Chapter 578 – You Are Beyond Saving!

The two continued to investigate the terrain within the cave; it was winding and complex, it also looked very secure and easy to defend. It was also linked to multiple mountains in the surrounding areas, increasing the suitability as a living place for the gnomes.

As the gnomes only has a population of several thousands, this place was big enough to accommodate all of them.

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There was a water source, natural formations, maze-like tunnels, as well as ample food from the forests at the foot of the mountain; in addition, it was also a place suitable for building the equipment forges…

Both of them felt that it was a very suitable place and had decided on this location.

Ji Mo Ya said cheerfully, “Lets go out, I will arrange for someone to inform Dorna and get him to inspect this place first…”

“Sure, if they are okay with this place, they can stay here, and we can often come play with them.”

Ji Mo Ya replied with a teasing gaze, “Play another round of freefall battling?”

Huan Qing Yan immediately flushed red, ‘Ji Mo Ya, you big pervert! You are beyond saving!’

However, Huan Qing Yan had no way to out speak him, so she decided to act deaf, and remained in his embrace while looking at the ceiling.

Just that the heat on her face was still something out of her control.

Ji Mo Ya chuckled, as he carried her and head towards the exit, his suddenly stopped his steps.

A force tugged at him…

Or to be more accurate, it was pulling at Huan Qing Yan in his arms.

Huan Qing Yan also felt the energy; as though something was preventing her from leaving…

When she checked herself, she said in embarrassment, “It’s the ancient bowl, the ancient bowl is not wanting to leave. Put me down, there seems to be some sort of reaction from the ancient bowl.”

Ji Mo Ya put her down.

“The ancient bowl? Have that happened often?”

Huan Qing Yan summoned the ancient bowl onto her hand, “Not very often; one time when I was trapped within the cave because it discovered a rare spirit plant and wanted me to harvest it. After I harvested the spirit plant, it led to a chain reaction that caused the cave to collapse…”

“So that’s what happened.” Ji Mo Ya also recalled that incident, he had been curious how come the tunnels suddenly started to collapse for no reason. “So, what is it this time?”

“I just hope it will not lead to another cave-in!” as a matter of fact, Huan Qing Yan was having mixed feelings about the current situation.

This was a place that they found for Bally, if the ancient bowl caused another collapse, it would be hard to find another good location like this again.

The ancient bowl dragged Huan Qing Yan to a certain section of the River of Frozen Frost and stopped reacting.

It was an area with only bare ice and nothing else.

Huan Qing Yan was slightly surprised, “Little Bowl, there is nothing here, why did you bring me here for?”

Can it be that the ancient bowl’s treasure hunting feature had malfunctioned?

“Let me take a look.” Ji Mo Ya sent out his divine sense to investigate and discovered that there was a trace of anomaly below the River of Frozen Frost!

With a surprised tone, “Millennium Frost Silk!”

Huan Qing Yan did not understand, so she widened her eyes and pulled Ji Mo Ya closer to the surface of the river; a lighting tool to check things out with.

However, she was still unable to locate anything unusual except for some white thread-like substance that seems to be alive and moving underneath.

Despite being within the ice, it seemed to be moving and flowing while within.

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“Young Master Ya, what is this?” she was unable to recognize it.

Ji Mo Ya instructed her to remain still as he slowly bend down his waist and placed his hand on top of the ice. He slowly trapped the frost silk with his spirit energy to prevent it from escaping.

“Millennium Frost Silk, it is categorized as a type of rare spirit plant. It is a lifeform that can requires an extremely cold environment to thrive. This small amount of silk possessed an insurmountable amount of spirit energy, and most important, it is exceptionally suitable for Ice-Type spirit treasures.

As Ji Mo Ya spoke, he carefully retrieved the Millennium Frost Silk with one swift pull and got it out of the ice.

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