Chapter 438 – Overbearing!

The more Jin Da Zhong spoke, the wickier he sounded, and everyone on scene who were cultured individuals of high standing could only felt disgusted when they heard him.

They felt anger and were ashamed to be in the same organization as this type of individual.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng and the younger generations were dumbstruck, although he liked beautiful women, he had never possessed such vulgar thoughts like Jin Da Zhong.

He adored beautiful women, they were meant to be appreciated; if a beauty was willing to hold his hand, it would naturally be a beautiful thing. If the beauty was unwilling to, then he would also not scheme and try to turn them into cultivation furnaces…

What a lowlife!

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Wu Chang Hai had already noticed that something was wrong with Jin Da Zhong; he took a glance at Ji Mo Ya who wore a calm graceful expression as though he was an audience of a play unfolding.

Wu Chang Hai shouted in anger, “Enough! Using powerful demon souls to breakthrough had always been just a rumor. Even if you did managed to achieve a breakthrough, you would likely turn into a demon man and thus such unorthodox and evil methods should not be practiced. If the remnant soul went missing, then it is missing, how dare you create trouble and harm others, do you admit your wrong doings and accept punishment?”

Ji Da Zhong’s eyes were crimson, “It is these two that deserves to die! do you think it was easy for me to nurture that remnant soul? For the sake of testing the odds of a person demonizing after a demon soul enters them, I have secretly disseminated the forbidden spell and used the students to experiment, I am already very close to finding the method, all that’s left was a powerful remnant soul to assist me to achieve that…”

The expressions of the various Hall Masters changed!

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“So, the reason that the Plate Spirit Calling Spell has been spreading to the students, was all because of you!”

“Yes, it is me! I discovered the spell in an ancient text after searching for many years! i’ve use these demon men as research materials and finally understood the method to avoid demonizing, I will never reveal the method to any of you, hahahaha…

“Young Master Ya, are you the one that took the remnant soul? Return it to me! Once I have it, I am willing to exchange it for…”

Jin Da Zhong started to blabber more nonsense.

Huan Meng Yue suddenly came to a state of realisation, Jin Da Zhong’s current state mirrored the her situation when she were poisoned!

What a terrifying poison!

It was understandable she suffered as she was only a low rank Star Spirit Master, but to think that even a Mystic Spirit Master would be under the poison’s mercy.

She observed everyone within the building; Huan Qing Yan was already in a silly state, it would have been impossible for her to apply the poison. Bai Chen Feng was also not the one responsible; if he had the poison, he would have used it long ago! Then the only person left was…

Young Master Ya!

It’s actually Young Master Ya!

Huan Meng Yue can’t help but felt afraid.

Jin Da Zhong had committed an unforgivable sin, it was unlikely for him to escape the death sentence.

As his accomplice, what would happen to her?

At the same time, an unhappy voice reverberated, “No wonder this old man often saw you loitering outside the cave of the Tyrant King Lizard, you were doing such an unforgivable thing; it’s completely crazy and ridiculous! For the sake of your selfish desires, you actually used the kids in your experiments! Jin Da Zhong, your heart had already demonized! Leaving a person like you alive in this world would only be a sin!”

Wu Chang Hai and the various Hall Masters were startled as they knew who the voice belonged to.

“Greetings Elder Snow.”

Only the voice was present and not the person because it was the divine sense of Elder Snow.

Elder Snow angrily said, “This old man was also deceived by him! Preposterous, to dare risk harm to that lass right under my nose, you deserve to die! His humanity has been demonized, we must not keep him here any longer; how does Surging Wave Academia plans to deal with this?”

Wu Chang Hai replied, “Elder Snow, this junior has neglected my duty as the Headmaster, I am greatly ashamed to have allowed this lowlife to have committed these atrocious sins! After the matter settle, I would personally report to the Holy Court and seek penance. As for Jin Da Zhong, we should also send him to the Holy Court and charge him with the substantial crime of colluding with demons, and be punished by Deep Fry Execution; what are Elder Snow thoughts on this?”

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