Chapter 54: This world really doesn’t have a god.

This world really doesn’t have a god.


I tilted my head and contemplated a good answer to Lina’s question.

I mean, even if you ask me that…


“There isn’t really any reason behind me hiding my skills from Kamaishi.”


Lina seemed as if she didn’t expect my well thought out answer.

She was probably thinking that I had already told Kamaishi about my skills since we were always together at school.

She asked me about it after noticing that Kamaishi didn’t actually know about my circumstances.


“Is that so? But your sister seems to be aware of it.” Lina added another question, but in Karen’s case, it was nothing more than a coincidence.

The dragon I defeated had coincidently fallen next to her, and I had no choice but to rely on her when I swooned. That’s was all.

Due to that series of coincidences, I ended up telling her my secret.

There wasn’t any real motive behind me telling Karen.

When I talked about it to Lina, she looked clearly impressed.


“Coincidences are scary.”

“I know right.”


I agreed to Lina’s comment.

I mean, she was right. Coincidences are really scary.

There was even a possibility of another series of coincidences could occur, leading Kamaishi to become aware of my skills.

Despite casually thinking about that possibility, I couldn’t stop the feeling of uneasiness passing through my mind.

Terrorists, dragons and Lina’s real identity. The more I thought about it, the more it started to seem so realistic.


(T-There’s no way…)


Through time and experience, I realized that my premonitions tend to hit the spot in certain kinds of situations, and that was not a good thing. Cold sweat started running down my body.

My summer uniform started dampening from the heat, and my hands started to feel hot.


“I-It’s getting gradually hot recently, right?”

“Hm? You think? This place is considerably cool.”


Lina noticed my strange conduct, but didn’t mind it.

When I regained my composure, I decided to stop thinking about it for the time being.

Let’s just stop thinking now.

It will just make things worse.


“That’s right, there something I need to tell you.”


Seeming to have recalled something again, Lina turned to me.

She’s probably going to ask something weird again.

I waited for her to speak, expecting something strange, but I was surprised by the following words, in a different way than before.


“Looks like a fallen god had escaped and found his way to this world…”

“Fallen god?”


I frowned after hearing what Lina had just said.


“What’s a fallen god?”

“It’s literally what it’s called. A god that got cast down, committed a sin and was deprived of his position.”


Lina continued to explain the situation.


“Yesterday, I got a call from Metron-sama. He said that a fallen god who committed a sin ran away to this world.”

“Another world? Just how many worlds are there?”


Lina shook her head and said.


“I don’t know.”

“What!? What do you mean by you don’t know?”

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“There are countless worlds out there. There no way someone would be able to count them all. Every world usually has it’s own god who controls it, so there are countless gods as well.”


I felt something off about Lina’s explanation.


“By usually, you mean that there are some worlds that don’t have a god?”

“Yes, once a world is born, a god takes responsibility for it. But there are some cases where the god dies or disappears, leaving the world without one.”


Then almost as if she forgot to give an example, she added.


“By the way, the Earth is one of those godless worlds.”

“The Earth?”

“That’s right. The Earth doesn’t have a god now. That’s why Metron-sama is managing it for time being.”



I couldn’t hide my bafflement after hearing what she said.

I never knew that the earth didn’t have a god.

This explains why Metron was able to summon my class to the other world.

There’s no god here that could stop him from doing it.

Having various mysteries solved in my mind, Lina continued.


“Anyway, about that fallen god. It seems that he destroyed his past world before coming here.”

“His own world?”

“Yes, because of that, the world is now confined in the eternal darkness after all of its lifeforms were annihilated.”


The eternal darkness…

That’s another disturbing god.

Just why would he want to do that?


“He was stripped of his position as god after destroying his world, and was supposed to receive punishment in the near future…”

“But he ran away.”


Lina confirmed my words by nodding.


“Thus I was ordered by Metron-sama to arrest this fallen god and obliterate him.”

“Obliterate him? He’s still a god you know. Are you going to be okay alone?”


I worried about her, but she answered me with, “Rest assured” and told me the reason.


“That fallen god seems to have suffered some severe wounds before making it here. And despite calling him god, he’s now nothing but a fake one who was deprived of all of his privileges. He’s no different from a normal person in this state. There’s no way I’d lose to him.” Lina explained while smiling in confidence.

Just because he’s wounded severely, he becomes as weak as a normal person?

As I was thinking about how easy a god could turn into an average person, Lina addressed me with a serious expression. “If you ever met with that fallen god, contact me. I will be sure to be there as soon as possible.”


She then brought up her phone near me.


“So let’s exchange addresses.”

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I was a bit taken aback after hearing say that with a serious face.


“…Yes? Address exchange?”

“Yes! Address exchange! Hurry up!”


Pressed by her serious tone, I quickly took out my phone and exchanged my address with her.

I thought she would ask for something more serious than address exchange, honestly.

Lina seemed pretty happy after getting my address. Don’t tell me that she was aiming for it from the start.

A bitter smile reached my face, as I realized her true intentions, but I quickly noticed that she didn’t talk about the important part.


“Hey, what’s the name of that fallen god?”


Making a face as if she forgot to tell me his name, she replied.


“He’s the hatred god……【hatred god】Germa.”








Kamaishi’s PV


“What’s that?”

“She’s been squatting like that for a while now.”

(Uuu~ I left in the heat of the moment, but I don’t need to buy any drinks. I’m too embarrassed to go back now)

“U-um are you okay?”

“… help me.”


“Please bury me somewhere underground. I am going to die of shame.”

“Um, did something happen?”

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