Chapter 467 – An Existence That Cannot Be Trifled With

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Therefore, she uncontrollably shouted out at them.

Ji Mo Ya appeared unaffected, he treated it as though he had not heard her and continued to walk on.

Due to Huan Qing Yan’s childish intelligence, she turned her head innocently, “Uncle someone is calling us.”

Lin Fei Fei was unable to see the appearance of both of them clearly and thus decided to walk up to them. Simply from the poise and attire of this man, she knew that he was someone she could not bully. In addition, a spell to hide their appearance was used; this meant that one of their cultivation was not below a Mystic Spirit Master, it was also an existence that cannot be trifled with.

However, when she heard Huan Qing Yan’s voice, she could not help but find it exceptionally familiar yet she was unable to recall who it belonged to.

No matter what, she must restrain her emotions; her voice was also not as unruly as earlier on and her tone was uncontrollably polite, “May I ask if you had seen a tall and slender person nearby?”

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Huan Qing Yan pointed at the dumplings shop immediately, “Yes, he went in there.”

Seeing how the other party was so cooperative, Lin Fei Fei was caught by surprise and quickly thanked them. She no longer wanted to make things difficult for them as she brought her group into the dumplings shop.

Ji Mo Ya placed a hand on his forehead, his efforts for today were wasted.

When they arrived in the capital of Xuan Chu Empire today, he had discovered that the Nan Gong Clan and Lin Clan were planning to confirm an engagement between the two families today as well. He wanted to not let Nan Gong Bei Cheng see Huan Qing Yan and also not to call her Little Beauty in every sentence of his because this might affect the pleasant arrangement that the two clans were planning…

That was why he brought Huan Qing Yan to shop around for half the day, he had plans to pay a visit to the Lin Clan after the engagement was complete.

Yet in the end, the situation turned out in such a way the engagement might not happen?

If that was the case, he shall not delay any longer.


The Lin Estate.

Old Master Lin was panting heavily, the scions of the Lin Clan accompanied him by his side and tried to appease his anger; they were worried that he would took his last breath on the spot if he continued to be agitated.

Lin Fei Fei’s father, Lin Chong, was a direct descendant of Old Master Lin and he was also the overall in-charge of the Lin Estate.

Old Master Lin had many children and descendants and for Lin Chong to stand out and be the head of the Lin Estate could only mean that he was an excellent person.

“Lord Father, please be appeased. Let’s leave the matters of the young ones to fate. In addition, Brother Nan Gong would surely settle this matter properly…” Lin Chong exuded the image of a sincere and responsible middle age man; he was of average size that was neither fat nor skinny, while a goatee could be found under his chin.

Although he acted peeved and angry on the surface like the Old Master, he was in fact not worried at all in his heart.

The current times require the Nan Gong Clan to rely on his Lin Clan, he was not worried and was confident that Nan Gong Liang would give his family a proper resolution.

Old Master Lin said while panting, “That brat from the Nan Gong Clan is truly unruly. Earlier on, I had heard Fei Fei crying in complaint that he had changed his mind about their engagement when they were in Surging Wave Academia. Yet, this old man did not believed her and caused out Fei Fei to suffer indignance!”

A full-bodied woman who donned an exquisite silk dress clutched her fan at the side and said with an expression of slight grief and sadness, “Old Master, since Bei Cheng was young, he had possessed a wanton and unrestrained character; being wild and impulsive, we should not take his words too seriously. In fact, he has treated Fei Fei pretty well in the past and since my elder brother has went to catch him, I believe he would no longer be so stubborn after being properly disciplined.”

This was Lin Fei Fei’s mother, Nan Gong Qian!

Being one of the Eight Great Clans, the Nan Gong Clan only married away their daughter to the Lin Clan because of their weakening influence.

If it were a hundred years ago, they never had been any records of a Nan Gong Clan member who married outside the Eight Great Clans.

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As Old Master Lin was unhappy about Nan Gong Bei Cheng, Nan Gong Qian was implicated and was ignored by him as he continued to pant heavily.

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