Chapter 326 – Mystic Spirit Master

After a while the spirit within her Dantian was depleted, the pig spirit treasure grunted impatiently, it was apparent that it was not enough for it to rank up.

Huan Qing Yan focussed her attention on absorbing the surrounding spirit energy; her body was currently soaked in spirit rain, the rain landed on top of her head and flowed down her face in streaks…

After a short while, her Dantian was filled with spirit energy again!

She immediately sent the energy to the pig spirit again to feed it…

Yet, it was still not enough.

Huan Qing Yan did not rest, she continued to repeat the cycle of absorbing the spirit rain and feeding the pig spirit. Only after repeating the process for another five times did the pig spirit finally release a satisfied grunt.

Spirit mist appeared and began to cover the pig spirit’s body, it was ranking up!

While the pig spirit was ranking up, Huan Qing Yan did not rest. This was because the leaf spirit was also requesting to rank up.

At that moment, the spirit rain had shown signs of weakening, it was no longer as heavy as before. Although Huan Qing Yan felt mentally drained, she gritted her teeth and continued the process of absorbing the spirit rain and fed it to the leaf spirit treasure…

It was truly not easy to take care of two bottomless stomachs, sigh!

In the sky above the capital of the Hanging Cloud empire, a loud dragon roar resounded, shaking the heavens and earth, spreading out far and wide.

The bright light disappeared as the white dragon reappeared in the air; however, its body had undergone a great transformation.

Its silver white body had completely turned solid, reaching a length of more than a hundred feet; the eyes on its majestic dragon head gave off a natural oppressive feeling.

Ji Mo Ya slowly opened his eyes and stood up. The aura emanating from him had also changed greatly; his starry eyes looked even more deep and charming…

Mo Si and gang were filled with mixed emotions of happiness and worry.

They were happy that despite their Young Master’s young age, he could miraculously achieve breakthrough and reach the realm of Mystic Spirit Master; it was truly a joyous occasion.

Worry because their Young Master was now in even greater danger.

This huge event had attracted the attention of too many people.

The various groups that were dispatched last night was a plan meant to distract and lure away the Demon King; from the look of things, it seemed like their plan had become a failure now.

Ji Mo Ya jumped and landed on the white dragon, his graceful poise was charming and attractive.

He looked down at the hardworking Huan Qing Yan; her body was soaked thoroughly, making her look both hardworking and sorry looking…

His gaze was as deep as the abyss of the sea.

It seemed as though he had a thousand words to express, yet none could properly describe what he wanted to say.

He released a long sigh, “Your majesty, the Hanging Cloud Emperor, thank you for your hospitality over these days, this one will take his leave now…”

His declaration was sent to every corner of the capital, allowing everyone to hear him.

The white dragon swung its tail, turned around and left the capital, reaching a hundred miles away in an instant.

Followed closely behind, were multiple flying magic equipment; the Aged Consulate immediately became empty…


The spirit rain had just stopped, revealing an azure sky above the capital of Hanging Cloud Empire.

The sky was much bluer than before, the air was also exceptionally fresh; groups of birds were up in the sky, chirping happily.

Despite the season of flowers having long passed, it did not stop the flowering plants to bloom and the trees to sprout; waves of fragrance filled the streets.

Even more miraculous, was the scene of countless flying stars flying through the sky…

They came in various sizes: Sesame Star, Soybean Star, Almond Star, Walnut Star; multiple stars of each type could be seen. Amongst them were also several Egg Stars!

One could understand how many people had benefited and ranked up due to the spirit rain!

Voices of surprise could be heard everywhere.

“Dad, mum, I have become a Two-Star Spirit Master!”

“Hahahaha, this daddy was stuck in a bottleneck for so many years. I thought I would die of old age just like that, yet I managed to rank up! This will give me at least another decade of lifespan, hahaha…”


As the masses were immersed in a festive mood, an Auspicious Flying Cloud Boat appeared in the sky as it flew through the air.

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