement turned smooth again while his face had once again regained its calm and graceful composure.

It was as though what happened just now was just another gentle wave within the wide sea, quickly disappearing after it appeared.

Huan Qing Yan sadly acknowledged him for a moment. After a moment, she could not hold it in any longer and turned around to stare straight at Ji Mo Ya in the eye…

The clothes of the current Huan Qing Yan were still tattered, especially the tears around the chest area. Due to her large peaks, the amount of exposure due to her torn clothes was also exceptional.

If Ji Mo Ya lowered his head, he would have seen a majority of the flesh, but as a gentleman he quickly directed his gaze to one side. However, Huan Qing Yan’s next action caught him by surprise.

She suddenly stretched her petite hands towards Ji Mo Ya’s waist and began to search his clothes, “Since you have a fiancée, then so be it, I will stop thinking about that. But share the food that you brought with you, I want to eat some of it!”

The atmosphere turned so quickly that Ji Mo Ya was unable to react for a moment.

Huan Qing Yan pounced at him like a wolf and began to sniff around his body, “What a delicious fragrance, it makes me want to eat it when I smell it. Where did you hide it? Is it here?”

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She touched the waist region.

“Not here, how about here?”

She searched his sleeves.

“Not here too, how about here? Please have pity on me, I have not eaten anything for a whole day, you must have something delicious on you.”

This time, she touched his chest.

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This was where that delicious fragrance she smelled from him the first time was located.

An enticing smell that stirred the stomach, she was dying to eat it!

She had ambushed Ji Mo Ya successfully for three times, only when her claws assaulted his chest did he finally manage to react. He immediately slapped those claw-like hands that had randomly touched his body away!

“Pa!” A clean sound resounded.

With a slap, he had sent Huan Qing Yan a few meters away, causing Huan Qing Yan to eat dirt as she landed.

Ji Mo Ya said in a voice containing some gentle rage, “What are you making a scene for!”

Seeing that her ambush failed and at Ji Mo Ya’s angry voice, Huan Qing Yan was stunned!

She continued to remain plastered on the ground as she dared not move a finger. Oh my mother! She outrage the modesty of the man god!

When she remembered the scene from a few moments ago, she was truly shocked at how daring she was.

Thank the heavens, she was considered lucky when the man god decided not to kill her with that slap.

When Ji Mo Ya came saving her, she felt the sense of danger emitting from him had been greatly reduced and it also felt friendlier, that was why she lowered her guard and dared to take such actions.

“I only want to search some food… I did not do this deliberately… so be it… I am sorry… It is my fault, I will not do it the next time.”

One needs to adapt to the situation, it’s best that she apologized first.

Ji Mo Ya’s expression also turned gentle. When he looked at her, he saw Huan Qing Yan sprawling on the ground, her chest got even more exposed…

This caused his breathing to turn rough.

He quickly took out a set of male long robes and sent it over to Huan Qing Yan to cover her, “The bleeding has been stopped, wear some clothes first.”

Huan Qing Ya no longer dared to provoke him; since there’s no food to eat, being able to wear the male god’s clothes was fine too.

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