Chapter 53: Something is going on in here.

Something is going on in here.


In a hot sunday afternoon.

Carrying a heavy luggage, I walked back to my apartment after shopping.

Since it was Sunday, most of people on the streets were either housewife’s, shopping, or families going out together. I gazed at that scenery as I waited for the red lights.


(maybe I brought too much…)


I sweated from my forehead as I carried the luggage with both of my hands. Today I was lured by the grandma of the shop who told me that she will discount 40% out of everything I buy, so I ended up buying much more than usual.

I just can’t win against discounts.

Confirming that the light changed to green, I crossed the road while bitterly smiling, alone.


(I need to hurry)


I wanted to go back home quick and cool myself in my room with the air-conditioner.

Urged by that desire, I crossed the road with a half-run.

But I stopped my legs immediately after someone entered my vision.

The person who was walking behind me avoided me with a troubled expression, but I didn’t even notice that, and remained standing dumbfounded while looking at that someone.


(Eh, N-No way…)


My heart started racing in a rapid speed after confirming who it was. Black hair, black eyes with glasses and a dark-natured expression.

When the person before me overlapped with the one in my memories, I couldn’t control my breath.

That person who was crossing the same street to the opposite direction,  was my classmate in middle school, Akuya.


(What is he doing here?……)


Of course, I didn’t stop walking because I was yearning to meet him. It was the complete opposite of that.

The bitter memories of that time started refreshing itself inside my head.

Akuya Shinji.

This person was the main culprit behind my fear from men and the ringleader who destroyed my life.

Right after realizing that it was him, my body started shivering.

No, I don’t want to go through all of that again!!

I screamed in my mind.

And almost as if my scream reached him, Akuya crossed the road without noticing me and walked away.

Waiting for him until he disappeared from my field of vision, I finally felt relieved.

At the same time, the light was about to change back to red, so I continued crossing the road in haste.


(I-It’s probably not, him……)


It’s definitely him.

I was confident that it was him. But not being able to accept that truth, I unconsciously forced myself to believe the opposite.


(Let’s hurry back home)


I wanted to leave this place as fast as possible.

With a different motive this time, I hurried back home.




The next day after the amusement park incident with the old man.

Lina, Kamaishi and I were eating lunch together again.

Summer was gradually approaching and the the weather was getting hot. I can’t wait for the summer holidays already.

Thinking about summer holidays while sitting on the usual bench, I went to open my lunch box.


“Ah, that’s right!  I’ve got something for you two.”


Lina brought out a large box from her bag.


“What’s that?”


Asking her about the box, Lina answered me with a confident expression.


“Try to not be surprised. I actually made cookies.”


Lina opened the box, making the large quantity of the tiny cookies inside become visible. This looks delicious.

I let out a sound of admiration after seeing what was inside, and asked.


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“What’s up with this?”

“I actually got into making pastry, so I brought some with me today.”


She then closed the box with the lid again.


“Let’s eat this after lunch. Now we need to focus on our lunch boxes.”


Watching Placing the box back in her bag, I tried talking to Kamaishi about the cookies.


“Those cookies looked great, right, kamaishi-san?”


Despite talking to her, Kamaishi didn’t reply.

Feeling that something was unusual, I turned to check on her.

She was gazing at the blue sky a n daze with her lunch box on top of her knees.



“… eh? A, uum, yes?

“What’s wrong? You’ve been like that for the entire day.”

“Indeed, Saya-dono. You’ve been acting weird today.”


Lina agreed to my words.

Kamaishi seemed to be not with us today, it was like she was thinking about something else.

She flustered in class when the teacher found her gazing at the sky and even bumped against a wall when she was walking in the corridor. She was acting a lot more different than usual.


“Y-You think? I’m acting just as usual.”

“Is that so? Do you perhaps have some troubles going on?”

“We can help you out if you want.”


Seeming somehow troubled when both Lina and I pressed her to talk, Kamaishi suddenly stood up.


“Ah, I-I’m going to get some drinks.”


Only allowed on

Kamaishi walked off as if she was running away from us.

There’s definitely something odd going on.

It was weird from her to go get a drink despite having her water bottle along.

I pondered about a possible reason for her to act unusual as I looked at the water bottle she left behind.


“I wonder what’s going with her.”

“Who knows. I’m not sure about the reason, but something is going on with her.”


Both me and Lina noticed Kamaishi’s odd behavior, but we weren’t intending on asking her any further.

Everyone got something they don’t want other people to know about. I don’t want her to hate me just because I pressed her too much to answer.


“Come to think of it, Kamiya Yato. there’s something I want to ask you.”


Lina addressed me, seeming to have recalled something.


“What is it suddenly?”

“Well, I’ve curious about itf for a while now. Kamiya Yato…… why are you keeping your skills a secret from Kamaishi?”







“Welcome! We’re doing a 40% discount today?”

“Good day, grandma.”

“Oh my, Sayaka-chan.”

“I’m here to get dinner’s ingredients.”

“Is that so, today you’re not with your husband?”

“Husband?! K-Kamiya-kun is not my husband!!”

“Oh, come on, just speak the truth.”

“I told you…”

“Ah, your husband is here!”

“Eh? W-Where?”

“Ahaha, I’m kidding!!”

“Please stop teasing me!!”

“But still, Sayaka-chan, you’re together with a man now, your fan club isn’t going to accept that easily.”

“Eh? Fan?”

“Ah, This is bad-……”


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