Chapter 834 – Fire Dancing Wild Sand

This demon technique was really powerful, there were only six levels, and he had already advanced to Early Stage Mystic Spirit Master.

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The demonic energy within his body had also been totally restrained without any leaks.

The influence of the Lion Demon King’s blood from before also seems to have significantly reduced.

Watching the Sand Tower slowly collapsing, Bai Chen Feng put a smile on his face. One day, he will become as good as Ji Mo Ya, or even exceed him!

He could not advance to the next level and the Sand Tower was sinking after having stayed too long in this place. He used the opportunity to move down to the first floor and looked at the Sand Drawings he had seen to comprehend it again.

All of a sudden, the sunken Sand Tower was restored to its original state.

Everyone was transferred out of Sand City.

In the vast sand city, only a few limited Sand Towers were still standing.

Amongst them were the two largest Sand Towers claimed by Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya.

The two who were wholly immersed in comprehending within the towers could not feel the passage of time at all.

To be able to enter this Sand Tower has made Huan Qing Yan as happy as a mouse falling into a rice vat.

She and her Leaf Spirit Treasure have great chemistry. The Leaf Spirit Treasure was able to display everything that she comprehended.

Emerald Vine Art was divided into three parts; upper, middle and lower.

It was located in the first, second, and third floor of the tower.

After she learned Emerald Vine Art and entered the fourth floor, a new technique had appeared: Fire Dancing Wild Sand.

Needless to say, this technique suited her Pig Spirit Treasure.

Long since Leafy starting learning its spirit treasure skill, Piggy was already displaying its dissatisfaction.

How can the master only have a technique for Leafy and none for this old pig?

It took Huan Qingyan a long time to calm Piggy down. It was only when she said that good things would come later did Piggy endured and became patient.

At that moment it had a feeling it could now learn a technique suitable for it. Piggy appeared while waving its fat hooves without even a need for Qing Yan to summon it.

It stood in front of the words of Fire Dancing Wild Sand and jumped really hard, expressing a strong intent to learn and improve.

Seeing her spirit pet so motivated, Huan Qing Yan naturally would not hold back.

Plus she realized that after she completed the upper, middle and lower parts of Emerald Vine Art, she was still not tired at all.

On the contrary, it seemed that when she’s getting hold of the techniques, her own realm was also slowly improving. She have more energy now.

The Fire Dancing Wild Sand technique was a bit similar to the cultivating method of human cultivators.

It focused on letting Piggy learn through Huan Qing Yan’s comprehension, learning how to enrich and strengthen the flames attached on its claws.

This was also divided into three parts.

From absorption, to the inner workings, to wielding it.

From absorbing the spirit energy inside one’s body, to circulate it and to transform it into the power of flames, up to the final portion of using fire in attacking moves.

The chemistry between Huan Qing Yan and Piggy was to the point that they could readily get what each other was feeling and thinking. Piggy was also very talented.

After Huan Qing Yan assisted Piggy to circulate the energy within its body once, it could now draw inferences from that one instance and their progress was quick.

By the time the Fire Dancing Wild Sand was completely comprehended, Piggy had indeed become a Fire Pig.

Its entire body was surrounded in flames. It left flames with each step it takes, its breaths held flames too. With the slightest effort, it could spurt out a few feet of flames.

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Huan Qing Yan was also pretty satisfied. Piggy was also pleased with the result and showed off to Leafy by releasing a jet of fire with just a breath.

Causing one of Leafy’s poison thorns to burn.

Instantly Leafy got angry; it had just learned Emerald Vine Art and happened to lack a practice target after mastering it, so Leafy ran amok and whipped towards the Fire Pig.

As the two spirit treasures fought with each other, Huan Qing Yan had leisurely gone up to the seventh floor.

To her surprise, the seventh level was another spirit treasure technique. It’s a dual spirit treasure technique – Derivation.

According to the introduction of the technique, it was suitable for cultivators with two spirit treasures. One must be offense-focused while the other one needs to be support-focused.

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