Chapter 58: Being an airhead is scary.

Being an airhead is scary.

Herro, reizenchuu desu~

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I gave the tea can I bought from a vending machine in a public park to Kamaishi, and sat on a bench next to her.

In front of us was a water fountain and voice of children playing around.

The time was evening, it was already past noon so the heat had considerably decreased, but it was still a bit hot.


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now.”


Checking is she was alright, Kamaishi replied to me with a smile.

Well, she had already calmed down on our way walking to this park, so I guess she’s really fine.

But that’s not the problem.

I sidelong glanced at Kamaishi.

Leaving the tea can closed, she played with it in her hands while hazily gazing at her surroundings.

It felt almost as if she didn’t smile at me just now.

I didn’t sense any might in her eyes and hesitated about what to say.


(What should I do…)


Pondering about what I should do next while drinking my tea, Kamaishi talked to me.


“I’m sorry for involving you in this, Kamiya-kun.”


Fixing her sight ahead, Kamaishi said with a weak voice. Her expression gradually become gloomy thinking that what happened is because of her.

Realizing the reason she was feeling down, I placed my tea can in her cheeks.




Feeling the sudden sense of the cold can running in her cheek, Kamaishi let out a faint scream and trembled.

She immediately bent back, placed her hand on her cheek and looked at me with a shocked expression.

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I responded to that expression in a nonchalant way.


“Did you cheer up with this?

“W-Why did you do that all of a sudden…”


Confused by my unexpected move, Kamaishi rubbed her cheek.

I laughed and continued what I wanted to say.


“I don’t think about what happened earlier as a trouble. In fact, I happy that I made it in time before that guy caught your hand.”


I tried cheering her up with those light words, but Kamaishi still didn’t change her gloomy expression.


“But, if Akuya-kun was to do something to you next time…”

“Don’t worry. That guy won’t show up ever again.”


“Never mind.”


Due to my spell, That guy is believing that he will die if he event approached Kamaishi.

He probably wouldn’t come back again.

Even if he did come to face me again, I’d say that he’s reckless. I’d beat him up instantly is he did.

Kamaishi seemed to have troubles understanding my last declaration.

It would be bad if she was to ask me any further about it, so I concluded the conversation.


“Well, don’t worry. I don’t think you will end up in such a situation again.”


I stood up and threw the can in the garbage box. Kamaishi seemed to be hesitating to say something at that time.


“You won’t ask me what happened…?”

“I’m not intending to ask you forcibly.”


She seemed to be waiting for me to ask her about the situation, but I answered her in a casual manner.

Everyone got at least one or two things they don’t want the others to know about. I’d be lying if said I’m not interested, but there’s no need to make her speak out of her will.


“Did you want me to ask?”


Kamaishi shook her answered.

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“No, I don’t mind. But I wonder why I feel relieved every time I hear your words.”

“I’m happy to hear that.”


Kamaishi then suddenly stood up as well, and walked towards me, smiling.


“Thank you for saving me and cheering me up. It’s all thanks to you.”


She honestly thanked me.

I stiffened up a bit after seeing her cheerful smile and felt somehow awkward.

It was the first time someone expressed their gratitude to me with such honesty.

Not being able to stand her innocent smile, I diverted my gaze. It’s scary how she could make such a innocent smile.


“What wrong, Kamiya-kun?”

“N-No, it’s nothing.”


Finding it strange that I averted my eyes, Kamaishi asked me, but I randomly gave a bague answer.

I was about to have my heart stolen by her just now, though she didn’t realize that.






“Here, here!!”

“It’s nice to be a child…” ← Kamaishi

“Yeah, I remember my childhood when I watch them playing like this.” ← Yato

“Your childhood?”

“Yeah, the time when I could open up to anyone I meet. I can’t do something like that now.”

“It’s kinda hard for me to react when you give those nostalgic eyes…”


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