Chapter 89 – Tenderness That Stirs The Desire

As he felt her soft and bountiful chest when carrying her in his arms, a small feeling of numbing sweetness roused within him, his spirit treasure on his wrist also had a reaction and began to show a pleasant feeling towards the girl for no reason. He took a closer look at her, at her palm size face and a tenderness that stirs the desire.

It caused his breathing to quicken.

He initially intended to pass her to the serving girls and forget about her after they were out of the pond, yet for some unknown reasons, he no longer wished to release her from his arms, instead he began to perform emergency measures…

He placed his hands on the center of her chest and pressed down. However, when he felt a soft sensation coming from his hands upon contact, it caused Bai Cheng Feng’s heart to race uncontrollably.

Performing chest compressions seemed to be useless as the girl was still unconscious.

The serving girls began to surround them and said, “Miss Meng Yue, Miss Meng Yue…”

“Lord Ninth Prince, please pass Miss Meng Yue to us, we have already summoned for a doctor and believe he would be here soon.”

Bai Cheng Feng was considered a familiar character among the people within the Huan Estate, everyone were able to recognize him.

“Scram! She might be dead by the time the doctor arrives.” Bai Cheng Feng said authoritatively causing Lou Xiang and the other serving girls to retreat a few steps back frantically.

Next, they saw Bai Cheng Feng lower his upper body and perform mouth to mouth resuscitation, pressing his lips on the cherry lips of Huan Meng Yue while trying to suck out the water in her lungs.

Lou Xiang and the gang were dumbstruck at what they saw, oh my God! Ninth Prince actually! He actually…

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Some who had a stronger mind only made a slight noise before they quickly covered their mouths, deeply afraid of making a scene.

Bai Cheng Feng performing the person to person resuscitation was based on something he read about on the books.

As a prince, he had been exposed to a wide variety of knowledge, though he dare not say that he knew everything in the world, he was confident that not many could match him.

Although this was a type of life saving method, it was still not appropriate to use it on a young lady, Bai Cheng Feng did not know what he was thinking when he decided to use this method!

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Of course, if Huan Bei Ming was still around, Bai Cheng Feng would never use such a method to save the girl no matter how much he desired her.

However, the only thing worthy of his attention in the Huan Estate was their Thousand Year Old Soup, although he had some ideas about Huan Qing Yan when she awoke an Egg Star talent, it was not enough to quench this desire that came out of nowhere at this moment.

Just as Bai Cheng Feng kissed the small lips of Huan Meng Yue, a powerful and strange desire well up in him.

It caused him to feel hot and uncomfortable, he wanted this woman!

He did not suck much when Huan Meng Yue began to have a reaction and she suddenly sat up and vomited water.

Causing the water to vomit onto Bai Cheng Feng’s body.

Bai Cheng Feng frowned and was about to say something when he noticed that threads of white energy began to circle the body of the soaked woman.

Next, an illusion of a bird took form and appeared above her head.

“Oh my! Miss Meng Yue, did you awaken your spirit treasure?”

“I am sure she did, truly awesome! She awoken her spirit treasure after falling into the water…”

“What do you girls know? This is called a blessing after surviving death!”

Lou Xiang and the other serving girls began to talk amongst themselves, they had all sorts of expressions; some were envious, some jealous while some flush red in hatred, some were unable to control themselves and peeked at the body of the Ninth Prince…

Bai Cheng Feng also felt surprised, she was at her last breath just a moment ago, if he did not save her, she might have drowned and died already.

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