Chapter 469 – Intimate

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Only after Ji Mo Ya’s third assurance, did he finally managed to seat down on the guest seat.

Old Master Lin and Lin Chong were both very polite and insisted that Ji Mo Ya should seat at the head position of the hall. However, Ji Mo Ya was here to seek their aid, so he naturally did not accept and politely rejected their offer.

Only then did everyone resumed their original seating positions.

Huan Qing Yan was currently eating some Frost Sugar Peanuts, there were made using a special technique with spirit energy peanuts and each bowl contains as much as 100 spirit energy points. It was approximately 1 spirit energy point per piece of peanut which made them an exceptionally good as snack.

Its nature of low spirit energy was its good trait, there would be no need to worry that Huan Qing Yan would grow fat due to excessive spirit energy and as a spirit energy food, its taste was also much delicious compared to normal ones.

Seeing the blissfully eating Huan Qing Yan, Old Master Lin asked curiously, “Young Master Ya, this is?”

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“Little Yan, a student from Surging Wave Academia. Little Yan, greet the two elders.” Ji Mo Ya gently coaxed her.

Huan Qing Yan was also very obedient, she lifted her head and said sweetly, “Hello uncle, hello grandpa.”

Although her intelligence was low, but she still understood basic courtesy.

Having followed Ji Mo Ya every day, his celestial-like demeanor and actions had naturally influenced her.

Ji Mo Ya tried his best to hold back a smile, it looked like the lass has a clever mouth since she was young.

“Hello young lady.” Old Master Lin and Lin Chong replied in fluster, a person that accompanies Ji Mo Ya would definitely not be from a simple background. In addition, having seen the intimacy between the two of them, as elders who were young before, they were also able to guess the relationship between the two.

What was more, as a person from Surging Wave Academia, regardless of their personal family backgrounds, only a bright future awaits them.

“Our family’s Fei Fei had also recently entered Surging Wave Academia, Lady Little Yan seems to be in the same batch as our family’s Fei Fei, what a coincidence…”

After a series of courtesy talks, the main topic was brought up.

Ji Mo Ya explained his visit, “…I happened to be lucky and managed to win the bid for your esteemed clan’s Treasure Vine from the auction house of Du Jing City. I wonder if your esteemed clan still retained anymore Treasure Vines? This young master is willing to purchase them for a hefty price…”

Old Master Lin looked fine, but Lin Chong beside him started to feel uneasy.

The great auction house of Du Jin City was top rated and would normally protect the privacy of the sellers and buyers.

However, Young Master Ya easily investigated and had discovered the Lin Clan’s involvement.

Lin Chong started to feel a slight unease and worry, but Old Master Lin was known for his hot temper and lack the deep thoughtfulness of Lin Chong.

Old Master Lin smiled, “So that’s the reason. Chong’er, do we still have the item that Young Master Ya wanted? If we do, then take it out and give it to Young Master Ya as a gift. It is our great honor to have Young Master Ya to visit our Lin Clan!”

Old Master Lin had not been involved in the daily matters of the clan for several years already, he normally used his free time to do gardening and nurture talented grandchildren instead of cultivating. Therefore, he was not clear what a Treasure Vine was and did not know its uses or where it came from, these were all outside his concern.

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Ji Mo Ya cupped his hands in return, “Many thanks, Old Master Lin.”

Lin Chong was feeling difficult on the side, “Young Master Ya, the Treasure Vine was a rare item and that was our only piece. If not for the increase in expenses due to sending Fei Fei that lass to Surging Wave Academia, our Lin Clan would not have auction it away…”

Huan Qing Yan obediently sat beside Ji Mo Ya all this time as she munched on Frost Sugar Peanut, only the sounds of crunching was heard.

She was not interested in their conversation in the slightest sense; as she munched on the peanuts with one hand, she would use her other hand to pull the big round ball, causing it to roll about…

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