Chapter 739 – Level Five

“Let’s go with that, no problem.”

Tuoba Yu’er asked, “Then what about my sister. You should unseal her and let her harvest the fruits as well.”

“Sorry, my Master only gave me the Ice Shatter Beads and did not tell me how to unseal it.”

After replying, she walked away, heading towards the right-most corner of the area.

The frozen Touba Xiang’er wanted to cry. Such a good and valuable stuff, yet she was unable to harvest any and could only watch others harvest it for themselves, this was a torture worse than death.

Tuoba Yu’er tried using her spirit energy to shatter the ice, but there were no changes happening. As she saw how the rest were heading to the left-most end of the area to harvest Honey Fruits, she also hastily followed after them.

“Xiang’er, I will first harvest the Honey Fruits and share some of it with you later.”

Touba Xiang’er that was left behind was like an ant on a hot pot, she hated Huan Qing Yan as well as herself; she was only trying to help her elder sister and deliberately made things difficult for that bitch. Little did she know that she had carried a rock which had dropped on her own foot instead.

Wasted the great opportunity.

Her clan uncle as well, whenever he turned into a kid, he would become so unreliable…

Tuoba Xiang’er could only sob from inside the ice sculpture.


After moving some distance away, until she was sure that they could not detect her using their divine sense, Huan Qing Yan immediately started digging up the Honey Fruit Trees.

Correct, she was not harvesting the fruits! Since the trees would die immediately after a fruit was harvested, she chose to directly uproot the trees instead!

Since these Honey Trees would not go unharmed now that so many people gathered, she might as well try to preserve as many trees as possible by transferring them into her dimension.

Within a short while, she managed to dig up several trees and placed them inside her dimension.

She sent a portion of her conscious to observe the condition of the trees that were transferred inside…

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After waiting for a long time, seeing that the Honey Fruit Trees were still lively and vibrant while the fruits were also still hanging on the trees, Huan Qing Yan felt relieved.

And continued to dig up more trees to transfer.

Suddenly, a notification came.

“Ding. Dimension has become Level Five; Spirit Treasure Training Room has been opened…”

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock before she faced the sky and laugh out loud, wahahaha, the dimension has leveled up!

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However, this was also somehow expected. Ever since she entered the Blood Moon Dimension, the ancient bowl has collected many things; it would have been weird if it did not level up.

Spirit Treasure Training Room?

Huan Qing Yan could not enter her dimension, so she sent her conscious inside to check it out instead. As expected, a new door has opened, the Spirit Treasure Training Room.

Did that also meant that whenever the Spirit Treasures were free, they would no longer need to constantly stay inside her wrist; instead they can stay inside the dimension to train on their own?

That was simply awesome, the Spirit Treasures had relied on the spirit energy gotten from her food and training to rank up. However, now that they have a half-physical form, they could eat and collect spirit energy on their own as well as cultivate themselves to gather spirit energy. This would greatly reduce the pressure that was on her.

Very well, it would be best if the Spirit Treasures can train by themselves. She can use her time to do other things such as practicing techniques, or improving her other skills like brewing, cooking, preparing medicinal food etc.

Just thinking about the possibilities made her feel wonderful!

The two spirit treasures were also very excitedly; after Huan Qing Yan sent them inside the dimension, the two of them immediately entered the Spirit Treasure Training Room and looked like they were enjoyed themselves.

Staying inside the Spirit Treasure Training Room seems to be very comfortable for them.

Suddenly, a cry came from the other side, “Why did the tree die? What happened? Did yours die as well?’

“Ours also died, the tree would die when a fruit is plucked. Lil Uncle Yan, do you have a solution?”

“Did the trees at that woman’s side died as well? It looks like there were a few lesser trees in front of her, they died as well?”

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