Chapter 91 – Let Her Off?

Her large appetite was a disadvantage in the past but now that she had become a spirit master, a large appetite was a trait that all spirit masters yearned for!

If she consumed eighteen dishes in a meal, she wondered how much spirit energy she would gain?

Her cultivation speed would be eight times quicker than an ordinary spirit master who could consume only two dishes per meal!

Of course, the only imperfection was that Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure was a pig type spirit treasure. This type of spirit treasure was known to be gluttonous and required multiple times more spirit energy than other spirit treasures. In a way, her advantage has been balanced out by this imperfection.

However, if it was not a pig spirit treasure, Huan Qing Yan estimated that her cultivation would have skyrocketed!

Lou Qiao replied with the names of a few normal food, causing Huan Qing Yan to immediately lose interest, she would rather head down to the Aged Soup Tower later to make her own spirit food.

For now, she needed to focus on business.

“It’s fine, let’s head to the front hall to meet Madam.”

“Eh? Young Mistress is not going off to see Miss Meng Yue instead?” Lou Xiao was startled.

Huan Qing Yan smiled and said, “What’s the point? Is she worth this Young Mistress to personally congratulate her awakening of her spirit treasure?”

Lou Qiao quickly replied, “Understood, however… Lord Ninth Prince is with her, as Miss Meng Yue is already an engaged person, if he did some shameless things with her, it would only harm the reputation of the Huan Family. Is Young Mistress letting her off?”

This lass was truly loyal, just too straightforward with her thoughts.

Let her off?

Will I?

Huan Qing Yan smiled and said, “Lord Ninth is after all a prince, even if the two of us go over, we can only pay our respects to his high status, what’s the point? Your Young Mistress has her plans, so do not overthink. Huan Meng Yue is still an adopted daughter of our Huan Family, we cannot ignore the fact that she fell into water. Since she must have fully awakened her spirit treasure, I have a packet of unique root here that works best when mixed with Cold Removing Medicine, make sure both her and Lord Ninth drinks it…”

Lou Qiao was stunned for a moment and seemed to understand the hidden meaning behind her Young Mistress’s words. With how her Young Mistress had been handling things recently, she was no longer that person that was easily bullied of the past, she worried for nothing earlier on.

“Young Mistress, this servant will make sure everything is done well.” And quickly received the packet from Huan Qing Yan’s hands before rushing off to do her task.


Within the Time Consulate.

Ji Mo Ya was sitting and doing his morning meditation.

A person who had reached his level of cultivation would no longer require sleep at night. However, if he wanted to cultivate, the spirit energy density within the Hanging Cloud Empire was truly not enough for his needs. Therefore, he could only maintain his habit of meditating without cultivating.

Suddenly, sounds of footsteps were heard coming from the courtyard outside his place.

“Young Master, that Bai Cheng Feng had found more than two dozen heartless corpses. One of those victims was identified to be Imperial Censor Wang’s grandnephew. Bai Cheng Feng had brought the corpse to Imperial Censor Wang’s estate, do you wish to go over to take a look?” The captain of the Feather Guards reported.

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There were two types of guards following Ji Mo Ya, the first was the Feather Guards, they often appeared in front of the masses. The second  was the Ink Guards, also called Dark Guards.

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Earlier on he was hiding his identity, therefore he instructed the Feather Guards to stay outside the territory of the Hanging Cloud Empire, preventing the Hanging Cloud Emperor from knowing his presence within his territory, only the Ink Guards followed him.

Now, five hundred Feather Guards had openly entered the Hanging Cloud Empire and camped within the Time Consulate.

“I am not going.” Ji Mo Ya casually rejected the idea.

The guard captain acknowledged his decision but did not leave.

Mo Si who suddenly appeared out of nowhere asked the guard captain, “Old Feather, why are you not leaving? Our Young Master says that he is not going, so he will not go. Did you not see that detestable look on Bai Cheng Feng? So afraid that our Young Master will steal his merits, Pui!”

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