Chapter 835 – Rapport

Especially at the end, there was also a sacrificial function.

The support spirit treasure can sacrifice its own cultivation, aura or life, to heal or even revive the other Spirit Treasure or its master.

This ability would become stronger along with the level of the support spirit treasure.

Huan Qing Yan gasped, “This skill is too heaven-defying.”

She began to suspect that the person behind the Sand Tower, the one who arranged all of this, might be her own mother? This was simply a tailor-made opportunity for herself.

Or, is this just a coincidence?

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But anyhow, it would be foolish to not learn this kind of heaven-defying skill!

There was no time for Huan Qing Yan to think about it anymore. She pulled the two spirit treasures over to train together.

It was unknown how long it took, the strength of the two spirit treasure increased quickly within the tower. Huan Qing Yan’s spirit energy was also starting to wriggle silently, it seems like it wanted to advance in rank as well.

Huan Qing Yan was on guard. Ever since she entered the hidden realm, the opportunities were endless, and she has made continuous progress.

But these opportunities were too easy to come by so she could not help but feel vigilant about it, and no longer dared to randomly advance her rank.

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If her advancement is too fast, the mind would not be able to keep up and would easily cause her to develop an inner demon.

She does not know what she would be facing the next second. If she developed an inner demon without Ji Mo Ya beside her, it could become perilous.

So she suppressed her spirit energy.

By this time, the two spirit treasures had practiced Derivation to the point of absolute rapport.

The top of the tower suddenly broke apart, as golden light shined down from above.

Huan Qing Yan was dazzled by the golden light and was not able to see anything.

When Huan Qingyan entered the ninth floor, Ji Mo Ya was also on the ninth floor for an unknown amount of time already.

Inside the tower, one character per floor was given to Ji Mo Ya to comprehend.

From bottom to top, the ninth floor was the highest level and thus there was a total of nine words.

Each word was filled with murderous intent that contained a power that could sweep away an army.

Every time he comprehended a word, his cultivation would improve one further step.

After the ninth word was understood, the spirit energy that permeates from the top of the tower was almost substantialized. After Ji Mo Ya sucked it all into his body, closed his eyes and regulated his breathing.

When all the spirit energy has been refined, Ji Mo Ya opened his eyes, his entire aura had become more reserved.

It was as though he was getting back to the basics.

On first glance, he looked like the usual handsome gentleman.

Ji Mo Ya smiled faintly. When he woke up, he had become a Late-Stage Spirit Master.

The moment he stepped into his new realm, the top of the tower shone a ray of light, enveloping him and sucking him up.


A vast expanse of the gold.

That golden light came from beyond the clouds. The rainbow clouds were rich and varied, stretching all the way through the horizon as while being showered in gold.

Huan Qing Yan was strolling around. It seems that something was pulling her as she arrived in front of a palace.

When she arrived, there was also a silhouette who stepped in from the other side. It was a familiar figure; the ethereal demeanor, that refined temperament… Ji Mo Ya!

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes shone after he saw Huan Qingyan. This was an unexpected surprise.

“Not bad, little lass. You have actually comprehended the ninth floor of the Sand Tower. You’ve gained a lot, haven’t you?”

Huan Qing Yan’s pair of phoenix eye was glistening. It was bright and radiant, especially her smile which was as beautiful as a flower. When she saw Ji Mo Ya, she was like a blooming flower.

“Yes! The two spirit treasures have learned good fighting techniques. Leafy, Piggy, come out quick and show them to our family’s master…”

Our family’s master… speaking things lightly, being so carefree.

Leafy and Piggy were obviously not as excited as Huan Qing Yan. They just lazily came out to symbolically display their techniques for one round. After showing off their techniques, they went back to the Spirit Treasure Cultivation Room within the dimension.

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