Chapter 57: I’m going to complain.

I’m going to complain.


Meanwhile, Kamiya Yato was confronting Akuya, a man hiding in a dark alley was observing people passing by.


“No good, that one too is no good… hmm, not sure…”


The hatred god, Germa, was looking at people and muttering to himself as if he was evaluating them.

When he eventually got tired, he leaned on a wall and let out a deep sigh.


“I can’t find any good place to rest in. Maybe it’s because the humans of this world are originally not inclined to hatred. My wound will take longer to recover at this rate.”


Contemplating the situation, Germa folded his arms and placed his hand on his chin.

Germa’s power as a hatred god is to make use the hatred of anything alive and change it to his own strength. He can supply his powers by possessing the other party.


“The standard level of civilization in this world is too high. I can’t recover in such a place.”


Germa said with a displeased mood.

Of course, he can still supply his hatred without possessing anyone.After all, every living creature harbors the emotion of hate.

It is something common between all the existing worlds.

However, because of this world’s developed culture, the amount of hatred in it is considerably low comparing it with the other worlds.

Knowing that well, Germa blamed his bad luck for being there.


“I shouldn’t have teleported arbitrarily…”


His face was not visible because of the mask he was wearing, but it was still clear that he was making a bitter expression. Germa casted his sight downwards.

He already thought about collecting all the hatred emotion in the city, but the severe wound he received in his last battle didn’t allow that.


If I attack, angles will surely find me.

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I can’t win against them in my current state.

I need to think of another method.


Finally deciding on what to do, Germa raised his head, seeming to be hesitating.


“Let’s try possessing someone.”


Even if it doesn’t result in a sufficient amount of hatred, Possessing someone was still going to considerably raise his powers.

Having a short amount of hatred will make recovery slower, but it is still better than doing nothing.


“I won’t let you that!”

A voice came up from nowhere.

Startled by the sudden voice, Germa looked around searching for its origin to find out that it was an angel behind him.


“I finally found you, hatred god. Though you’re not a god anymore.”


Lina said at the same time she landed down.

Realising that the voice came from the angel, Germa felt slightly relieved.


“It’s just an angel. I felt a cold chill for a moment thinking it could be that women aiming at me.”


Germa said while looking down at Lina.

But Lina didn’t react to his words and continued.


“Following Metron-sama’s order, I shall arrest you and even crush you if you don’t surrender.”


Lina declared to Germa.

Of course, Germa replied with a sneer to her advice and talked.


“I’m being underestimated here. Even if I’m bearing a severe wound, there’s no way I’d be weaker than a single angel.”


What Germa said was correct.

A god is an existence standing on the summit of the world and manage them.

Their average level is 300 with 250 as a minimum. Someone with such a level is overwhelmingly strong and Germa is no exception as well.

On the other and, Lina’s level barely crosses 100 with her transformation. Even if he was wounded, he still stronger than her.

No matter how you think about it, There was no way she could normally defeat him.

But despite that, Lina came to face him.

Apparently, Germa was still not aware of that meaning and kept grinning.


“If you believe that’s the case, then try defeating me.”


Saying that, Lina let out an ashen haze out of her hands.

The ashen haze fell from her hands crawled on the ground then floated around her.

Noticing that, Germa remained confident and said.


“Hm, 【void magic】huh. Do you really think you can defeat me with that skill alone?”


Generally, the void magic of an angel can’t manifest all it’s power with just one angel using it.

Its true power is displayed only when it’s used by a few dozens of angels at the same time.

But that applies only on 【void magic】and not 【void magic max】.


“Then try defending this.”


Lina manipulated all the haze surrounding her and released it at Germa.

As composed as ever, Germa didn’t try dodging her attack, until he got wrapped inside it.


“!!??W-What is this!?”


Immediately noticing that something was odd, Germa started observing the ashen haze surrounding his body.

The haze was eating away his suit and mask.

Realizing that his being slowly annihilated, Germa groaned and fell on his knees. The mast was still hiding his face, but he was definitely confused.


“Too bad. My void magic isn’t the same as the others.”


Lina replied as she looked down at Germa, fallen on his knees.

She had made quite the effort to become an angel who serves a god.

Because of that, her level among the other angels is on the top.

She even upgraded her void magic skill to the maximum possible.

She couldn’t display all her powers when she was fighting against Yato, but despite that, she was still a strong angel.

It’s only natural for her skills to be on a different level.


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“Although, that wouldn’t be enough to defeat a former god.”


The ashen haze was indeed eating up his body.

But that was still not enough.

Their levels are way too different, after all.

No matter how strong her maximized void magic could be, she can’t defeat a former god by just tormenting him that way.


“I will give you a second chance. Submit!”


Lina game Germa the chance to submit a second time, but Germa looked at her face and spoke in agony.


“All I did was change the world following my nature. I don’t see any reason for you to arrest me.”


Hearing his reply, Lina didn’t change her expression, almost as if she was grasping the entire situation.


“In that case, I’m going to kill you.”


Lina fluttered her wings, causing white feathers to fall from the sky. It would have been better if she could arrest him, but that was a dangerous option, as he was still a former god.

It was very possible that he could untie his restraints and escape.

The only option left for her is to finish him immediately.

That was Lina’s plan.

There was no telling when he will sneak away from her void magic.

This was her best opportunity to attack.


“Farewell, Germa. 【White feather judgement】.”


Lina finished her words with a scream. Gemra sensed the danger of the situation and stood ready…… a few seconds later, nothing happened.


“W-What!!? What’s going on!?”


Lina was confused because her skill wasn’t activated. Normally, her skill should’ve been activated to annihilate Germa by now. But she forgot one thing.


“Aah!! Noo!!?”


That skill was already erased by Yato.

Remembering that fact, Lina let out a hysteric scream.

She never thought that something like that could lead her to fall in such a serious situation.

Noticing that Lina didn’t attack him yet, Germa used that opportunity and reached out his hand.


“I don’t understand what happened, but this is a good chance.”



The moment Lina became aware of Germa’s move, her field of vision turned completely dark.

Bewildered by the sudden change of events, she couldn’t move.


“I let down my guard this time, but that won’t happen anymore. Once I heal my wounds, I shall come back for revenge, don’t forget that, dear angel.”



Surrounded by darkness, Lina tried to stop Germa by shouting, but get any reply back.

She eventually got back her clear vision, though at that time it was already late.


“He escaped…”


Lina uttered to herself as she gazed at the place Germa was standing.

She couldn’t sense his presence at all. He must have teleported somewhere.


I never thought I could make such a serious mistake.


Lina blamed her recklessness and at the same time…


“Tomorrow I’m going to complain at him.”


She developed a feeling of wrath towards Yato.

She knew that it was her fault for having her skill erased by him, but she still intended to complain.

Deciding on what to do, Lina moved to think about her next battle.


Next time I need to bring him down.


Fired up for her next fight, Lina walked alone in the dark alley.





Coming back from shopping.


Yato and Kamaishi at that time.


“Came to think of it, what were you doing here, Kamiya-kun?”

“I was shopping for my mom.”

“Is that so? Aren’t you late for going back home then? Your mom should be waiting.”

“That’s fine. Your situation was more important anyway.”

“But your mom is pretty strict when it comes to cooking. Will you really be alright?”




“I don’t think I can believe your answer. Your legs are shaking.”


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