Chapter 468 – Was Actually…

Lin Fei Fei was born with a decent star talent and was the most outstanding youngster within the Lin Clan. If not for being born female, she would have been nurtured as the next successor of the clan and due to that, she was deeply adored by Old Master Lin and because of him overly pampering her, no one within the Lin Clan dared to mess with her.

He would always defend any of her shortcomings.

Now that Lin Fei Fei experienced a great grievance, Old Master Lin reacted even more so than her own parents.

“I am telling all of you, Fei Fei is the pearl of our Lin Clan and cannot be wronged. If the Nan Gong Clan is not willing to confirm this marriage, there are tons of excellent members from other powerful clans seeking for her hand in marriage…” Old Master Lin snorted coldly.

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Then he used his crutch to point at the servants, “What are all of you standing there for? Quickly search for and bring back your young mistress! If the young mistress is to experience any mishap, I will hold all of you responsible!”

He kept up a continual series of scolding and sarcastic remarks and Nan Gong Qian found it hard to lift her head up.

“Old Master, please be appeased, I will personally bring the servants to search now…”

As she spoke, Nan Gong Qian glanced at Lin Chong and received the latter’s nod in return before she brought the servants and left.

Just as she walked to the entrance, a servant suddenly ran in to give a report.

“Old Master, Master, Madam, an esteemed guest has visited!”

Nan Gong Qian looked inside the building and said, “The Old Master is not in good spirits at the moment and will not meet outsiders; ask the guest to come another day.”

However, the servant who made the announcement stuttered for awhile before spewing “It’s someone from the Ji Mo Clan…”

The ears of Old Master Lin perked up, although he was advanced in age he still possessed the cultivation of a Seven Star spirit master thus he lightly coughed and said, “Quickly invite the guest in!”

With that, Nan Gong Qian felt that she had again made another bad move as she took leave togetherz with the servants.

On the other side, the housekeeper who waited outside with the guests guided them towards the building thus both parties crossed each other’s path.

Nan Gong Qian raised her head and saw a man dressed in snow white robe with dark silver embroidery; he gave off a clean image and possessed a celestial-like poise and noble grace, it was an aura that only someone born and brought up in the higher echelons of society would yemit.

This person should be that esteemed guest from the Ji Mo Clan; his bloodline should also be the purest and most noble within his clan. On her first sight oof him, she immediately knew that he was a member of the main branch of the Ji Mo Clan.

Nan Gong Qian used a complete formal greeting for use among noble clans and the man also returned with a greeting that showed his elegance and generosity.

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She looked at the girl next and noticed that she was wearing a long dress of the same color and design; however it was covered in gold embroidery instead. She was gentle and graceful, and also possessed a pair of charming phoenix eyes and a slender body which brimmed with energy and cuteness.

For a moment, Nan Gong Qian was dumbstruck.

Ever since she left the Nan Gong Clan and married a common powerful clan, she had rarely met a person of such level of charm and looks.

After that, she looked at the cute young lady’s eyes before she suddenly felt a strange feeling!

This young lady’s body flowed with blood that was actually from…

Nan Gong Qian rubbed her eyes and tried to take another look with a spirit energy enhanced vision but the two of them had already walked far away.

Only the silver bell-like laughter from the young lady remained.

The Nan Gong Clan possessed a special technique, Blood Observation Spell!

They were able to see the inheritance within a person’s bloodline, and Nan Gong Qian was one of the rare talents within the clan who was able to learn this special technique.

However, as limited as her abilities were, she could only see the bloodline connection that was one generation away…

The experienced elders within the Nan Gong Clan could see blood connections as far as eight generations away.

As Nan Gong Qian was still concerned for her daughter, she decided to not pursue her curiosity as the other party had already left; instead, she quickly left the place.

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