Chapter 56: This guy is surely dangerous.

This guy is surely dangerous

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The guy who was approaching Kamaishi and I glared at each other for a while even though I didn’t have any idea about the current situation.


(I gripped his hand in the heat of the moment, but what’s going in here first? All I could understand from his gloomy, wicked expression and Kamaishi’s teary face is that he was planning to something to her.)


The moments I noticed them, he was already close enough to Kamaishi, so I didn’t have the time to confirm the situation.

Not sure if I’m lucky or not to have encountered here in way shopping for my mom.

I’d would be embarrassing if I was misunderstanding the situation.

I hoped that wouldn’t be the case as I help my shopping bag in the other hand.


“Hm? Who are you? Could you please not get in the way of my moving reunion with Sayaka-chan.”


Not seeming surprised by my abrupt intrusion, the guy made a weird smile and looked back at Kamaishi.

Noticing his gaze, Kamaishi hid behind me, scared.

I guessed the outline of the situation from her moves.


(Ah, this guy is probably the dangerous type.)


No one would want someone speaking that way to be with them.

Even I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable with his presence. I felt disgusted by the wicked grin he was making and frowned, though I immediately smiled back at him and said.


“She doesn’t look very happy for this moving reunion.”

“Sayaka-chan is just being shy. Come on, stop hiding behind that man and leap on my chest.”


Shaking off my hand while making that gloomy grin, the guy approached Kamaishi again.


“Come on, come over here, Sayaka-chan.”


I violently shook away the hand he reached out to Kamaishi and hid her behind me.


“I told you touching is prohibited, you gloomy creep.”


Probably feeling offended because I shook off his hand, the gloomy guy frowned in displeasure.


“Stop getting in the way, Sayaka-chan doesn’t like it!”


This guy’s eyes aren’t working properly.

How could he say that about a person who’s clearly crying and trembling from fear?!

Watching staring at Kamaishi as if he was urging her to move pissed me off.


“No matter how you try to look at her, it’s obvious that she doesn’t like it. She’s clearly hating you.”

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“Same for you, where are you looking at? Sayaka-chan is clearly scared from you to the point that she can’t move.”


It’s hopeless, words don’t work on this guy.

He’d would probably ignore everything I say and keep staring at Kamaishi.


“Kamaishi, I don’t know what happened between you in the past, but this guy won’t stop no matter what I tell him. You need to stop him with you words.”

“… my words?”

“Yeah, make sure you reject him and show him that you don’t want to be together. Maybe he would wake up if you did.”


I suggested my idea to Kamaishi with a low voice, but Kamaishi shook her head and refused with a frail voice.


“I-I can’t. I-I can’t even look at him in his eyes…”


I won’t let her refuse this easily.

I interrupted Kamaishi  before she finished talking, placed my hand on top of her head and talked to her with a smile.


“Don’ worry, If he tries to do anything weird, I will stop him for you. You can bump all you feelings against him, I will be here with you.”


I whispered to Kamaishi with a gently voice.

Heating everything I said, Kamaishi widened her eyes and kept looking at me.

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For a moment, It felt as if she was looking at something distant inside of me with those eyes, but when I was about to ask…


“Hey you, what are you doing to my Sayaka-chan? Do you think it’s fine for you to touch Sayaka-chan with you hands that way? Do you really think so?”


The gloomy guy interrupted my conversation with Kamaishi.

His voice included a tone of anger, probably because he didn’t appreciate me talking with her.

What did he mean by “my Kamaishi?”  


“Listen here, she’s not you-”


When I trying talking back to to him, Kamaishi suddenly stood next to me.

I lost my words after looking at her eyes brimming from determination.


“Kamiya-kun, I’m sorry, but could you please hold my hand.”


Kamaishi asked me while fixing her gaze at the gloomy guy. I did as she asked and gently held her hand as I smiled.

Realizing that Kamaishi who was hiding behind me finally showed up, the gloomy guy suddenly regained his delighted expression.


“Ah, you finally showed yourself, Sayaka-chan. But you shouldn’t hold hands with that man. Come on now, let go of his hand and come over here. I’m not mad at all.”


Kamaishi started trembling after the gloomy guy spread his arms, waiting for her to leap at him, though she already made her decision.

Holding back back my hand, Kamaishi opened her eyes and declared.





Getting an unexpected answer back, the gloomy guy let out a confused voice.

He was slightly taken aback by her answer, but eventually calmed down as he fixed his glasses with his middle finger.


“S-Sorry, Sayaka-chan, can you say that again? I think I misheard you. It felt as if you said “no” just now.”


Regaining his composure, he asked her to repeat what she said, but Kamaishi’s answer didn’t change.


“I told you, I don’t want to.”

“W-What did you just say?…”

“I told you no! Stop following me!!”


It was a finishing blow.

Hearing Kamaishi’s loud answer, there was no way he’d think that he misheard her. The gloomy guy hanged down his spread arms not believing what just himself.

As for Kamaishi, she hid back behind me after saying everything she wanted to say.

It should have felt refreshing for her.

I mean, even I felt refreshed after hearing what she said.

Standing before Kamaishi as I smiled in satisfaction, the gloomy guy stood in front of me in daze and began grumbling something.


