Chapter 55: It is prohibited to touch goods in this store

It is prohibited to touch goods in this store

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In an alley behind some building…

The place was gloomy and isolated from the sunlight leaving only the cool breeze of summer to reach it.

In the middle of that alley, a man wearing full black and a full mask, despite the hot weather, was holding his stomach and muttering something while sitting on his knees.


“That violent woman!! Next time I will surely kill her…!”


The man was bleeding from his abdomen and looked completely worn out.

He forced his body to stand and leaned on a wall next to him. Dragging himself all the way, he walked through the gloomy alley.


(Where… am I?)


Walking his way into an unknown place, the man saw a light.

He immediately halted and his eyes froze at the place where the light was coming from.


(How is this possible?! So many humans!)

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Witnessing the enormous amount of people in front of him, the man widening his eyes behind the mask.

He kept watching the humans in front of him, who were wearing various clothes, and he eventually started trembling as he let a wicked smile reach his face.


(How lucky. Looks like the heavens haven’t abandoned me yet.)


Finishing his villainous laugh, the man turned around and walked his way back in the gloomy alley.


(I need to rest my body for now. I need to find a new vessel.)


The man, 【hatred god】Germa, gradually merged into his gloomy surroundings and disappeared.




A week after I caught sight of Akuya.

Today again, I was standing and waiting for the green lights after shopping.

There weren’t many people around for some reason.

I wiped my forehead in the hot weather and looked around.

From that day on, I had become afraid of passing by the place I saw him, but fortunately, I didn’t meet with Akuya a second time.

I forced my mom to go shopping instead of me since then, though it looked like I was just overreacting.


(It’s just my imagination, yeah…)


It was probably someone else.

After passing a week without bumping into him again, I started to feel relieved. There was no way I’d meet him in this place, after all.

I did my best to believe in that.

Only allowed on

Following the green light, I quickly crossed the road.

Despite the feeling of being relieved, I was still uneasy.

I wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

The moment I decided to directly go back home…


“Huh, Sayaka-chan?”


My legs stopped moving after I heard a familiar voice.

At that point, I despised my legs for stopping on their own.

If I had ignored the call and kept walking, things might have turned out for the better.

He might’ve let me go.

I regretted halting my steps at his call.


“It’s you Sayaka-chan? Right?”


Despite not turning around, the person who was calling me seemed to have gotten excited.

I already knew who that person was, but I didn’t turn around.

I moved to this town mainly because I didn’t want to meet him. Why do I have to see him again?

Not wanting to face reality, I remained stiff.


“What’s wrong? Did you perhaps forget about me?”


His voice seemed kinda lonely when I didn’t turn around.

I didn’t forget him.

I couldn’t forget, despite trying.

I endured the urge to scream as I struggled to remain quiet.

How could he dare talk me casually after all that he did to me?

I was about to burst out in anger, but I knew that nothing would happen if I kept standing like this.

I resolved my intentions then turned and looked him directly in the eyes.


“Ah, It’s really you, Sayaka-chan! I thought it wasn’t you for a while.”

“… Akuya…kun.”


I muttered the name of the person who was about to leap from joy in front of me.


“Hm- as usual, you’ve got a lovely voice. It feels as if my heart is getting purified.”


How did he manage to hear my low voice?

I felt disgusted by his ability to hear my voice no matter how low it was.


“Why… are you here?”


I asked him with a trembling voice.

Honestly, I wanted to run away as soon as possible.

But I endured my fear and shivering body and feigned composure.

Because he would cling to me if I didn’t.


“Actually, my family moved after that time and I spent my days feeling lonely without you. I didn’t expect I’d meet you in such a place! We’re really fated to be together after all!”


Making the same gloomy expression, Akuya talked with exaggerated gestures and a broken tone.

How shameless. I would bet that he was just acting.

That was the type of guy he was.

The mad type that would throw away his friends and even his family if it meant he could reach what he wanted.

Realizing that I was facing this crazy person, my knees begin to tremble again.


“What’s wrong? Why are you trembling?”


Realizing that fact immediately, he made a wicked smile and approached me.


“I see, you’re deeply moved to meet me, right? Don’t worry, I’m the same too. I won’t be leaving you this time around. We will be always together. So just relax and come hug me. C’mon.”


Not being able endure my fear because of Akuya, who spread his arms while approaching, I dropped my shopping bag with teary eyes.


(Again, am I going to have to go through that hell again…)


Every step he made towards me, made me recall that incident.

I wanted to turn around and escape, but almost as if someone had tied up my legs, they wouldn’t move at all.


“No… No…”

“You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t leave you alone anymore.”


When the distance between us had shortened to a few inches, Akuya reached his hands to my face.

Not having a means to resist, all I could do was close my eyes and prepare myself.


(…Hm? Nothing is happening…?)


A few seconds had passed and I still couldn’t feel his hand.

Realizing that something was strange, I slowly opened my eyes.


“I’m sorry customer, but touching is prohibited”


Before me was Kamiya, gripping Akuya’s hand and stopping him from touching me.


“Kamiya… kun…”


It was him after all, my beloved person.





What if


What if the people passing by noticed the man who was hiding in the dark alley.



“Hey look, someone dressing like a weirdo is looking at us and laughing.”

“That’s creepy. Should we call the police?”

“Hey you, don’t you feel ashamed from wearing those weird clothes?”

“EH, wait a minute, how dare you nonchalantly speak to a god?!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. For now, come with us.”

“Eh? No, wait… what? Ah, AAAAAH—”


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