Chapter 92 – Betrothal Gifts

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“Is our Young Master responsible for the matters of the Hanging Cloud Empire? The only reason our Young Master is here, is simply due to concern about the activities of demons as a fellow human, yet they are so narrow-minded! Making us feel that our efforts are for nothing, do not bother to report such matters to the Young Master from now on, I, Mo Si will be enough to accompany you to watch the show…”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Ji Mo Ya.

His words only had one intention: bootlick his master without any restraint and get permission to go out and do whatever he wants!

The place he wanted to go was actually the Huan Estate, which happen to be in the same area as the Wang Estate, he wished to check out their toilet pits and see if he could find and return his master’s shoe…

Ji Mo Ya did not open his eyes, he simply continued to meditate.

Mo Si laughed sneakily and said, “Young Master, Lady Huan is neighbors with Imperial Censor Wang. Previously, the ants that this subordinate was surveilling must have gone to the Wang Estate, their neighborhood is now a high-risk area where a Greater Demon might be prowling. Now that Lady Huan had awoken her spirit treasure, she might be in grave danger, shall this subordinate head over to monitor the situation?”

Ji Mo Ya in turn calmly replied, “Mo Wu, Mo Liu. Drag Mo Si out and give him some punishment, the benchmark is for him to not speak for at least three days.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two men in black attire suddenly appeared out of nowhere and dragged Mo Si away without a word.

The Feather Guard captain chuckled at the sight and followed the trio out to watch the show.

Only when the Time Consulate was finally quiet did Ji Mo Ya open his eyes and look at the direction of the Huan’s and Wang’s estates.

“That girl is exceptionally cunning, in addition, her spirit treasure is a pig type and likely would not be a target of that demon…”

Huan Qing Yan, who was currently walking, suddenly sneezed twice without reason!

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D*mn, who is scolding her behind her back?


Within the front hall, Young Master Hou and the matchmaker left after giving the betrothal gifts.

Madam Huan had also heard the news about Huan Meng Yue falling into water, she was about to head over to see Huan Meng Yue after locking the betrothal gifts in the safe when she met Huan Qing Yan. Only after learning that Huan Meng Yue was saved and no longer in danger did she finally resther anxious heart.

“Young Master Hou has already left, our two families have also exchanged the Eight Birth Characters and information, so this marriage is considered set. With that, we need to make sure that Meng Yue does not fall sick from this incident, did anyone call the doctor yet?” Madam Huan said as she wiped the sweat off her brows.

“A doctor has been called, Mama can rest assure.”

Huan Meng Yue had awoken her spirit treasure, so her body’s constitution should have become very strong, there was actually no need for them to call for a doctor, the Huan Estate was doing this just for the sake of formality.

“Did she really awaken her spirit treasure? If so, I believe Young Master Hou will be very pleased at this news.”

Huan Qing Yan was very calm and smiled, “Indeed. If my guess is correct, her Star Talent should be very high too…”

As she spoke, she turned and looked outside the building, it was as though she was waiting for someone to come.

“High talent? No matter how high, will she be higher than our Little Yan? Our Little Yan’s talent is the highest the empire has seen in the last hundred years.” Madam Huan was very confident in Huan Qing Yan and continued, “Lord Ninth is also here, we should go to the back garden to pay our proper respects.”

Huan Qing Yan gently smiled, “Mama, there is a group of important guests coming over soon. Let us wait for them for a while longer and go together with them…”

“Important guests?”

Just as she asked, a servant reported from outside, “Madam, Lord Imperial Censor Wang, Grand Tutor Zhou, Ambassador Zhao and Marquis Ping Qiu are seeking an audience!”

Madam was shocked for a moment but reacted immediately, “Isn’t Imperial Censor Wang the official staying next door? Quickly send them in, why are they here?”

“It wasn’t mentioned, so this lowly one does not know.”

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