“Why? Why did you reject me? What did I do to deserve this? I just wanted to get along with Sayaka-chan. I did my best to get along with you, yet you…… I did my best… why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? “


I sensed a danger coming from him after hearing him muttering those words almost as if he was chanting a spell.

Usually nobody would be able to hear him from this distance except for me, thanks to my skills.

I honestly wanted to close my ears.

Doubting that he was preparing something by his chanting-like grumbles, I became more vigilant and stood ready for any unexpected move.

But he eventually stopped his murmurs then slowly raised his head and looked at me.

His eyes were vacant and his expression was nearly dead.


“Was it you?”


The gloomy guy with vacant eyes asked me.

His tone had a different intonation this time.


“Was it you who changed Sayaka-chan like that?”

“What do you mean by like that?”


When I answered him with a question, the gloomy guy lost his temper and raised his voice.


“Don’t play dumb!! You made Sayaka-chan change that way!! In the past, she was all mine!! She looked only at me! She thought only about me!! And you changed her!!”


The gloomy guy opened his trousers pocket and placed his hand inside.

Then he took out something like a small wooden plank with a sharp silver edged tool glued inside it.

It was a folding knife.


“A knife!!”


Kamaishi was astonished by the knife he took out from his pocket.

A knife, huh? I honestly was expecting something like this at this point now. Looks like he’s desperate.

I guarded against the gloomy guy who held the knife with mischievous smile.


“Don’t worry Sayaka-chan. I will wrush that harmful insect and take you back. Just a bit of patience.”


Playing with the knife in his hands, he slowly approached me. I let out a faint sigh.

Very well, I couldn’t avoid this result after all.


“Kamaishi, sorry but could you take a distance from me.”

“Eh? Distance? You mean you will…”


Before she finished her question, I shook of Kamaishi’s hand, dropped my shopping back and walked towards the gloomy guy.

The gloomy guy was confused when he saw me approaching him as well, but he quickly closed his eyes and leaped at me with his knife.



“K-Kamiya-kun, look out!!”




The gloomy guy let out a confused voice, realizing that his knife snapped, but I didn’t give time to understand the situation.

I immediately released my magic after the knife snapped and intimidated him.




The gloomy guy lost control on his waist and crumbled on the ground.

I picked up the knife, folded it and threw it back at him.


“I know that there aren’t many people around, but using a knife will lead you to the cops, which is something both of us want to avoid. You get what I mean?”


I squatted down and looked at him directly in his eyes.

I feel bad, but this guy did something to Kamaishi to push her make that face. He needs a suitable punishment for that.

I pressed his forehead with my index finger making his body jump for a second, almost as if he was struck by lightning.


“Listen, I have just casted a curse on you. If you ever do something bad to Kamaishi again, you will die before even realizing it. You get it?”


The gloomy guy gradually turned pale after hearing my words.


“Never get close to Kamaishi! Because next time, I won’t let you off with this much.”

“HI? Hii!!…”


The gloomy guy who got back his knife ran away at full speed after my light intimidation.

I quietly watched him running far away.

Despite saying all of that, I didn’t cat on him any death curse. There was no way he’d believe it anyway.

The spell I casted on him is a spell that makes him believe in everything I tell him.

This spell belongs to 【dark magic】. Although it doesn’t harm, it’s effect continues for eternity, so it’s quite the troublesome spell as well.

But thanks to that, he believed that I casted on him a death curse. With this, he won’t be able to make a move on her anymore.

But the part about wanting to avoid the cops was not a lie.

If I was alone, I’d just make use of the old man for help. But when it will come to Kamaishi and that gloomy guy, even the old man would have a hard time getting us out of there.


“Are you okay, Kamaishi-”



Right when I turned around to check on Kamaishi, I felt a shock as if a ball hit me in my stomach.

It was Kamaishi who embraced me with a crying face.


“Why did you do something so dangerous. You couldn’t died you know!”


Kamaishi complained to me while crying.

For me, he looked as if he was standing in his place when he attacked. But I guess I made her worry, as she didn’t see things as I did.


“I’m sorry. I was careless. But don’t cry. I can’t stand the gaze of people around.”


The place was quiet just now, but a few people started looking at us after what happened with the gloomy guy.

That’s pretty embarrassing, to be honest.


“…Okay. But stop doing thing like that. Please!”


Kamaishi got off me and stopped crying. When she begged me to stop acting reckless with that teary face, I wasn’t able to refuse, and ended up promising her.


“I get it. I won’t do something like that anymore.Let’s just change places for now. People are fixing their gazes at us.”



Kamaishi replied as she rubbed her eyes.


(Looks like I can’t make the same  move with her again.)


I won’t be able to something like that if she made made this face.

Picking both kamaishi’s and my bag, we walked to another place.





Love triangle


The reaction of their surroundings.


“Hey, what do you things is happening there?”

“They’re having a dispute.”

“That guy is hiding the girl behind him, while the other one is drawing near them. Isn’t that!?…”

“A love triangle!?”

“Looks, he took out a knife!”

“So intense! What an extreme love!”

“Things are getting fired up!”

“It’s nice to be young!”

“Yeah, it’s really nice.”


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